Sheer Curtains Ideas for Bedroom

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sheer curtains ideas for bedroom – So far, the main function of the curtain as a window protector. This assumption makes you ignorant of the curtain design you choose. Even though he is also a wall decoration that can make the interior concept of a room appear more attractive and stand out.

However, just choosing a curtain color that matches the interior concept of the room is not enough. Curtain motifs that are plain and only consist of one color sometimes do not have a significant effect, the appearance of the room still seems monotonous and boring. For that, this time Lians has chosen some attractive curtain creations that you can try to apply yourself without the need to spend more money.

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Color Curtains with the Dip-Dye Technique

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

To get an artful and unique curtain look, you can try coloring it with the dip-dye technique. This curtain coloring technique does require patience when doing it, but you can be sure the results you get are also very satisfying. The curtains that were originally plain now show a very artistic color gradation effect. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

Liven up with Tassel

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

For those of you who love the bohemian style, you are certainly no stranger to tassel or tassel. This one ornament is also often added to fabric or curtains to enliven the look. You can get a festive curtain look by sewing tassels on the edges of the curtain. Install curtains with triangular openings, it will produce a more casual and effortless look.

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

If sewing is too difficult to do, then use tassel fabrics that are no longer used as curtains. Also choose fabrics with patterns and patterns that attract attention, such as this yellow tablecloth for example. See other articles: philippines low budget simple house design.

Painting Curtain Creations for Kids Room

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

Invite your little one to be creative with you in the nursery. For the creation of this one curtain, you can use existing curtains or use white cotton cloth. Then provide painting equipment and watercolors.

Feel free to spill your imagination on the curtain, okay? To make the process easier, it’s a good idea to define a concept and sketch it first. Besides being able to produce something together, you also become closer to him, right. See other articles: minimalist bedroom designs.

Vertical Curtain of Burlap

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

Have a small and elongated window design? If you use wide horizontal blinds, this window will not function properly. Use a vertical curtain with a roman shade model with a thin fabric so it doesn’t seem heavy.

If you are tired of using vitrase cloth, you can also use burlap. Its thin and rough texture produces a warm natural feel when the sun shines through it. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

Use a Shower Curtain in Another Room

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

Who says shower curtains can’t be used in any room other than the bathroom? Although made of plastic, the shower curtain is enough to block out the hot sun during the day and maintain your privacy at night. In addition to being cheaper than ordinary curtains, shower curtains also have a variety of motifs that are no less funny and interesting. See other articles: brown two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Decorate the Curtain with Paper Flowers

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

This curtain creation with paper flowers not only enlivens the appearance of the room, but can also be an interesting installation. Floral motifs on the curtains appear embossed, showing three-dimensional accents.

To make it, prepare a number of paper flowers of different types, according to the size of the vitrase cloth you are using. Determine the pattern first before attaching it to the curtain. See other articles: short curtain ideas for bedroom.

Insulating Curtains from Macrame

sheer curtains ideas for bedroom

Curtains can not only be used as window coverings, curtains can be decorations that are installed on the door frame. On frames that do not have doors, curtains are installed as room dividers to facilitate access to other rooms.

If you want a light and simple décor in the access area, try combining vitrase curtains and macrame crafts like this one. You can adjust the macrame knitting pattern to your liking. See other articles: best colour combination for house exterior.

Each of the curtain creations above can provide a different effect for each room. This also depends on the shape and size of the existing window model. Therefore, adjust the curtain creations that you make with the final look you want. Good luck!


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