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indoor plant trends 2023

The room looks more attractive with indoor plant trends 2023.

We have entered a new decade. The turn of the year is usually followed by a change in trends, including home interior decoration.

For plant lovers like you, you may have started looking for indoor plant trends for 2023 to add excitement to the New Year. Come on, find out the trend of indoor plants in 2023 that are suitable for upgrading the interior of your home!

List of indoor plant trends 2023 decoration

Ready to redecorate your room in 2023? Don’t forget to add plants that will be a trend in 2023 to make them look healthier and fresher. Here is a list of 2023 indoor plant trends for you, which Gmboel has compiled from various sources.

1. Citrus trees

indoor plant trends 2023

Plants that will be found in many decorations in 2023 are citrus trees such as oranges, lemons, or limes. Adding citrus trees will give a fresh touch.

Not only good for the air, citrus trees also have an attractive appearance. Ornamental citrus trees tend to be smaller than typical citrus trees.

Want the whole house to smell good? Just put a citrus tree in the room. You only need to remove the tree a few times a week.

2. Cactus

indoor plant trends 2023

Cacti are still a favorite for 2023 decoration plants. Not surprisingly, cacti are still ideal for placing indoors.

Cactus is a type of plant that is easy to care for. It doesn’t need a lot of water or fertilizer. Very suitable for those of you who have a myriad of activities, but still want to have a fresh decoration.

3. Banana tree

indoor plant trends 2023

You don’t imagine a big banana tree in the garden. For the 2023 indoor plant trend, banana trees will be used as a complement to the decor. Just use a small banana tree.

However, you also have to pay attention to the size of the room. Place the banana tree in a large room. The tropical feel is immediately visible with the banana tree!

4. Cast iron plant

indoor plant trends 2023

Cast iron plants are usually better known as aspidistra plants. This plant is one of the ornamental plants that has many fans.

Aspidistra plants make room decorations fresher with their large leaves. Not only that, this plant is also easy to adapt to various light and soil conditions so it’s easy to care for too!

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5. Hope Selloum

indoor plant trends 2023

This plant belongs to the Philodendron plant family. Usually, philodendron plants will grow vines on the wall, but this type grows straight and regular.

The hope selloum plant is also known as the Little Hope plant with large, heart-shaped leaves. This plant can thrive in a variety of light conditions, from light to shade.

Not only beautiful, the hope selloum plant is also good for health because it can be an air purifier. Suitable to be the trend of indoor plants in 2023.

6. Medicinal plants

indoor plant trends 2023

Medicinal plants are also a trend for indoor plants in 2023. You can choose the type of medicinal plants that are used most often. For example, the cat’s whiskers plant, turmeric, knob flower, or sage tree.

Take care of the plant so that it looks beautiful to be used as a complement to room decoration. In addition, medicinal plants are very useful to help cure diseases naturally.

7. Begonias

indoor plant trends 2023

Begonia plants already have a lot of fans in 2021. It seems, Begonia’s prestige will continue until it becomes a 2023 indoor plant trend.

Begonia consists of several types that you can choose according to your wishes. No need to be confused which one to choose, because all of them are good.

In addition to its beauty, Begonias are popular because they are easy to grow and care for. It doesn’t need a lot of water, it just needs a splash of water or just a spray. Easy, right?

8. Monstera

indoor plant trends 2023

The next 2023 indoor plant trend is the monstera plant. You can apply it to the decoration of the living room or even the bedroom.

How to care for monstera is also very easy. You only need to moisten the monstera soil so it doesn’t get too dry. Also, wipe the monstera leaves to remove accumulated dust.

9. Fiddle-leaf fig

indoor plant trends 2023

Fiddle-leaf fig ornamental plants are included in the list of 2023 indoor plant trends. Adding fiddle-leaf figs will make the room decor fresh and more colorful.

Fiddle-leaf figs are characterized by large, sturdy leaves. You don’t have to worry about the leaves falling off.

In addition, yellowing treatment is also not complicated. You only need to give a little water or spray the leaves with spray. This plant does not need a lot of sunlight so it is ideal for ornamental plants in the house.

10. Succulents

indoor plant trends 2023

In addition to cacti, succulent plants are also still a trend for indoor plants in 2023. Succulents are very easy to care for. It is for this reason that succulents have many fans.

One of the succulents that you can choose is aloe vera. This plant is also known as aloe vera. Don’t get me wrong, aloe vera has a myriad of benefits, from burn medicine to face masks.

You can put aloe vera in the house as a complement to the decoration. This plant also does not need a lot of water and sunlight. Practical!

Those are some of the indoor plant trends for 2023. Decorating the room will be even more perfect with a touch of fresh green from plants. You don’t need big plants, just small plants.

Choose plants that do not require a lot of sunlight and water. How? Are you ready to hunt for plants?


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