10 Small Workspace Design Ideas That Are Comfortable and Still Look Professional

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small workspace design ideas

small workspace design ideas – Home office is important for those of you who work as freelancers or remote workers. A comfortable workspace certainly makes you more enthusiastic and productive.

Usually, workspaces have a monotonous design and seem stiff. If the color is not black, the other option is white. In fact, you can incorporate other elements and colors into the workspace design.

small workspace design ideas

Unique and anti-boring small workspace design ideas

If your goal is to have a cozy workspace design that looks professional at the same time, then you should listen to this article from Gmboel. You can capture the image, so that it can be an inspiration.

1. Wood element workspace

small workspace design ideas

Natural colors like brown and beige can always be used in various decorations. This includes your workspace at home.

You can use brown with wood material for a warm and relaxed impression. Add a storage box so that your things can be stored neatly.

2. Minimalist beige workspace

small workspace design ideas

You don’t have to have a big room to make your own workspace. A small space like the one above can also be transformed into a workspace.

Choose natural colors such as brown or beige to make it seem wider and warmer. For maximum lighting, you can put a table near the window. Still not clear? Add table lamps with various shapes.

3. Workspace with natural elements

small workspace design ideas

Working in a place ‘close to nature’ has many advantages. Starting from healthy eyes from seeing green plants, fresher air, to getting natural lighting.

You can also bring natural wood elements to your workspace decoration. Add an asymmetrical table that makes it look more unique.

4. Classic workspace

small workspace design ideas

Are you a fan of classic decor? If the answer is yes, a workspace design like the one above is perfect.

To create a classic impression, use a simple brown wooden table with details on the legs. Don’t forget to add a quilted textured chair to make it look more elegant.

5. Bright workspace in yellow

small workspace design ideas

Workspaces don’t always have to be monochromatic or natural. You can also use bright colors like yellow and orange.

For a balanced design, you can combine white wall paint. Don’t forget to put an orange guest chair.

6. Minimalist workspace under the stairs

small workspace design ideas

Want to have a workspace, but not enough space? Do not worry! You can always use the room under the stairs as a comfortable home office.

Choose a minimalist table with a size that fits your needs (not too big or small). Use neutral colored furniture such as white to make the workspace look spacious. For the final touch, just add a small plant on the table.

7. Workspace with a large desk

small workspace design ideas

Are you one of those people who often receive guests or even have meetings at home? If so, then you need a workspace like the image above.

You can decorate your workspace with a warm impression while still looking professional. Use a long wooden table that does not limit the movement space when working becomes free. Add some wall displays to make it look more artistic.

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8. Workspace back to nature

small workspace design ideas

Are you running out of ideas for decorating your workspace? If this happens to you, the trick is easy.

Adding greenery to the workspace design will make it look fresh. Use a natural colored table like brown to blend with the theme you choose.

9. Industrial themed workspace

small workspace design ideas

Industrial themes can also be your inspiration for designing a workspace. The workspace looks masculine but still aesthetic.

The main requirement of the industrial theme is the use of wooden floors. In addition, use furniture with bold colors such as black. Don’t forget to add grid wire to hang your photos or work schedule.

10. Workspace with folding table

small workspace design ideas

You don’t have a big room for your desk? Do not be sad! Use a folding type workbench like the picture above. In addition to saving space, it also saves expenses because it is multifunctional.

Use a comfortable chair with a minimalist design in wooden colors. If your desk is not in use, you can fold it to save space.

Workspace is really needed for those of you who often work from home. If you have a comfortable workspace, you will be more productive, right?

What kind of workspace design is your dream?


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