10 Unique Room Interior Color Combinations

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colour combinations for rooms

Colour combinations for rooms

A color combo unlike any other!

When remodeling a room design, what you think about is not only the furniture, but also the color of your room.

Choosing a color combination in one room is indeed very difficult. But did you know that in fact, a variety of opposite colors can actually combine well.

This unusual color combination will make the room unique and bold.

Of course you have to be careful in choosing colors. But don’t worry, Gmboel is here to provide ideas for unusual room interior color combinations, but still beautiful to look at.

Color Combination Ideas For Contrasting But Fitting Rooms

Previously, there are things you need to pay attention to in choosing a color if you have trouble choosing.

  • Choose a color with the same tone. Warm colors should be combined with other warm colors as well (such as yellow and orange), while cool or cool colors (such as blue and mint green) should be combined with other cool colors.
  • Try monochrome colors, not just a combination of black and white, but also a combination of gradations of the same color. For example: dark green and light green.

1. Black, White and Grey

colour combinations for rooms

This color combination shows the classic, modern side, but still chic because there is a touch of gray. You can wear white furniture, then paint the walls black.

You might think black walls will look gloomy and scary, but they really aren’t because they are balanced against white.

You can also paint the sides of your walls in black and white, then add gray furniture.

For decoration, black, white and gray art prints are also easy to find everywhere, so you can add them to accent the room.

2. Turquoise and Beige

colour combinations for rooms

If you like the atmosphere of the sea and the beach, it is best to choose turquoise and beige colors. The color turquoise will symbolize the sea, and beige is similar to the color of the beach.

To create a glamorous impression, try to paint the walls with a slightly dark turquoise color, then give the furniture a beige color.

As for the calm atmosphere of the room, you can color most of your room with beige color and then give some splash of turquoise on some equipment such as mattress bedding. See other articles: exterior paint color combinations images.

3. Royal Blue and Brown

colour combinations for rooms

This color symbolizes the sky and the earth and reminds us of the outdoor atmosphere because of the brown color that is like a tree trunk.

Try painting one side of the wall a royal blue, and applying brown to the rest of the furniture.

Do not use one shade of brown, but vary the brown color. A touch of blue on one side of the wall can also liven up the atmosphere of the room.

4. Green and Red

colour combinations for rooms

Green and red is a classic color combination that can never go wrong. I understand if you are afraid that your room will look too nuanced. However, the best way to combine green and red is to choose a dark red, like brick red or maroon.

It is better that this color is not used in narrow rooms.

You can combine beige or gold to balance it, for example, beige walls with green and red furniture and room accessories.

Or, green walls with red and gold/beige furnishings. The gold/beige color is useful for connecting and softening the two colors. See other articles: bedroom geometric wall paint.

5. Black and Yellow

colour combinations for rooms

Black and yellow is a surprising color combination, but it can actually create a modern design.

Black will give a dark impression, while yellow will provide a dramatic contrast in the room.

You can combine these two colors on different sides of the wall, and it will be better in a room with high ceilings.

6. Blue and Green

colour combinations for rooms

Blue and green can always complement each other and are very suitable for small rooms, because they can help give the impression of a spacious room.

You can paint the room with these two colors and then add some accessories with the same color pattern. See other articles: blue two colour combination for bedroom walls.

7. Coral and Beige

colour combinations for rooms

Cream and coral colors are very pleasing to the eye when combined. You can paint the walls with a beige color and then give a coral-colored motif on it.

If you want, you can paint the other side of the wall a light green color and some light gray stuff.

The combination of these four colors is so subtle that the eye can see everything without feeling that the contrast is too stark.

8. The colors of the earth

colour combinations for rooms

You can use colors that seem natural, warm, and earthy in larger rooms or in the main room.

Use warm tawny reds, yellowish browns, and olive greens. This color combination will open up the color spectrum in the room and give it a warm, welcoming, and luxurious feel.

For a more minimalist and modern touch, replace the brownish red with white or black. See other articles: brown two colour combination for bedroom walls.

9. Blue and Orange

colour combinations for rooms

Colors that stand out are usually used for highlighting or providing a focal point in a room. You can try coloring the walls of your bed with blue, then the walls of your desk with orange.

These different colors will emphasize that in the room there are two different functions.

If you want a neutral part, you can add white between the two walls of different colors.

10. Lavender and Yellow

colour combinations for rooms

Lavender and warm yellow both have a calming effect. These two colors are very suitable to be combined even though they look contrast.

You can paint a warm yellow color throughout the room and use lavender for curtains, sheets, blankets, and other accessories including your window frames.

Add white to balance the contrast of the room. See other articles: yellow girls bedroom.

Surprisingly, it turns out that there are so many color combination ideas for the interior of the room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that aren’t commonplace, because it might turn out to be a good match.

So, what color combination do you want to use?


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