5 Home Decoration Trends That Will Be Popular This Year

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home decor trends this year

At the beginning of this year, are you planning to renovate or decorate your home to make it look different? Before deciding to choose a new home decor, it’s better to first take a peek at the home decor trends that will be popular this year.

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Home Decor Trends This Year

1. Interior Colored Navy Blue

home decor trends this year

The color that will become a trend this year is navy blue. So, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a navy blue color for the interior of the house. For example, you can change the sofa fabric or try changing the kitchen cabinet paint to a navy blue color.

2. Walls with Marble Details

home decor trends this year

Not only floors that can be added with marble details, but walls with marble details will also be a trend this year. The easiest way to apply this trend is to choose a wallpaper with marble details. Keep in mind that do not apply marble details on all parts of the walls of the house!

3. Vines in the House

home decor trends this year

Well, this trend can also make the atmosphere of the house fresher. Keep vines indoors, for example placing potted plants in the dining room area. You can also store ornamental plants in the living room area to brighten the atmosphere.

4. Accessories from Copper

home decor trends this year

Accessories made of copper have indeed been a trend this year and will continue to be more popular in the following year. You can also get the impression of a Scandinavian-style house by adding home decorations with copper colors or materials.

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5. Wooden accents on the walls of the house

home decor trends this year

Thinking of changing the headboard in your bedroom? Instead of buying a new headboard, it’s better to take it off and redesign the walls on the headboard with wooden ornaments. It is certain that the trend of wooden ornaments on the walls will be popular again this year.

Are you ready to change your home to be more trendy this year? Hopefully our discussion of home decorating trends this time supports the atmosphere of your home.


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