13 Light Blue Aesthetic Bedroom

light blue aesthetic bedroom

The light blue aesthetic bedroom decoration is an interesting inspiration that you can apply at home so it doesn’t seem monotonous.

You can apply various design inspirations in an interesting way, even if they look different from the others.

One theme that is suitable to be applied at home is a combination of light blue, with flowing and natural textures.

So, what is the theme of the light blue aesthetic bedroom decoration that is interesting to emulate? Check out the discussion together!

light blue aesthetic bedroom

There are several light blue themed minimalist bedroom decorations that you can apply in an interesting and natural way.

Check out the following image inspiration to design unique decorations and always look different.

1. Minimalist rustic combination

light blue aesthetic bedroom

To produce a natural atmosphere, the best way you can do is to combine a bedroom design with minimalist rustic accents.

The rustic combination refers to the use of rattan-style bedroom decorations and furniture on the side of the mattress or minimalist chair, so that it looks more attractive.

2. Light blue minimalist bedroom decoration with three-dimensional texture

light blue aesthetic bedroom

light blue aesthetic bedroom decoration with a three-dimensional effect is an accent choice that looks attractive even if it’s anti-mainstream.

The three-dimensional effect refers to the use of murals even though the decorative decoration applied to the walls of the room is blue.

Meanwhile, you can apply the blue decorations and inspiration in the picture to your toddler’s room so they can rest perfectly.

3. Feminine theme with light blue accents

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Light blue is one of the colors that is universal, even though it is suitable to be combined with masculine and feminine textures.

One of them is the selection of feminine colors with floral motifs and pink colors that look aesthetic and soothing.

In addition, this minimalist bedroom decoration is also more attractive with the presence of a very beautiful bedroom lamp decoration in the middle.

4. Minimalist blue-gray bedroom decor with a masculine texture

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Gray is one of the masculine color combinations that is often combined with blue in minimalist bedroom decorations.

The choice of a combination of light blue and minimalist gray is often applied attractively to produce a touch of color that looks natural in the bedroom.

5. The combination of classic and aesthetic in the bedroom

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Minimalist classics are the best inspiration to produce a comfortable and free side in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the selection of wooden floors, rattan decorations in light blue-gray colors look aesthetically pleasing and match the rest of the room.

6. Tropical bedroom with rustic combination

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Tropical nuances are the best inspiration to produce a minimalist bedroom design at home.

The tropical combination refers to the selection of blue and light green colors that look solid, so it looks pleasing to the eye.

The inspiration for this tropical room will look even more attractive, especially if the house you live in is in a coastal area.

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7. Light blue accents with a pastel greenish texture

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Light blue minimalist bedroom decorations not only coincide with green accents, but also look attractive with light green colors. 

You can also apply a pastel greenish-blue texture to the bedroom to make it look attractive with a warm, feminine atmosphere.

To increase the element of beauty, there is nothing wrong if the color is combined with pink accents and flower paintings.

8. Looks aesthetically in a narrow room

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Besides being natural, light blue is also the best combination to make it look spacious in a narrow bedroom.

You can also combine blue and light green stripes to make it look attractive and different in the bedroom with a touch of minimalist wallpaper.

9. Light blue with white combination

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Similar but not the same, white and light blue inspiration always looks attractive and free in a comfortable bedroom.

You can apply the two color combinations easily, even if you add decorative wood accents on the side of the bed.

10. Two-level blue minimalist bedroom design

light blue aesthetic bedroom

If you live in a narrow house, the inspiration for a two-story bedroom design is the best match that deserves to be applied.

Not only does it look comfortable, this blue color also looks aesthetic with wall decorations and a touch of classic minimalist wood.

11. The combination of blue and custard in the bedroom is full of warmth

light blue aesthetic bedroom

The light blue color is one of the pastel combinations that is easy to create in many forms of space, including the choice of custard color.

Meanwhile, the custard combination on the bedroom side looks attractive as an important part in a minimalist gradation with a beautiful but minimalist three-color effect.

12. Scottish blue design with luxurious accents

light blue aesthetic bedroom

Scottish bedroom accents can be the best match as a minimalist bedroom decoration for men.

The Scottish-style combination that you can apply refers to the color, floor, and selection of decorative brown shades that look beautiful.

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13. Aesthetic-looking sky blue combination

light blue aesthetic bedroom

In addition to the color of water, light blue is also full of meaning with a very beautiful and soothing sky accent.

Not only color textures, you can also add a touch of cloud-shaped wallpaper with natural nuances that look spacious and aesthetic.

Thus the inspiration for the light blue aesthetic bedroom decoration that you can apply at home. Good luck and congratulations on designing your dream home.