12 Best Kitchen Curtain Ideas Pictures

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best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

12 Best Kitchen Curtain Ideas Pictures – In many homes, curtains are nothing more than a necessity. Without them, our personal space would be vulnerable to unwanted sunlight and prying eyes. But whether in the bedroom, dining room, or any other room, curtains also offer an opportunity to show off your design skills.

Do you need curtains in the kitchen? Not always. Even if curtains or blinds are not a must, they can elevate your kitchen to a whole new level of style and luxury.

Read on for the best kitchen curtain ideas and how to implement them in your home. You will quickly realize what you are missing with bare windows.

Best Kitchen Curtain Ideas Pictures

1. Kitchen Curtain Ideas Using Blinds

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Blinds are one of the most effective ways to make kitchen windows look more closed and dressy. They also have a bad (and somewhat unfair) reputation for being cheap.

Instead of installing plastic blinds, opt for faux or solid wood. They look very expensive, while not much more expensive than plastic blinds. Even the most straightforward Venetian blinds can be found in countless colors, so choose to match or complement your kitchen walls.

It is also important to choose a style that suits the shape of your kitchen window. While vertical blinds look outdated on square windows, they can be an elegant option for very tall or narrow windows. Interior blinds are another great way to add personality and style to a standard blinds package.

2. Ideas for Brown Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Browsing through kitchen curtain ideas for a spark of inspiration is fun, but it’s also a dangerous urge to buy a set of curtains that are too flashy and flashy. Whether you’re decorating a brand new kitchen space or updating existing window treatments, neutral browns are the way to go.

Brown curtains look especially good in kitchens with natural wood floors, countertops, and cabinets. You can also combine wooden kitchen elements with matching blinds.

Woven bamboo blinds fit into a modern or farmhouse kitchen without detracting from other design elements. Plus, they’re inexpensive. But if bamboo doesn’t work for your rustic kitchen, try roman blinds or roller blinds instead.

3. Ideas for Checkered Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

In fact, checkered patterns are divided into several types. Gingham and Buffalo are plaid fabrics that are perhaps the most popular in home interiors, going hand in hand with the rustic image of a farmhouse. Black and white gingham is trendy. Red is also easy to find.

Tartan is another recognizable checkered pattern but is not as common in kitchen design. While red or green tartan is reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, neutral tartan (a la Burberry’s signature fabric ) is remarkably versatile.

If you think gingham and tartan are too bold, look for plain check fabric for your curtains. This classic pattern goes well with all kinds of modern and trendy interiors.

4. Ideas for Floral Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

If the idea of ​​using floral prints in your kitchen revolts you, you are not alone. But if you step over this fear, you will find that flower arrangement come in a wide variety of styles. Very few of them, by the way, are able to make your kitchen look like a grandmother’s.

Delicate floral curtains evoke a French country or farmhouse aesthetic. Meanwhile, tons of abstract floral prints will look homey in a modern kitchen.

The fabric you choose is not as important as how you use it. In a modern kitchen, a Roman lampshade can show a bit of floral design even when closed. For a country-style room, cafe-style or valance-style curtains will do without diminishing the focus on the rest of the interior.

5. Ideas for Gray Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

The popularity of gray in home interiors may have peaked in 2018, but this ultra-versatile color will never go out of style. Gray curtains are a subtle departure from all-white décor, and they go with just about everything.

One of the best benefits of using gray in home design is the wide range of shades available. Gray blinds and curtains also come in a variety of fabrics and patterns.

Even though most homeowners prefer a modern kitchen interior, you can still use gray window curtains in a farmhouse-inspired space. Hang a sheer set of tiered or roller blinds to soften the overall look.

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6. Macrame Ideas for Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Your kitchen windows provide plenty of privacy and great lighting, but do you still feel like something is missing? A macrame panel can decorate any bare window pane without blocking the light and view.

Although macrame is fairly neutral on its own, it suits certain design trends more than others. This kitchen curtain idea looks great with any rustic or bohemian interior. You can also pay homage to the popularity of this 1970s art form by using it in a vintage-style kitchen.

Usually, macrame is a product made from natural cotton or hemp rope, but this is just the visible tip of the iceberg. Tons of rope artists sell custom-dyed macrame hangings that can easily serve as window valances. If you can’t find a local macrame maker, check out online craft markets.

7. Ideas for Patterned Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

To add visual intrigue to your kitchen window curtain design, you don’t have to rely on gaudy colors. With patterned window curtains, you can achieve a lot with just a neutral color palette.

Houndstooth and chevron are two patterns that are incredibly popular in modern design. There is no shortage of patterns inspired by time-honored trends such as Art Deco, Southwestern, and Mid-Century Modern.

Of course, the patterned fabric is not only an option for traditional curtains. Romanesque and patterned roller blinds are also common.

8. Ideas for Kitchen Roller Blinds

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

If an ultra-functional finish to your kitchen window is your top priority, roller blinds are your best bet. Roller blinds go up and down easily and quickly – compared to vertical and Venetian blinds – and come in a variety of styles.

Roller blinds are available in every color imaginable. They can be found with sheer fabric to enhance privacy while still allowing natural sunlight to enter. Thick, opaque roller blinds are a great alternative to blackout blinds.

For a bolder statement, look for roller blinds in patterned or stenciled fabric. Order a custom print if you can’t find the perfect image for your kitchen.

9. Roman Kitchen Curtain Ideas

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Roman blinds are the perfect combination of blinds and curtains. You can find Roman blinds in a variety of fabrics. You can also find curtains made of wicker wood, although they are not as popular.

If in the lowered state the Roman blind completely blocks light and visibility from the outside, then in the raised state it acts as a decorative curtain. Some Roman blinds even come with baldachin-like ties.

10. Ideas for Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Sacrificing natural light in your home is difficult, especially when decorating a small space. Curtains are a great compromise between letting in light and filtering out the outside world.

Hang curtains alone or combine them with other types of window curtains for a custom curtain design. If you prefer the latter option, be sure to use a curtain rod that can support multiple drapes.

Also, remember that not all sheer fabrics are the same. Options range from almost transparent to almost opaque, and everything in between.

11. Ideas for Kitchen Curtains With Stripes

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

Patterned curtains can look overworked in a kitchen design with lots of other interiors. Stripes are a neat option for those who are looking for a compromise between regular and decorative kitchen curtains.

There are many ways to decorate a kitchen with striped draperies. You can use both horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as strips of different thicknesses. Combine the stripes with any kitchen curtains, from sheer fabric drapes to heavy Roman shades.

For a country-style kitchen, striped curtains made from tea towels are suitable. You can use old towel fabric or buy ready-made drapes to use as cafe curtains or short valances.

12. Ideas for White Kitchen Curtains

best kitchen curtain ideas pictures

There is nothing wrong with opting for white curtains over something a little more daring. In an all-white kitchen, white curtains blend seamlessly with the interior as a whole. In a kitchen already filled with lots of bright colors, they will blend into the background rather than compete for attention.

It is possible to incorporate patterns and textures into kitchen curtains without adding color. Many white curtain sets are made of translucent fabric with patterns woven into the material itself. Also, choose a set of curtains in white stripes.

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