10 Hammock Decoration Ideas in the Home

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hammock decoration

Hammock decoration

A hanging swing or commonly known as a hammock is one of the mandatory items on vacation. From a relaxing spot in the woods while hiking, or a relaxing bed by the beach, hammocks are everyone’s favourite.

Hammock is also the right place to relax while reading a book or listening to music.

hammock decoration

Recently, the installation of hammocks at home has become a trend. Usually, people will hang their hammocks in the garage or back garden.

But have you ever thought about putting a hammock as a decoration in the room? It turns out that hanging a hammock in the room can be a very brilliant idea.

Indoor Hammock Decoration Ideas You Must Try

For those of you who have a dream to add a hammock to your room but are still confused about finding the decorations, here Gmboel gives you some inspiration that you can copy.

Not only very comfortable for you to lie down, but also aesthetic for the room.

1. Hammock with a minimalist design

hammock decoration

For those of you who like a minimalist design room, the design above is really suitable as an inspiration for decorating a hammock in the room.

A plain beige hammock with navy laces and natural wood logs provides a casual touch. You can spend time in the hammock while sleeping or reading a book.

2. Give a touch of the beach in the room

hammock decoration

For beach lovers, it’s like having to imitate the hammock decoration in the room like the picture above.

This hammock made of knitted material with fringe gives the perfect touch in decorating the hammock in the room. Don’t forget to add a blue pillow to make it look more like you’re relaxing on the beach. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

3. Hammock collaborates with nature

hammock decoration

Hammock is synonymous with nature. Well, there’s nothing wrong if the two elements are combined into one.

If the hammock is side by side with the trees, it will create an atmosphere that will make you relax. In addition to providing a natural touch, putting trees in the room is also good for air circulation.

Choose plants with sizes that are not too big or adjust to the size of the room.

4. Hammock in a narrow bedroom

hammock decoration

Who says hammocks can only be hung in large rooms? Well, in fact, a hammock can also be a decoration in a small room, you know.

You just need to find a hammock with a size that matches the size of the bedroom. Use neutral colors like beige to give a wider impression. See other articles: paper wall decoration ideas.

5. The bohemian room is more cozy with a hammock

hammock decoration

Maximize the bohemian design in your room with a touch of hammock!

You can choose a hammock from knitted materials in natural colors such as beige or white. Place pillows and rugs with a boho design for that extra boho effect!

6. Hammock by the window

hammock decoration

For those of you who want to give a cozy touch in the bedroom, it’s a must to hang a hammock!

You can choose a hammock from a soft knitted material but also strong enough to withstand the weight of your body. Place it near the window so you can sleep comfortably while looking at the scenery outside.

Super cozy spot! See other articles: window decoration ideas for bedroom.

7. Hammock in the living room, why not?

hammock decoration

Usually, if the hammock is used as an indoor decoration, it will be hung in the bedroom. So, why would it be if the hammock was hung in the living room?

For those of you who live in a studio type apartment, you can hang a hammock to be used as a room divider. Hammock is not only used as a place to relax but also as a decoration!

Choose neutral colors that match the color of the room decor.

8. Brightly colored hammock in a minimalist room

hammock decoration

If you want a touch of bright color in your bedroom, you can choose a hammock with a vibrant color.

Besides being able to be used as a place for mager, brightly colored hammocks also give a fresh touch to a minimalist design room.

Choose a hammock from a comfortable and strong material and place a pillow to give the maximum finishing touch! See other articles: cozy room aesthetic.

9. Hammock sits down for better me-time

hammock decoration

Tired of the hammock design that is mostly for sleeping? Try a sitting hammock, okay?

You can hang a hammock in the corner of the bedroom if you want to create a comfortable spot. One thing to pay attention to is to make sure the pole for hanging the hammock is really strong.

Choose a hammock made of strong soft material with neutral colors according to the room decor. You can put a hammock near the window to make it more aesthetic.

10. Bring a touch of Pinterest-style room with a hammock

hammock decoration

For those of you who want to create a Pinterest-style room design, maybe adding a hammock sitting in the corner of the room will give the perfect touch.

Add a small Tumblr-style lamp for a more romantic impression. You can also add plants to give a tropical touch.

Cozy yet aesthetic spot!

Well, those are some inspirations for decorating hammocks in the room that you can sample. You can get hammocks of various designs from online shop marketplace stores or you can also directly search in furniture stores.

One thing you should pay attention to is using a hammock that matches the design of the room.

Not only that, you also have to make sure that the place to hang the hammock is really strong to hold the hammock and your body.

Which hammock decorations will you imitate?


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