14 Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

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best bedroom wall decor ideas

Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas – You lie in bed and look at the bare wall. The finishing touch to any interior design project is finding the perfect wall art for your empty walls.

You can choose from a modern or minimalist approach as one statement piece of wall décor. Or you can boldly and creatively approach the design of the walls, decorating them from floor to ceiling.

The ideas below will inspire you to look at the empty walls in the bedroom in a new way. Say goodbye to your plain wall and say hello to a beautifully designed bedroom.

Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

1. DIY bedroom wall decorating ideas

best bedroom wall decor ideas

If you are a creative person, why not hang your own creations as decoration? You will have a one-of-a-kind item that is unlike anything else. In addition, it will be the perfect expression of your personality, personality, and style.

Choose your favorite and most valuable item as the only focal point in the room. Or turn your bedroom into a mini-gallery and hang some artwork around the perimeter. Try to arrange the artwork on the wall in such a way that it looks balanced and not amateurishly sloppy.

DIY wall art also offers an affordable way to create a decor. You can make both simple and fancy items that you can afford. Arrange seashells in an eyeshadow box or make an intricate wall mural with gilded leaves.

2. Ideas with tapestries and wall panels

best bedroom wall decor ideas

In the Middle Ages, tapestries and large fabric wall panels insulated stone buildings and reduced cold drafts. Although your modern home may not have these problems, a tapestry or wall panel will be a creative and colorful decoration for your room. Start by placing a large bar or rod along the top of the wall and hang your tapestry from it.

Tapestries of small size are also a decorative element. They can be handmade textiles or abstract wall sculptures. The style you choose will depend on the rest of the design and decor ideas in your space.

3. Ideas for decorating the walls of a bedroom made of wood and metal

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Wood and metal are natural materials ideal for DIY wall decoration. Both materials add natural warmth to the room. The idea can be related to something rustic, like wrought iron and a tree branch. Or it could be something exquisite and polished with intricate carvings, stains, and lacquer.

Wood and metal décor can easily be combined in one piece or can stand alone throughout the room. Don’t be afraid to mix different metals. This modern approach will create depth and visual interest.

4. Ideas for a textured bedroom wall

best bedroom wall decor ideas

A textured accent wall turns any wall into a work of art, so there’s no need to decorate it. This is a great option for modern bedrooms where it can be difficult to find decor that matches the aesthetics. This way, by texturing the wall, you add visual interest without violating the idea of ​​the overall design.

When creating a textured wall, you can install panels with soft fabric upholstery to absorb sound and create a more inviting space. You can also install textured and 3D tiles. They are usually of different colors, durable, and easy to care for. Another option is to install large wooden panels of different sizes. For an ultra-modern décor, install ambient light behind the panels to bring the element into focus.

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5. Ideas with wallpapers, and stickers

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Modern stickers and wall stickers are the perfect solutions for a modern interior. These are no longer those vulgar quote stickers that were popular a long time ago. Modern designers have gone beyond them and created stickers and stickers that look like scale drawings. Design options include realistic flower arrangements, a world map, or some other drawing.

To use the sticker, you need to purchase it according to the size of the wall. This way it will be properly scaled. Then clean the wall, peel off the backing and stick it to the wall. Carefully remove air bubbles and make sure the adhesive is secure. When you get tired of it, you can peel it off and replace it with something else.

6. Ideas with frescoes and paintings

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Instead of hanging art on the wall in the bedroom, why not turn the entire wall into a work of art? You can paint a custom mural or pattern to create an accent piece in a room. If you don’t want to use paint, try using several types of washi tape. This colorful and decorative tape is easy to work with and is temporary.

If you want something simpler, try using wallpaper. There are several modern varieties, produced in the form of frescoes or large drawings. You just need to measure the wall to get the right size mural. Attach the pieces in the correct order and you have a stunning full-wall piece of art.

7. Design Ideas in Boho and Rustic Style

best bedroom wall decor ideas

If you love rural living or rustic style, try decorating your walls with things found in nature. You can hang an animal skull on the wall, but it’s an obvious choice and a little clichéd. Also, the idea may look strange if you live in an urban environment. Instead, try using decor that matches where you live. Find handmade goods made from natural materials by local artists. They allow you to glorify the local community and locality while using authentic bedroom wall décor at the same time.

