11 Pantry Organization Ideas

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Pantry Organization Ideas

GMBOEL.COM Pantry Organization Ideas – Whether your kitchen is modern, rustic, or somewhere in between. Efficient storage organization goes with everything. And there is no place more prone to clutter and disorganization than a pantry.

Moving away from bulky food packaging in favor of reusable containers is now considered a big trend. But it’s not the only way or the best way to improve your pantry organization.

From hidden drawers to hanging baskets, there are more ways to organize your kitchen utensils than you think. Check out the pantry optimization ideas below and start rethinking your entire kitchen storage system.

1. Pantry Shelf Placement Ideas

Pantry Shelf Placement Ideas

Open shelves are less secretive than cabinets or cabinets. Get a stylish mess by mixing decorative items with dry foods and spice jars.

Organizing food into the right containers will help keep your shelves organized. Individual trays help organize your inventory and make it easier to find what you need.

Floating shelves allow you to store essential products at any height. If you are installing stationery options in the pantry, distribute them at different heights to accommodate a range of items of various sizes.

Installing shelves from floor to ceiling is relevant for maximizing storage options, especially in a small area. Keep your least-used items on the top shelf and invest in a stool that matches your kitchen décor.

2. Organizing Ideas For a Wooden Pantry

Organizing Ideas For a Wooden Pantry

If you have a carpentry talent or know someone who can build anything, you can easily design your own wood pantry with easy storage organization. Even if you have to hire an experienced specialist to do the job, we promise that the result will be worth the money spent.

Provide special boxes for the most necessary things in the pantry. If you’re going to be storing small kitchen appliances inside, such as a coffee maker, mixer, or blender, consider adding cable management holes to the wooden shelves.

Solid wood shelving requires more maintenance than laminate, metal, or plastic. Make sure your pantry shelves are well protected from damage. Protective pads on the shelves will help to stop the catastrophic mess in the bud.

When it comes to looks, there is no shortage of ways to design a wood pantry to match your kitchen décor. Let natural wood shine from within, and paint your pantry door for a contemporary aesthetic.

3. Ideas With The Placement Of Cabinets For Organizing The Pantry

Ideas With The Placement Of Cabinets For Organizing The Pantry

Cabinets keep food organized and clean, whether it’s in the pantry or built-in storage in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, storing behind cabinet doors is also a great way to forget food even exists. Invest in glass or mesh doors that allow you to see everything inside without having to open cabinets.

A large kitchen cabinet is a great way to keep essentials close at hand. Match the exterior finishes to the existing cabinetry in your kitchen. As always, be sure to make the most of your available storage space with shelves or baskets built into the inside of the cabinet doors.

Closets are great but don’t underestimate how useful a drawer or two in your pantry can be. Drawers are the perfect place to store cooking utensils, snack bags, and other hard-to-stow items.

4. Pantry Storage Ideas

Pantry Storage Ideas

Our number one tip for organizing is to mix and match storage options as often as possible. If you rely only on cabinets, shelves, or drawers, then the space is more likely to work against you than for you.

Most people understand the importance and convenience of spice racks. You can use a similar concept to store your canned food collection. By placing smaller items on miniature tiered shelves, it’s easier to see everything in your pantry.

While some pantry organization ideas are mind-boggling, common pantry fixtures can do double duty. Of course, don’t fight the urge to store non-food items in it, but solutions like a shoe rack or a plastic grocery bag holder will make your pantry look great.

Try to clear things off the pantry floor, even if it means just putting them in a storage basket. This will keep items like cans and paper towels free of dust and moisture. Plus, the items will be easier to move around when it’s time to sweep or mop the pantry.

5. Ideas For Organizing Order In a Pull-Out Pantry

Ideas For Organizing Order In a Pull-Out Pantry

It’s easy to overlook comfort when coming up with pantry organization ideas. But you can combine the best of both worlds with pull-out pantries.

Pull-out pantries come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The most popular variation of this trend is sliding shelves.

You can add pull-out shelves to just about any pantry—kitchen or otherwise. Pull-out shelves are especially useful in deep spaces and for low-to-the-ground storage.

If you’re looking for ultra-compact storage that can fit in even the most awkward of spaces, you might be interested in the entire pull-out system. It can be built into the wall or into kitchen cabinets.

