This Is The Secret Of The Living Room That Not Many Know

You would agree that the living room is one of the most important rooms?


Through this room, the impression of your home can be displayed.

Although very important…

There are still many people who are confused about how to decorate the right living room . You too?

If that’s the problem… has the solution!

It turns out that there are some secrets from the living room, you know.

Shhh … not many people know about this secret.

What is the secret that we will discuss?

Eits … certainly not fun if explained from the start.

Anyway, by reading this article to the end, you will:

  • Know the biggest secret of the living room
  • Decorating the living room properly
  • Have a comfortable living room for family and others.

Hmm … interesting isn’t it?

Immediately, this is our discussion of the secret of the living room.



You may be confused when reading the subtitle.

It seems strange, but the age level also affects the decoration of the living room.

Consciously or not…

There are different styles from every decade.

Just try to pay attention to your taste from the other side.

Surely you will realize that everything is different. How about the living room?

Here’s how…

Generally at the age of 20 years, the budget becomes the main thing in considering the decoration of the living room.

Furthermore, practical demands become the biggest consideration for someone who is 30 years old in decorating a living room.

To be clear, the following is a discussion of home decoration by age:

Living Room Decoration for 20 Years Old

20 years old and own your own house ? Maybe quite young, huh?

Generally… at this age, income is still relatively limited.

This is what makes many considerations in decorating a living room.

No need to worry…

You can decorate the living room by paying attention to these two things:

Choose a Good Sofa

Choose a Good Sofa

First of all, we need to understand that…

Good here in terms of quality, not form.

At a young age, of course, you still have lots of friends to have fun with.

They also certainly do not hesitate to come to your house.

Naaah … that’s why a good quality sofa is needed.

Choose a sofa that can accommodate and hold many people.

The most important thing is to choose a comfortable sofa. See other articles: double floor normal house front elevation designs.

Use Unique Wall Art at Affordable Prices

Use Unique Wall Art at Affordable Prices

One way to express youth is to use wall art.


The living room in your house will look very attractive.

Expensive? No need to worry. Now there are many who sell wall art making services at affordable prices.

30 years old? Come on, adjust to the wishes of the family!

At the age of about 30 years, of course, many are married and have children.

This condition makes someone around the age of 30 more concerned with practical and efficient designs and decorations.

Generally, decorating a living room at the age of 30 will emphasize these two things:

Choose a Simple Table

Choose a Simple Table

As discussed earlier, it is not impossible that a living room is also used as a family room.

If it’s like this…

Of course, the living room will also function as a gathering area with family while at home.

If the situation is like that, you should keep a simple table with a practical design in the middle of the room.

Even though the shape is simple, make sure the table can be filled with a variety of decorative items.

Also choose a shape that is not harmful to children. See other articles: light brown paint for living room.

Complete with Multifunctional Rack

Choose a Simple Table

Save a multifunctional shelf in the living room, why not?

You can store things easily and neatly.

If you have a display collection… this multifunctional shelf can also store all your collections neatly and beautifully.

Especially for storing collectibles… use a multifunctional shelf made of glass.

Wise Living Room Decorations for 40 Years Old

The older you are, the wiser you will be. So is the case with determining decorations for rooms in the house.

Are you confused?

Just use these two items:

Large Carpet

Large Carpet

Comfort is a major consideration when entering the age of 40 years.

Comfort can also be associated with something quite relaxing. How about the living room?

You can apply the following:

Replace the chairs and sofa in the living room using a large thick carpet.

As much as possible make sure the carpet is soft and made of wool.

With the use of this rug…

You can sit back and enjoy the days with your family or guests at home. See other articles: purple two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Lounge chairs

Large Carpet

Don’t like using the carpet and sitting on the floor?

You can use a lounge chair in the living room.

You don’t need everything. Just save one to two chairs to use when receiving guests.

Pretty fun isn’t it?

Hmmm … you must have just found out that age can affect the decoration of the living room at home?

What do you think?

Oh yeah, you really don’t have to follow.

Decorating the living room according to the age described above, of course you can adjust it again with the theme of the house.


What we will discuss next is VERY IMPORTANT for you to pay attention to.


These are mistakes that are often made when decorating the living room .

This is important because…

Without realizing it… These things are often done when decorating the living room.



As we know, the decoration of a room will have an effect.

Especially the decoration for the living room. Of course it should be able to make guests feel very comfortable.


Many of us do not know how to decorate the living room the right way.

So , to avoid it…

Here are some mistakes in decorating the living room:

Directly Paint the Room

Directly Paint the Room

One of the most practical choices that many people make is painting a room.


This one method is the last way to do it.

Why? Painting should be the last step taken.

So what is the main thing?

The answer is to choose furniture and furniture. See other articles: light grey paint colors for living room.

Choosing Furniture Just Because of Shape

You must often choose something because of its cute and unique shape.

If so, it means that you have missed an important point that must be considered when choosing furniture.

What’s that?

Not the shape, but you have to choose furniture that makes you comfortable.

In essence… the unique shape is a bonus, as long as the furniture is comfortable.

Oh yes, also consider the quality of the next few or decades.

If it has good quality, then you will of course be more efficient because you don’t need to replace it in the near future.

Storing Too Many Items

Storing Too Many Items

You must be aware that storing too many things will make the room cramped.

The biggest mistake that we usually make is storing too many things in one room, including the living room.

Usually this occurs due to excessive affection to throw something away.


The item has too many memories.

If you don’t have more space at home, immediately get rid of the habit of storing unused items.

It doesn’t have to be thrown away… you can keep it in the warehouse or donate it.

Not Adjusting to Room Size

Not Adjusting to Room Size

This one is a mistake that is often made by homeowners.

What’s that?

Yes, forget the scale or size of the furniture.

Often homeowners, maybe including you, buy large-sized furniture even though the living room is not too wide.

This of course will make the living room narrow and uncomfortable.


It should be noted that do not choose furniture or furniture that is too small.

Especially if it is stored in the middle of the room. For example this:

You use a very small rug and it is kept in the middle of the living room. So…

The living room in your house will look disproportionate and not beautiful.

Always Sticking Furniture to the Wall

Always Sticking Furniture to the Wall

Why? Wouldn’t sticking furniture to the wall make the room look more spacious?

Unfortunately that’s not always the case.


It turns out that furniture affixed to the wall will give the impression like:

There is a magnet that attracts all the furniture, so that it sticks to the wall. See other articles: modern two colour combination for living room.

Facing the Television

Facing the Television

You keep the television in the living room?

Try to immediately pay attention to the furniture in the living room of your house!

Are they all facing the television?

Actually, only a few pieces of furniture must face the television, such as chairs or sofas.

How about it,  urbanites?

It turns out that there are many things that we must pay attention to when decorating a living room, yes.

Hopefully, with this discussion, the living room in your house will become more unique and also comfortable for anyone.

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