Another idea is to hang a floating shelf or several shelves and place native plants in decorative pots on them. In this way, you will bring nature indoors, join the local fauna, freshen the air in the bedroom and give the bedroom a boho-style atmosphere.

8. Ideas with galleries on the wall in the bedroom

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Even if you are not an artist, you can still place a gallery on the wall in your bedroom. Install a large floating wall shelf above your headboard or bed frame and display some photos on it. Arrange them in layers: large photos in the back, and small ones in front.

Another idea is to hang them on the bedroom walls. Arrange them randomly for a creative and relaxed feel. If you like to order and want minimalism, choose frames of the same size. Hang them so they line up perfectly.

9. Ideas with decorative mirrors and clocks

best bedroom wall decor ideas

A large mirror will provide you with the perfect place to get ready in the morning. It will also help make your small bedroom feel more spacious. Another option is a large clock. They will not only decorate the interior, but every morning will help make sure that you have time to get ready on time.

Find a large mirror or clock to be the center of attention in the room. They should stand out like the only thing hanging on the wall, and at the same time match the style of the rest of the room.

10. Ideas with drawings and posters on the walls in the bedroom

best bedroom wall decor ideas

For a sophisticated look, hang high-quality framed posters and prints behind glass for a touch of sophistication. Try to choose one or two large-scale posters. To tie everything together, look for prints whose colors blend with the rest of the room for a cohesive look.

To create an artistic or eclectic style in the bedroom, you can skip the frames and attach prints and posters directly to the wall. Make sure in advance that there are enough of them to cover the entire wall, with the edge of each poster snug against the next one. The finished result should look like colorful poster wallpaper.

11. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Whether you want to create a modern, contemporary, or minimalist look, you don’t need much wall decoration. Instead, paint the walls the same color. It will give the room visual interest and appeal, while also minimizing the number of decorative elements.

When choosing the perfect color for your bedroom, consider the color palette of the rest of the room. You should also think about what colors seem attractive to you. Then think about what mood and energy your chosen color will evoke.

12. Bedroom Wall Paneling Ideas

best bedroom wall decor ideas

Paneling will add texture to your bedroom. Due to their detail, they are best left as an accent wall, but if you want panels to be on all walls, you should pay attention to the wall paneling. Such a finish usually covers only the lower half of the wall. Use the idea on all bedroom walls without the risk of them becoming overpowering or restrictive.

If you choose the single accent wall approach, then first decide what type of panels you want. The most rustic approach is shiplap or wood. These are flat wooden boards that are sheathed on the walls. For a more creative or ornate design, a custom design can be created. The result looks more modern, with geometric patterns and sharp corners.

13. The idea of ​​​​decor in a sports and musical style

best bedroom wall decor ideas

If you love sports or music, show off your passions by hanging them on the wall. You just need to be a little more creative. Musicians can create a gallery on the wall with their instruments. If you’re not, you can hang guitars or pictures of your favorite instrument on the wall.

If you’re a sports fan, hang items on the wall related to the game that really makes your heartbeat. Why not look for art created from the sports equipment of your choice. Or hang up tasteful pieces of your old inventory. You can use paddles, baseball bats, skateboards, hockey sticks, or helmets.

14. wall decor ideas to match your design

best bedroom wall decor ideas

When considering bedroom decorating ideas, think about the overall design of the room. Try to match the wall decor to the furniture design, color palette, and bedroom lighting. If you have an elegant and modern bedroom, boho decor will look out of place. If you have a farmhouse or rustic style bedroom, then the ornate glam or luxurious décor will also look odd.

Try mixing different styles. On one wall hang a floating shelf with decorative elements, and on another place framed photos. If you have a sculpture, a mirror, or a clock, you can hang them on another wall.

For most design aesthetics, less is better than more. Don’t be afraid of empty space between various decorative elements. Unless you want to create a bohemian style, then cluttered walls will look homely.


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