red curtains in the interior of the living rooms

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Reds are too intense, harsh or of medium intensity. It is used in monotonous interiors to make them more colorful and elegant. When, when arranging stylish room designs, you need to use a large amount of red, they take material in pleasant muted shades.

red curtains living room

red curtains living room
Living room in a minimalist style with red curtains and other accents
red curtains living room
Color trio – red and gray curtains with black inserts

A wide range of decor in this color plays a major role in creating contrasts. Red curtains are one of the accents. Windows, their decoration are always striking. With red curtains, they will be perceived as bright spots.

In order not to become saturated with red, causing rapid psychological fatigue, the volume of color in space is limited.

red curtains living room
A successful combination of pink and beige wallpaper, white and gray furnishings, textiles, carpet on the floor and red curtains

In terms of area, curtains take up a lot of space in the visual perception of the room. The right tone will always be in harmony with furniture, ceiling, wall, floor, lamps and decor. Curtains made of dense red fabric do not allow daylight to pass through well. They serve as an excellent barrier to shade the sun’s luminous flux.

red curtains living room
Red curtains harmonize well with black floors, red ceilings and white and brown furniture.

In addition to color, be sure to pay attention to the texture, size, shape of the fabric drapery. Thin woven fabrics will simply diffuse the rays of daylight. For curtains hung together with curtains, special curtain rods are selected. Curtains should have a different shade. Additionally, the brightness of artificial lighting sources is taken into account. See other articles: red and gold living room ideas.

Red in the interior: features of the visual perception of interiors with red

Red is always eye-catching. In order not to create the feeling that the curtains made of red fabric are splitting the space, it is important to bring several details of the same tones into the interior. This can be a floor vase, a floor lamp, flower pots, wall shelves, upholstered chairs, a painting on the wall, or sofa cushions.

red curtains living room
Red curtains complement the ethnic style floor carpet
red curtains living room
Balanced use of red, white and red curtains, paintings in oriental style – cherry blossoms on a red background

The following shades of red are distinguished:

  • classical;
  • crimson;
  • coral;
  • fuchsia color;
  • scarlet;
  • crimson or crimson (slightly darker than scarlet);
  • burgundy.
red curtains living room
Dense and simply draped curtains made of burgundy-red fabric create a unique cosiness and beauty
red curtains living room
Crimson red light curtains complemented by a tablecloth and decorative elements

Features of the perception of red in the interior:

  • Provokes activity, cheerfulness.
  • Does not have a sedative effect.
  • Visually conceals space, narrows or shrinks it.
  • Draws attention to detail.

So that the small room does not seem even smaller because of the red curtains, they use not dense and heavy fabric, but transparent lightweight tulle. You can create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom with the help of coral, light red and muted fuchsia curtains. See other articles: short curtain ideas for bedroom.

red curtains living room
Small Japanese-style room with red lightweight cotton curtains
red curtains living room
Coral red shade of curtain fabric in living room

In what interior styles are red curtains appropriate?

Best of all, the red color of curtains fits into such interior styles as: classic, baroque, hi-tech, art deco, pop art. Most often, they use modest, not massive structures. Decorating a room in a classic style will require massive curtains that are long to the floor, which are fixed with cords or other types of sling.

red curtains living room
Living room in a classic style with red and orange curtains
red curtains living room
High-tech dining-kitchen decorated with white tulle and red curtains in light fabric
red curtains living room
Pop art bedroom with red and white curtains

Applying red in an interior with an extremely laconic decor, you must follow the rules of moderation and restrictions. For high-tech, modern or minimalist rooms, cropped curtains with completely absent or weak draperies are sufficient. Here, simply falling red threads, pendants with decor, of which the curtain is composed, will be appropriate.

red curtains living room
Red curtains without drapery in the musician’s living room are well complemented by red walls and musical instruments

All styles with rural or ethnic motives are also quite acceptable the presence of red curtains. Projects of premises in country style, Provence or chalet can contain curtains both in a cage and in plain colors. Light options and heavy curtains made of red fabric, close to burgundy, will be appropriate here. Checkered kitchen curtains are decorated with a wide band with a large bow. See other articles: colorful curtains for living room.

red curtains living room
Chalet style living room with red curtains

A loft-style room could well be decorated with bright red curtains. Their sewing can be draped (draped stripes long to the floor). The classic form of curtains is elongated fabrics that are missing to the floor. Medium-sized curtains will also look great in a loft-style room.

red curtains living room
Red curtains for the living room in the loft style
red curtains living room
Loft-style living room combined with kitchen, decorated with red checkered curtains

