10 Girls Bedroom Lights Ideas

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girls bedroom light ideas

Girls bedroom lights – In addition to illuminating the room, room decorative lights can add a sense of comfort as well as aesthetic value to your bedroom. Come on, take a look at some of the decorative lighting references here.

Of course agree, right if the bedroom is one of your favorite spots to relax?

Not just resting, the bedroom can be used for all activities.

After busy with daily activities, it’s time for you to relax and spend a third of your time sleeping.

Therefore, the light in the bedroom is very important.

If you choose the right bedroom lamp, you will also get a better quality of sleep.

There are many girls bedroom lighting ideas that you can use.

Check out the inspiration for the bedroom lamp image below!

10 Girls Bedroom Lights Ideas that Make Sleep Quality Better

1. LED Night Light

girls bedroom light

Contemporary and interesting, these LED bedroom decorative lights are often liked by young children.

LED lights can make the bedroom more aesthetic and have a different experience from ordinary people.

In the market, LED lights have several colors, ranging from pink, tosca, green, to being able to change using the remote .

2. LED Room Decorative Lights

girls bedroom light

In addition, your neon LED lights can be turned into an image.

Neon LED lights have a flexible material so they can be easily shaped into anything.

Like, the colorful cloud image above.

Duh , it feels like sleeping in the clouds when it looks like this!

3. Tumblr Lights

girls bedroom light

Next there is a room lamp in the form of a rope or often referred to as a Tumblr lamp .

Yes, the use of this lamp is usually preferred by women.

This type of decorative rope lamp is in the form of a rope with small lights that can be turned on with the help of electricity.

This lamp emits a yellow-orange or multicolored light.

You can put a tumblr lamp above the head of the bed or around the walls of the room.

Tumblr lamp prices on the market usually start from $0,35 – $3,49 depending on how long you want.

4. Room Lights and Mirrors

girls bedroom light

This type of lamp is usually used as a supporting light when making -up or trying on clothes.

On the mirror frame there is a lamp holder that you can change according to your wattage or light needs.

The use of this night light is quite flexible.

So, during the day you can use it as a makeup mirror and at night the lights can be used to accompany you to sleep.

5. Hanging Room Lamp

girls bedroom light

Well, for those who like simple style, hanging room decorative lights are perfect for you.

Stay stylish but have a minimalist concept.

Its placement is also on the ceiling of the room, so it will not interfere with any activities you do.

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6. Boys’ Favorites

girls bedroom light

Are you looking for a reference for men’s room decorative lights?

Looks like the picture above could be the answer.

This lamp has an industrial feel of black and iron arranged in such a way.

The type of lamp is also unusual, suitable for men who like simple nuances but still look stylish.

7. Type of Floor Lamp

girls bedroom light

Floor lamps are often used to illuminate the corners of a room that is not too broad.

This type of wooden room decorative lamp is very simple and the installation can be portable or easy to move.

Floor lamps can add to the beauty and comfort of your room.

8. Room Decorative Lights Without electricity

girls bedroom light

Don’t want to add to your home’s electrical load?

You can buy bedroom lights that use batteries.

Batteries used can be 2-4 pieces depending on the wattage of the lamp.

Decorative lamps with batteries are perfect for placing on your study table.

9. Projector Room Decorative Lights

girls bedroom light

Want to have the feel of sleeping like in outer space?

Try installing star room decorative lights like the picture above.

This type of lamp uses a battery to power it.

Then when turned on, the projector on the surface of the lamp emits stars to all corners of the room.

10. Cheap but Aesthetic

girls bedroom light

The use of a tumblr lamp can also fill one of your bedroom walls.

Combine these cheap bedroom decorative lights with the polaroid photos you have.

Simply attach the photo with a wooden clip attached to the lamp body.


The result is really beautiful.

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Hopefully the article girls bedroom light ideas is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

girls bedroom lighting ideas

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