6 Steps for How to Choose a Shower Curtain

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tips on how to choose a shower curtain

Do you feel that bathroom decorations are very ordinary? Try adding a shower curtain instead.

Not only functional, shower curtains can also be part of the bathroom decoration to make it look more eye catchy. You can play with motifs, colors, and materials.

The purpose of using a shower curtain is to separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. For those of you who are used to dry bathrooms, this curtain will definitely help.

Tips on how to choose a shower curtain

For those of you who want to maximize the bathroom design, choose the right shower curtain. Since choosing it is a bit tricky, check out the tips for choosing below!

1. Shower curtain material

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

Product material also needs to be considered when choosing a shower curtain for the bathroom. Curtain materials that are easily found in the market are polyester, vinyl, cotton, cotton combination, and plastic.

Vinyl and plastic shower curtains are the two most widely used materials. Low prices and easy maintenance are the reasons these two materials are favorites. In addition, curtain motifs made of vinyl and plastic are also very varied.

In choosing a shower curtain material, you must pay attention to the floor and walls of the bathroom. Choose the one that makes the bathroom design more leverage.

2. Selection of shower curtain rods

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

The next thing you should pay attention to when installing a shower curtain in the bathroom is the shower curtain rod. Due to daily exposure to water, this material must be rust resistant. The most appropriate shower curtain rod material is stainless steel.

In addition to stainless steel, you can choose cheaper PVC materials. However, the drawback of PVC material is that it is easily damaged and broken. In addition, you should also pay attention to the ring on the curtain rod. Choose a ring with good quality and strong.

3. Choose a durable shower curtain

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

The durability of the shower curtain also needs attention in choosing the right shower curtain. Don’t buy it because it’s cheap, but it breaks easily.

Tips for choosing the right one is a thick curtain with a waterproof coating. However, it must also be followed by a strong shower curtain rod.

You can find good quality shower curtains in online stores and furniture stores.

4. Curtain size

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

Tips for choosing a shower curtain that must be done next is to pay attention to the size of the curtain that will be used. The size of the curtain must be adjusted to the size of the bathroom and shower area.

If you just choose the size of the curtain, it might even damage the bathroom decor. The size of the curtains that are too large will give the bathroom a shabby look. While the curtain size is too small, it does not provide maximum privacy.

Therefore, before buying a shower curtain, it is highly recommended to measure the area to be covered first. Ask other people for help if you don’t understand how to measure the shower area.

5. Matching colors

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

In addition to considering the size and material of the shower curtain, you also have to choose the right color. Choosing the right color will make your bathroom look, wow!

Tips for choosing the color of the shower curtain is to match the color of the walls and bathroom floor. If you want a different touch, choose a contrasting color but still have a theme with the bathroom decor.

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

Want something anti-mainstream? You can try incorporating an ombre color into the shower curtain.

Avoid choosing pale colors such as beige, pale blue, or pale green because it will give the bathroom a shabby impression.

6. Choose a suitable motif

tips on how to choose a shower curtain

The selection of curtain motifs must also be considered. If you choose a motif that is too crowded while the bathroom decoration theme is minimalist, of course it won’t be suitable, right?

Choose a shower curtain motif that is tailored to the bathroom decor theme. The motifs that are widely used are clouds, stars, vertical, and zigzag.

If you choose the right shower curtain motif, it can be a statement point for bathroom design. It is not only functional, but also gives an aesthetic touch to the decor.

Choosing the right shower curtain is a little tricky. It’s easy, but you have to be careful.

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Adding the right shower curtain makes the bathroom look more attractive. The dry and wet bathroom areas are increasingly clear.

Are you ready to make your bathroom more aesthetic with a shower curtain?


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