Unique Decoration Ideas, Placing Trees Indoors

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trees for decorating indoors

trees for decorating indoors – Have you ever thought about placing a large tree into your home? If you think about it, it’s hard to do, huh. But it turns out that this is predicted to be the latest trend to decorate the interior of the house.

Curious as to how to place it or want to know what types of large trees can be inserted into the house? Check out the full review below.

trees for decorating indoors


trees for decorating indoors

Not too high, but not too small either. That is what makes these trees unique and attractive, so they are used as a complement to home decorations. The presence of trees in the dwelling can help bring a natural outdoor atmosphere. In addition, the room will feel cooler and livelier, especially for this type of house with a minimalist design.

Flexible Placement

trees for decorating indoors

Placing these trees can be anywhere. Most people, maybe put it in the living room or family room. But placing it in the bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom is not a problem. You can also see our other articles : beautiful small houses.

Support Decoration

trees for decorating indoors

Bringing plants into the house can also support the decor theme that is carried in the room. One of the home interior styles that are suitable for using large trees is the concept of Asia or the Middle East. Due to the tropical weather and climate, large plant elements, such as trees, are very important and needed. The types of trees to choose from are palms or trees with shady leaves.

According to Theme

trees for decorating indoors

The theme of the room that has a match with the next plant is the concept of country or American Native Style. The right type of tree for this stylish room is a cactus tree, both mini and large, like those in American cowboy movies. You can also see our other articles : indoor ornamental plants.

Suitable Tree

trees for decorating indoors

In addition to cacti and palms, other trees that are suitable to enter the house are fig trees (ficus), pachira, bamboo trees, olive trees, to lemon or orange trees formed with the topiaries technique. Not only used as a room sweetener, these trees can also be used as a partition between one room and another as a variation.

Pay attention to this

trees for decorating indoors

Now, after knowing the type of tree and an example of a suitable room theme, there are several things that must be considered for caring for large trees in a house like this. Here’s an explanation:

  • First, pay attention to their position so that they can still absorb sunlight well. That way, the tree does not die easily and the color can be maintained.
  • The second thing to consider is the planting medium. Trees that can be introduced into the house are generally rarely watered, so choose a planting medium that is porous or has large pores so that it can absorb high volumes of water.
  • Then, thirdly, pay attention to where the tree is planted. Choose large pots with strong materials, for example from a mixture of cement and gravel that are shaped in such a way. If the potting material breaks, you definitely don’t want the hassle of cleaning up the scattered soil.
  • The fourth thing is the height of the plant which is adjusted to the height of the house. The higher the ceiling of the house is, the greater your chance to place towering trees. Do not force a tall tree into a house with a short ceiling. In addition to making plants damaged, instead of looking beautiful, the room will look messy like a forest. You can also see our other articles : outside colour of indian house.


trees for decorating indoors

If you want a more natural feel in the house, get rid of pots, and place trees in open areas in the room. An example of a garden concept that can be applied is a zen garden or rocky garden.

Hopefully the information we present can add insight or maybe inspire your home decor. Continue to visit the gmboel.com blog to get interesting info and tips about other properties.


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