7 Things to Avoid When Decorating a Small Room

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Often you have to live in a narrow room when boarding or sharing a place to stay. Indeed, sometimes it feels really cramped but what can I do…

A narrow room doesn’t have to make you feel pressured. With the right design, you can make the room feel more spacious.

There are lots of room decorating ideas on the internet, but you have to avoid things that make your room feel even more cramped.

We will tell you what you should avoid when decorating a narrow room.

Things you need to avoid to make the room feel more spacious

things to avoid when decorating a small room

1. Corner of the room is not used

things to avoid when decorating a small room

Sometimes we forget the corners of the room when decorating a small room. Even though you can maximize the corner to put things.

You can just install hangers for towel hooks, corner shelves that can be used to put things, or a special place to store your doll collection.

2. Don’t Use Multifunctional Furniture

things to avoid when decorating a small room

You definitely need to fit quite a lot of stuff in a small space. Meanwhile, if each item is placed in a box, it will fill the room.

It is better for you to use multi-functional furniture. It’s usually more expensive and harder to find, but this investment can allow you to store more stuff without looking cramped.

You can use a bed with a cupboard under it, or a table under which there is also a place to store things, or a table that can be folded so that the room area can be maximized.  

It’s nice, right, when your stuff looks small but can actually store a lot of stuff?

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3. Fear of Using Flashy Colors or Patterns

things to avoid when decorating a small room

The plain white color will indeed help make the room feel lighter and wider. But that doesn’t mean using colors or patterns will narrow your room.

Wall decorations, colors, and motifs when used properly can make a room feel more attractive so you forget that your room is actually small.

Take advantage of your creativity, install wallpaper, use the pattern you like and don’t forget to match the pattern of your wallpaper with the rest of your room decor.

A striking wallpaper or color will focus your mind on that focal point so you won’t focus on a narrow room size.

4. Use Heavy and Long Curtains

things to avoid when decorating a small room

Curtains with heavy materials and length to the floor will make your room feel full and crowded.

Choose a light but loved curtain material as high as possible (the closer to the ceiling the better) because it will give the illusion of a tall room.

However, do not install the curtains until they touch the floor. It is enough to reach the lower limit of the window frame so that the room still feels light.

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5. Unused Walls

things to avoid when decorating a small room

You can use walls not only to install paintings. You have to be creative to have a place to store things.

Take advantage of the wall by trying to make a shelf that sticks directly to the wall from floor to ceiling, or take advantage of the place above the window frame to maximize the function in your room.

6. Wrong Furniture Size Priority

things to avoid when decorating a small room

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean everything has to be small, what matters is a priority.

Choose a key tool that has a size that suits your needs. But don’t use things that are too big for things that are less important.

For example, if you always put small items on the side of your bed, don’t put a normal size night stand, but you can just use a small table.

Meanwhile, you can use a rather spacious mattress if you really need a spacious mattress.

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7. Sticking All Items to the Wall

things to avoid when decorating a small room

Indeed, if the room is narrow, the reason is that all items are attached to the wall to make it seem wide.

But actually that’s wrong, you can pull the furniture a few inches away from the wall. This is a visual decorating trick to make a narrow room feel wider.

Those are the things you should avoid when decorating a narrow room. It turns out that it’s not difficult to make a narrow room seem spacious, right? Where’s the mistake you’ve made?


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