6 Minimalist Curtain Ideas That Make Your Room Look Different

Make the room more beautiful just by adding curtains.

If you are in the process of redecorating your room, maybe the minimalist design style has become one of your inspirations.

This design style is indeed on the rise, because in addition to being simple and not requiring a lot of furniture, the minimalist style is also suitable for small rooms.

Perfect for those of you who live in studio apartments or even in boarding rooms.

Minimalist Curtain Selection Ideas Make Room Designs Cooler

minimalist curtain ideas

Even though you don’t need a lot of furniture, a room or room with a minimalist design can be greatly helped by the presence of curtains.

Minimalist curtains can accent a room that looks “plain”, but can also make the room look wider.

The key is in the minimalist curtain design used. The smaller the room, the simpler the motif needed.

Still confused about what type of curtains you need? Check out the minimalist curtain ideas below. Who knows, there may be something suitable for your room.

1. Minimalist curtains with geometric motifs

minimalist curtain ideas

For those of you whose rooms or houses have high windows, you can try this minimalist curtain design.

The new geometric motif curtains look pleasing to the eye if the curtain is used as a long curtain model that extends from the ceiling to the floor.

Don’t have tall windows but want to use minimalist curtains? Try placing it in front of the door.

These curtains are suitable for simple rooms that need accents. In terms of color, choose a bright and neutral base color such as beige or light gray, then choose a geometric motif with black. See other articles: bedroom window curtains.

2. Ombre color curtains

minimalist curtain ideas

Ombre motifs are loved by many people, not only in clothes or hair. The ombre color gives an artistic and unique impression, perfect for those of you who still want to highlight a modern impression in the middle of a minimalist room.

Choose colors that are not excessive, or if you are confused, white to gray or black ombre colors are also suitable. See other articles: best colour combination for house exterior.

3. Black minimalist curtains

minimalist curtain ideas

Maybe many do not dare to use black as the color of the curtains. However, black curtains can actually give the impression of a more elegant room.

So that it is not too dark, combine it with furniture that is dominated by neutral and bright colors. See other articles: sheer bedroom curtain ideas.

4. Thin white minimalist curtains

minimalist curtain ideas

Actually, you don’t have to use a minimalist concept if you want to use white and thin curtains, because these curtains always fit anywhere.

The sheer white curtains also let the light in perfectly, giving the room the impression of being spacious and bright.

It’s just that, if you want to use these curtains, make sure the windows don’t face the sun directly, because the thin white curtains can’t block out the sun completely. See other articles: nautical room decor ideas.

5. Tie-dye curtains

minimalist curtain ideas

Tie-dye is a method of dyeing fabrics by binding and dipping the fabric in dye. Abstract and irregular color motifs will give an artistic impression that is suitable as a minimalist room accent.

Choose a white base color to match it with your minimalist furniture. See other articles: small house plans with pictures.

6. Curtains minimalist outline

minimalist curtain ideas

Minimalist curtains are often considered boring, while patterned curtains are considered too excessive. To overcome this confusion, choose curtains with accented outlines that give a modern impression in a minimalist room.

Choose a color combination that is not too flashy, such as white and gray or beige with pink. See other articles: large living room ideas.

So those are 6 minimalist curtain design ideas that can change the appearance of a room instantly. If you look at the model of your room, do you think now you have an idea what kind of curtains you don’t need?