Oriental style is also an excellent field for design activities. A room conceived in Japanese style may well combine red with black, gray and white. It is in such interiors that red curtains are successfully used. They should be straight, without drapes, lambrequins and other decorative elements. Simplicity and lightness are important here. Therefore, instead of curtains, fabric blinds or blinds are often used. See other articles: japan bedroom design ideas.

red curtains living room
Japanese-style bedroom with red light curtains to the floor
red curtains living room
Chinese style room with distinctive straight red curtains featuring a golden dragon

Interior design rules with red curtains

To decorate the composition of curtains made of red fabric, braided cords, beautiful lambrequins, decorative garters, clips on the cornices or fringe are used. Red curtains are used not only for decorating and shading window openings. They are used for:

  • arrangement of interior spaces;
  • creating a canopy over the bed;
  • zoning of premises;
  • decorating walls.
red curtains living room
Jacquard red curtains with lambrequin

General rules for creating a stylish interior design with red curtains:

  • Massive curtain designs are best suited for halls, living rooms, kitchens or large bedrooms.
  • A bright color is always set off. Don’t use red as a solo. Otherwise, it will be perceived as a flashy spot.
  • Bedrooms are decorated with curtains made of fabrics with a muted red tint. Too bright colors will be extremely aggressive here.
  • Juicy red is quite suitable for the decor of a children’s bedroom, but there should be a little of it.
  • Dosed red accents will add boldness, boldness and brilliance to the interior.
  • Light, muted tones of red are used for windows in small rooms.
  • Variety is brought to the interior with the help of red curtains with a milk, yellow or white print.
  • If there is not enough daylight in the room (trees grow densely close to the window), then it would be appropriate to use not thick curtains, but decorative red tulle.

The upholstery of the curtains lends a touch of elegance to the entire space. Any drapery will do – in Italian, French, English, Baroque styles. The main thing is that it is combined with the overall design of the room.

red curtains living room
Bedroom decorated with white and red textiles – red curtains and linens
red curtains living room
Olive soothing colors are successfully diluted with curtains made of soothing red fabric
red curtains living room
Burgundy curtains with milky white curtains
red curtains living room
Red tulle veil in a room where daylight is limited

Color combinations of curtains

The ensemble of red curtains has some versatility – it always fits perfectly into almost any interior. But this is possible only if the measure and rules of the general style and design concept are observed.

The most popular combinations of red with other colors:

  • white;
  • gold;
  • gray;
  • dark green;
  • orange;
  • black;
  • yellow;
  • brown;
  • blue;
  • blue.

The combination of dark or neutral green with classic red is the perfect solution for decorating for Christmas. Such solutions are very popular with lovers of tradition or adherents of conservatism. See other articles: exterior paint color combinations images.

red curtains living room
Living room curtains made of combined dense fabrics – solid dark green and orange-red with gold embossing and fringe
red curtains living room
Red and green curtains for the living room in modern style

White and red are the most beneficial contrast. White is refreshing, and red brings richness to the setting.

red curtains living room
Red curtains with a second tier of light white fabric

Combining black and red is good for decorating windows in the living room, hallway, kitchen. But such a doublet is best diluted with a third shade – white, gray, gray, purple. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

red curtains living room
Black and red curtains

Red with gold

Design options for red curtains with gold finish:

  • long curtains decorated with “golden” lambrequins;
  • short curtains made of fabric with golden patterns on a red background;
  • roller blinds with gold painting on the red field.

Using curtains made of red fabric, decorated with gold braid or cords, you can get the perfect decor for a study, a room for a library, a living room and even a kitchen. The same solution may well suit energetic young people renting an apartment. For bachelor housing, red is very suitable. It is perceived normally and does not exert visual pressure.

red curtains living room
Living room curtains decorated with dark gold-colored fringe
red curtains living room
Burgundy curtains with satin lambrequin “gold”

Red and brown

Choosing a brown color to dilute the bright window decoration will help create a balanced atmosphere. Providing red curtains in an interior with brown decor, you can easily “extinguish” the intensity of the main shade. This combination is suitable for interiors with classic English style furnishings. Style directions may be suitable: country, retro, rustic, eco and chalet.

red curtains living room
Red curtains are harmoniously complemented by light brown fabrics
red curtains living room
Red curtains with brown fringe

Red and yellow

It is better to dilute the red color with yellow blotches for creating decor compositions for the kitchen. For a living room or bedroom, these paints should be applied with great care. They are active enough for perception. For these rooms, it is good to take only pastel, muted or medium saturation tones. Short curtains for the kitchen made of red and yellow fabric or red, but with yellow decorative elements, should cover the window sill 10 cm down, no more. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.


The use of red curtains in the interior of any room should be dosed, well thought out. This color does not tolerate excesses, does not like combinations with pink, bright blue, light green and purple shades. The gradient of tones must match – if it is a muted red, then an additional or contrasting shade must be muted.

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