10 Recommended Indoor Ornamental Plants, Make Your Home Healthy and Beautiful!

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Indoor Ornamental Plants

The garden in the yard of the house is not something that can be owned by everyone. If you live in an apartment or house with limited land, you can always channel your love of green plants by filling your house with indoor ornamental plants.

The use of indoor ornamental plants is no longer a strange thing to beautify the dwelling. Not limited to large houses, minimalist homes also look beautiful with decorations that in addition to beautifying the room, also make the room healthier.

Green plants can make the home atmosphere cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, the presence of plants in the house also improves air circulation. Therefore, this home decoration is increasingly attractive to be applied to support a healthy lifestyle.

However, of course not all beautiful plants are suitable to be placed indoors. Plants that are relatively tolerant of being placed indoors have several physical criteria such as a soft stem structure, a large number of leaves, and a relatively short size.

Indoor ornamental plants are also generally more adaptive to their needs for sunlight. But of course, taking it out occasionally to get direct sunlight is the best way to treat it.

10 Indoor Ornamental Plants and Their Benefits in the Home

Not only as room decorations, the indoor ornamental plants below are also very good for health, you know! From air purifiers and pollution to mosquito repellents, let’s take a look at the recommendations for indoor ornamental plants that are suitable for use at home!

Asparagus Fern

Indoor Ornamental Plants

Asparagus Fern is liked by many people to be used as ornamental plants because of its unique shape. This plant has flat leaves that spread like fine lace with the ability to grow rapidly.

Asparagus fern is an indoor ornamental plant that absorbs pollutants which can also be a beautiful sight for your eyes. Intend to put this plant at home?

Echeveria Succulent

Indoor Ornamental Plants

This beautiful plant comes from the Succulent type and does not require a large pot size. Echeveria is an indoor ornamental plant with a flower shape resembling a beautiful rose.

This indoor plant is best suited to be placed near a window or on a shutters, because placing it in a cold room has the potential to cause mold on the plant.


Indoor Ornamental Plants

Lavender is by far the most useful ornamental plant species. In addition to looking very beautiful, this plant also emits a fragrance that can make us feel relaxed. What’s more, the scent of Lavender is a taboo for mosquitoes.

This plant that usually smells like mosquito repellent lotion is a plant that is suitable for planting indoors because it lives in a dry and hot climate.

For best results, place Lavender near a window so that it gets enough sunlight, and of course also so that mosquitoes are reluctant to enter the house.

Mother–law’s Tongue Flower

Indoor Ornamental Plants

inAnother indoor plant for health is Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Although the name tends to have a negative connotation, this ornamental plant can function as a poison absorber in the room so as to make the air fresher.

One small pot of this ornamental plant is enough to make the air circulation fresher, plus the appearance of long leaves that grow upwards also makes the room cooler.

Spider Plant

Indoor Ornamental Plants

This ornamental plant with the Latin name Chlorophytum comosum is very easy to maintain and cultivate. If the stem touches the ground, this plant from South Africa will quickly take root.

Spider Plant actually grows well with indirect sunlight. This plant is also said to be able to absorb toxins, chemicals, and clean the air, making it an attractive pollutant-absorbing indoor ornamental plant option.


Indoor Ornamental Plants

With leaves that are shaped like small thorns, the herbaceous rosemary plant is suitable as an indoor ornamental plant because it smells good and is decorated with charming bluish purple flowers. The benefits of rosemary apart from being an ornamental plant can also ward off mosquitoes and become a cooking spice in the kitchen.


Indoor Ornamental Plants

The main attraction of this plant lies in the accent holes and tears in the dunya. This unique leaf shape is also able to improve air quality thanks to the production of oxygen, especially at night.

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This is a very unique choice of indoor houseplants. It’s just that you should put it in an area out of reach of pets and children because the leaves are poisonous if accidentally chewed.

Peace Lily

Indoor Ornamental Plants

Peace Lily is quite an idol among plants that have high resistance to be placed indoors because it has flowers.

This beautiful plant also has the ability to clean the room so that it becomes a good pollutant-absorbing indoor ornamental plant.

Peace Lily is able to survive indoors for a fairly long duration, which is up to two weeks. Of course, if you want to keep it indoors, remove the plant every two to three days for a few hours.

Aloe Vera

Indoor Ornamental Plants

Of course you are familiar with this one ornamental plant. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera is generally known to have many benefits other than its unique and attractive appearance.

This plant can be used as a moisturizer and hair conditioner, or it can also be consumed. However, this type of indoor Aloe Vera is certainly different from the large type, so its maintenance is much easier.


Indoor Ornamental Plants

The last one is Azaleas. This type of ornamental plant is famous for its beauty which at first glance is similar to paper flowers or Bougenville. Azaleas are indoor ornamental plants that absorb pollutants so that they function as air purifiers.

In addition to beautifying the room, these indoor plants can make the oxygen you breathe fresher and healthier.

Those are the 10 recommended indoor plants for better health. If you can choose a home decoration that is also beneficial for our health and that of our family, why not?

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indoor ornamental plants


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