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6. Pantry Closet Replacement Ideas

Pantry Closet Replacement Ideas

If your kitchen does not have a pantry, then the nearest closet will be the best option. The larger the closet, the more space you have at your disposal. But a tiny, unused kitchen cabinet has more potential than you might think.

You can get by with a set of wire shelves – you probably already have them in your kitchen cabinet. However, wooden shelves are also worth the investment. Solid pantry shelves are easier to clean, won’t snag on small items, and keep spills under control.

When everything inside the pantry is in order, pay attention to the door. Replacing an existing door is a great way to spice up your kitchen decor without creating visual clutter.

Don’t have a closet? No problem. A cupboard is also a great alternative. In free-standing cabinets, you can organize all the features of a full-size pantry cabinet. Look for a cabinet that matches your kitchen decor and has lots of shelves and drawers.

7. Small Pantry Storage Ideas

Small Pantry Storage Ideas

The organization is important at any scale. Just because your pantry is in a small space or closet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a well-organized space.

Hanging shelves are a great way to get more value. For efficiency, double the number of shelves you have so you can expand a small pantry space.

Hanging items will free up space on the shelves. Add hooks to the bottom of shelves or cabinets to store items like measuring cups or mugs.

8. Corner Pantry Storage Ideas

Corner Pantry Storage Ideas

If your kitchen lacks storage space and has an empty corner available, the solution is obvious. Install a built-in corner cabinet or invest in a freestanding one that doubles as an organizer instead of a pantry.

Avoid deep shelves when decorating a corner pantry. You may feel like you’re sacrificing extra storage space. However, in most cases, it will be better if you have easy access to all the main products.

Consider adding rotating shelves to your corner pantry. This little detail will make jars, spice jars, and other small items much easier to find than regular ones.

Don’t let the corner pantry sit idle. Attach additional storage to the door and install shelves on each surface inside. Even small shelves can come in handy for storing things like baking soda or peanut butter jars.

9. Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Even if you don’t want to move all the staples in your pantry to new containers, it’s a good idea to have them on hand. Storage containers are often better at preserving food than the original packaging. Plus, investing in floating containers can save you valuable shelf space.

Glass storage containers are more durable but also more expensive. Luckily, an old glass jar can easily be turned into a high-quality storage container. Dissimilar vintage cans are an affordable solution. Replace the original jar lids with new plastic or wooden ones.

A transparent container will also almost always be more comfortable than an opaque one. The only exception is when direct sunlight enters your pantry during the day.

This is another area where the form and function of your pantry can come into conflict. If you intend to use only one type of storage container in your closet, look for a set that includes containers of different shapes and sizes.

10. Ideas For Organizing The Pantry “Butler”

Ideas For Organizing The Pantry

Many homeowners dream of having a “butler” pantry. But this multifunctional room has its own collection of storage challenges.

In the butler’s pantry, everything has its place, including kitchen appliances on the countertop. A decorative tray or dish rack is a great way to organize space in a butler’s pantry.

Don’t skimp on wardrobes. You may decide that you don’t need closed cabinets in a separate pantry. However, relying on open shelves can make things look chaotic and cluttered.

Take the time to treat your mobile pantry as an extension of your kitchen. By adding some decor to a room, you will not only improve its appearance. Creating a custom design for your pantry will give you the extra motivation you need to keep organized.

11. Pantry Organization Ideas with Baskets

Pantry Organization Ideas with Baskets

Arrange things in baskets and your pantry will immediately become tidier. They will also help you see exactly what should be on your grocery list this week.

Plastic containers are easier to clean than wicker baskets. Mesh baskets are great for storing bulky items, but small items like granola bars will slip through.

Don’t aim for perfect uniformity. Identical baskets can be aesthetically pleasing, but they are often impractical. Choose baskets in different sizes to best fit your pantry staples.

Use all space. Hang a basket or magazine holder on the back of your closet door for easy storage. Look for compact baskets that take up little space and allow you to access them without removing the top cover.

For each basket, you can use a label, print stickers, or write the necessary information by hand. The miniature chalkboard labels go well with farmhouse-style kitchen décor.


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