Nursery Room Curtain Ideas

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nursery room curtain ideas

nursery curtain ideas – When choosing curtains to decorate the house, often people choose only one model for the whole room. In fact, it’s okay to express yourself with this decorative element. For example, in the child’s bedroom.

If in the living room and other rooms you tend to choose simple designs with warm colors, you can choose other motifs for their bedroom curtains. Here are some nursery room curtain ideas for you.

Nursery Room Curtain Ideas Pictures

Bright and Cheerful Curtain Nursery Ideas

nursery room curtain ideas

Children, both boys and girls, are generally happy with bright and cheerful colors. It also really represents the souls of those who are still very happy to play. That’s why complementary colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue are suitable for you to pour in the room and even their bedroom curtains. Like the picture above, this is an example.

Lovely Motive Curtain Nursery Ideas

Nursery Room Curtain Ideas

Bright colors coupled with motifs or images that they like, that’s the right choice of curtains to add to their rooms. Pictures of cartoon characters, dolls, or cars will make the atmosphere in the room more cheerful.

For a boy’s room, choose the one that fits and represents them, as well as for your little girl’s bedroom. Funny right? See other articles: room decor ideas for kids.

Tile Curtain Nursery Ideas

nursery room curtain ideas

Bringing a romantic feel to a girl’s room can be done by choosing tile material. The material that falls down, the thickness is not too heavy, and the light material makes the room look cute but not too much.

Besides being used as room curtains, you can also use tile as a mosquito net cover for their bed. Don’t forget to choose a color that matches the interior of their room!

Floral Theme Nursery Curtain Ideas

nursery room curtain ideas

The concept of a floral or flowery theme is very interesting to be used as a curtain motif for your daughter. Although the decorations and interiors of the rooms look like adults, the use of these curtains gives a sweet impression like a cute little girl. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

Nursery Curtain Ideas Match the Interior

nursery room curtain ideas

Make the headboard, bed linen, walls, and curtains in the child’s room have the same color? Why not! It is allowed. In fact, this makes the room look unique and attractive. Don’t believe it? Just look at the example in the image above.

Contemporary Motive Curtain Nursery Ideas

nursery room curtain ideas

You must be familiar with the chevron motif that is now widely used by people? Pouring it into a child’s room curtain decoration is not a bad idea. The children’s room still looks appropriate even though this motif is also widely used by adults. See other articles: bedroom designs for kids.

Folding Curtain Nursery Ideas

nursery room curtain ideas

Tired of the curtains hanging down like in other rooms in the house? Try another style and apply it to your little one’s room. The shape looks even funnier.

Hopefully some of the nursery room curtain ideas above can be useful for you. Do not forget! The most important thing in this selection is the taste of the children themselves. Try asking and involve them in this election.


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