9 Creative Shared Bedroom Designs for Two Kits-Children

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bedroom designs for kids-children

bedroom designs for kids-children – Do you have twins or those born close together? Instead of separating them in different rooms, why not design a shared bedroom that both of them can share.

Besides they can be closer emotionally, you can also save land at home. Here we present nine bedroom designs along with a creative and attractive look for your two children.

bedroom designs for kids-children

Age difference, no problem

bedroom designs for kids-children

Creating a shared room for two children of different ages may be a little confusing for you. Especially if one child is still a toddler or a baby who really needs the attention of his parents.

But take it easy!

Get around the room by placing the beds of the brother and sister in opposite positions. If the baby cries at night, it will not disturb the big brother’s sleep too much. Even you who enter the room will not wake him up.

Make it a Playground

bedroom designs for kids-children

Make the shared bedroom multifunctional by bringing the brother and sister’s playground into it. If you want the room to be more secure don’t forget to put a soft carpet on the floor.

Don’t forget to also put a shelf, cabinet, or cupboard to store your child’s toys and books collection. Make the design so that it is easily accessible to them. You can also see our other articles : beautiful house images.

woman and man

bedroom designs for kids-children

Choosing a basic color that is gender neutral is the main key in designing a shared bedroom for girls and boys. Not only for walls but also furniture and other decorations such as carpets and wall displays.

Some of the color choices that you can put in the room are white and gray, light blue mixed with white, or a mix of some very fun primary colors.

Separate Place

bedroom designs for kids-children

Although the entire interior of the room has the same design and appearance, give them a different accent so that they feel they have their own space. An example is to use different colored sheets on each child’s bed like the example above.

Also give them a separate shelf to place personal items. Girls will definitely like girly dolls while boys will prefer super hero dolls. This will certainly make them continue to feel comfortable and harmonious until they are given separate rooms. You can also see our other articles : dark bedroom aesthetic.

Girls Room

bedroom designs for kids-children

If the bedroom with your child has a narrow space, then the bunk bed design is very appropriate to apply. This bunk bed will feel very pleasant for your two children.

Well, for two girls, you can apply a very girly pink color to their room. Pair it with neutral and soft colors like white to give a non-boring impression.

Feminine Furniture

bedroom designs for kids-children

If the room you have is large enough, you can give the kids some freedom by placing twin beds. This will certainly build the baby’s personality to be more independent and responsible for their respective beds.

Now, as a room attraction, add one or two pieces of furniture that are feminine in shape and color. For example, in this room is a vintage-style single sofa with a shocking pink color. You can also see our other articles : small house plans with pictures.

Sweet Minimalist

bedroom designs for kids-children

How to get around a small bedroom for two to keep it looking attractive and comfortable? One way is to use bright and cheerful colors. An example is the color blue. Use this color to paint the walls of the room and then match it with another neutral color on the furniture.

This shared bedroom with a very creative look is also equipped with a very cute green rubber floor. Not only as a place to rest, they can also freely play and learn comfortably in it.

White, Neat & Clean

bedroom designs for kids-children

Not only pink, white can give a very attractive simple impression in the bedroom with your daughter. Even a small room can feel more spacious and spacious with the dominant use of this color.

In order not to seem monotonous, give decorative accents that have interesting patterns, motifs, and colors. One of them is a butterfly wall decoration that you can make yourself. You can also see our other articles : different room aesthetics.

Three at a Time

bedroom designs for kids-children

You can use a bedroom that has a large room area for three children’s bedrooms at once! The design example in the image above can be used as a reference so that it is not boring.

How, have you found the right reference for the bedroom with your children? I hope this article is useful.


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