10 Pictures of Lamp Post Decoration Ideas

lamp post decoration ideas

Lamp post decoration ideas – Porch pole lights often make the appearance of your front porch more beautiful and attractive.

The light combined with various front porch plants makes the front of the house look more charming.

Moreover, there are so many models and designs of patio lights that you can choose from. Starting from a minimalist home porch pole lamp to outboard patio lights.

In addition to providing lighting, patio lights can be part of the exterior decoration of the house, especially on the veranda and garden.

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Lamp Post Decoration Ideas Pictures

Here are some ideas for decorating the front porch of the house that can be a reference for your residence.

1. More Natural Wooden Poles

lamp post decoration ideas

Choosing wood material for patio lights can give the impression of a more natural and beautiful dwelling, especially with the surrounding lush trees.

This unique patio lamp model can be applied to the front garden of the house by using a yellow light.

2. Minimalist Pole Lamp

lamp post decoration ideas

The price of terrace pole decorative lights is very diverse, you can choose from the most affordable prices to the most expensive ones, adjust to your budget, yes.

Well, the following minimalist pole lamps can be an option to beautify the front area of ​​the house. See other articles: weird floor lamps.

3. A Pair of Aesthetic Poles

lamp post decoration ideas

When making garden decorations in front of the house is a fun thing, especially if you really like designing.

This lamp is very beautiful if it is in front of the house, how to install this terrace pole lamp is very easy.

4. Unique Lamp Model

lamp post decoration ideas

One other reference to decorate the front porch of your house, is a unique lamp with a conical upward model.

This lamp with bright enough lighting, has two long and short models, you can mix the two together. See other articles: girly lamp shades.

5. Round Lamp with Floral Motif

lamp post decoration ideas

This round lamp has its own uniqueness, when the lamp is on, it will issue a motif according to the picture on the lamp.

So that the light emitted from inside the lamp will be more attractive with quite a variety of forms.

6. Yellow Light from Lamp Pole

lamp post decoration ideas

Choosing the color of the lights on the porch lights must be based on usability, if you want to beautify, use yellow lights.

However, for clear lighting, a lighter white lamp can be used. See other articles: sewer pipe leaking in basement.

7. A Pair of Front Door Pole Lights

lamp post decoration ideas

Having a pair of pole lamps like this, can be applied to both sides of the main door which makes an impression as a guard.

The presence of these bright enough lights can show the terrace area and front garden of the house so clearly.

8. Shape Like an Umbrella

lamp post decoration ideas

The next lamp model is a lamp like an umbrella which is quite unique, the aluminum material makes the lamp more elegant.

The lighting that radiates is enough to illuminate the garden area of ​​your home, add a beautiful garden chair too, yes. See other articles: living room dining room combo.

9. Classic Garden Light Design

lamp post decoration ideas

The following classic terrace pole lights are the choice of many people, especially if your residence has a classic house concept.

The combination of white and black on this classic lamp is quite identical, the right color choice for a classic style.

10. Modern Minimalist

lamp post decoration ideas

The next unique pole lamp, you can apply to the front garden area or back garden.

You can check the price of this minimalist home terrace pole lamp on your favorite e-commerce site, yes. Check first before buying.

Wow, there are also many recommendations for lamp post decoration ideas. Do not leave the veranda of the house in the dark.