How to Clean & Wash a Bean Bags in 6 Steps

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steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

clean and wash a bean bags

Bean bags are trendy in recent years because of their cute and comfortable shape compared to ordinary chairs.

Actually, one of the reasons why bean bags are favorite furniture is because of their high mobility. Just lift it up to take it everywhere and just enjoy sitting comfortably.

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

We can buy bean bags in the marketplace or furniture stores, but the prices are quite expensive. Therefore, you must be able to choose and take good care of your bean bags so that they are durable and look good in the long run.

Are you now confused about what to pay attention to from a bean bag?

Tips for Choosing the Right Bean Bag for Your Needs

Before going any further, it is advisable to buy a bean bag that has two layers of sheaths.

The first layer is a protective layer that can be removed and washed. While the second layer usually contains bean bag filling seeds.

In addition, if the first layer is torn, the beans from the bean bag will not spill out.

1. Shape and Size

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

Bean bags come in various sizes and shapes. The most popular shapes are pear/tear drop shapes, sofas, and round sack shapes.

This pear shaped bean bag is easy to carry everywhere because there is a handle on the top, and it is very comfortable to sit on because it has a backrest.

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

A sofa-shaped bean bag can accommodate two to three people. The shape is like a sofa without arms.

It is recommended to be placed in the living room or family room to sit together. Sometimes the shape of the sofa can also be flattened to become a substitute for a table or mattress.

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

Another popular shape is the round sack shaped like a drum. The shape is comfortable to sit alone.

You will feel like you are drowning in the middle. Unfortunately, this bean bag is not very comfortable because it does not have a backrest. See other articles: accounting firm marketing ideas.

2. Sheath Material and Bean bag Stuffing

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

We must choose the bean bag sheath material according to the function and location of the bean bag to be placed. The toughness of the bean bag is also determined by the stuffing material.

If you are going to put a bean bag indoors, you can look for a bean bag with a cotton and suede sheath. For outdoor, you can use a bean bag made of canvas and nylon which is stiffer and water resistant.

If you have pets, you can also use suede because animal hair is difficult to stick to the suede material.

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

For bean bag fillings, there are several choices of filling such as bead beads, polystyrene beads, styrofoam or dacron.

Polystyrene beads are the best material because they are comfortable and hard to deflate, dacron material is also almost the same. Even now there are polystyrene beads that are 100% recyclable.

3. The function of the Bean Bag

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

What do you want to use your bean bag for? It is very important to determine the type, shape, and material of the bean bag.

If you want to use a bean bag in the living room or for a party, you can choose sofa bean bags, tear drops, and table bean bags.

Teardrop and round bean bags are suitable for individual use in rooms. As for children, you should use a material that is softer and has a smaller size.

If you want to use it outdoors, choose a bean bag material that is waterproof as much as possible. See other articles: 2 story house with balcony.

4. Look carefully at the seams and zippers

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

Just like when buying clothes, make sure you check the seams and zippers of the bean bag.

Choose the one with neat and strong stitches because otherwise the bean bag might leak and be damaged. Or, it could be that the zipper is stuck and can’t be closed again.

Steps for How to Clean & Wash a Bean Bags

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags

1. Cotton Bean Bag

To clean a cotton bean bag cover, wipe it with a cloth that you have moistened with water and bar soap.

Always use bar soap to wash bean bags because the chemicals in regular detergents are too harsh.

Wipe the rag in a circular motion over the soiled area, then dry with a dry cloth. If the outer layer of the bean bag can be removed, you can wash it in the washing machine too.

2. Suede Bean Bag

For suede, you can clean it using a suede rubber brush or a damp soft towel to the dirty part.

Then brush the entire suede surface with a special suede comb brush in a circular motion. It’s better if you spray a special suede protective spray so it doesn’t get dirty again.

3. Nylon Bean Bag

Brush the bean bag with a soft-bristled toothbrush that has been moistened with bar soap on the dirty area. Dry with a cloth.

You can also carefully wash the cover in the washing machine.

4. Vinyl Bean Bags

It’s a bit difficult to clean a stiff and shiny vinyl bean bag.

Mix the baking soda and warm water until it becomes a kind of dough. Then apply the mixture on the dirty part and brush with a soft bristle toothbrush. Then rinse with a damp cloth.

5. Refill Bean Bag Contents

You can change the bean bag filling if the bean bag is deflated, or the inside is too moist and becomes smelly or lumpy. You can buy bean bag contents in the marketplace.

Remove the old stuffing seeds and pour in the new ones.

You can also include several bags of silica gel or carpet freshener so that the bean bags are not easily damp or smelly. See other articles: sewer pipe leaking in basement.

6. General Bean Bag Care

steps for how to clean and wash a bean bags
  • If you use a bean bag outside, put it in the room when it’s not being used anymore. Whatever the bean bag sheath material, bean bags are not designed to withstand rain or weather.
  • If it rains on the bean bag cover, wash it and dry it quickly because it can get moldy. Even if you buy a bean bag that is said to be specifically for outdoor use, your bean bag will get moldy and smelly if you spend a lot of time in a humid place.
  • Always check the surface where you put the bean bag, don’t put it on a wet or rough surface.
  • Do not leave the bean bag in direct sunlight because the color will fade.gets
  • If the bean bag is dirty or spills food and drink, clean it immediately! Do not wait for it to dry because it will be more difficult to clean.

It turns out that it’s easy to have a bean bag, isn’t it? How to care for bean bags must be adjusted to the material of the sheath itself. All your hard work in caring for bean bags will pay off as they will last much longer. Worth your money right?

Are you ready to buy a bean bag for your room or home?


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