Small Apartment Design Ideas (40 Photos)

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small apartment design ideas

Small apartment design ideas – It is always more difficult to plan the interior of a small apartment. You need to take care of both beauty and functionality. And at the same time, take into account the wishes of all family members, provide a place for work, creativity and hobbies, do not forget about potential guests. Do you have questions about redevelopment and choice of style? Don’t know what to grab onto first? We will help you figure it out!

Choosing an interior style

In small apartments, laconic modern styles look better. They are not as bulky and have fewer details and decor than traditional classics. Simplicity and functionality are the trends of recent years. And this is especially valuable for small apartments.

Small apartment in the style of minimalis

The simplest solution is minimalism. Its main features are light shades, bright accents, simple shapes, clear geometry., An abundance of light, a minimum of things.

Even the smallest apartment seems spacious. All items are as functional as possible. There is nothing superfluous! The minimalistic interior is a great excuse to finally dismantle the old bins with trash.

small apartment design ideas

Small apartment in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is also based on minimalism and brevity. The difference is that it gravitates towards natural materials and textures, textiles, an abundance of wood and hand-made.

When ordinary minimalism is colder and more restrained, Scandinavian is more homely cozy. But at the same time, it is still very simple.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

Small apartment in loft style

A classic loft requires space. But its elements can be used profitably in a small apartment.

The free open plan allows you to experiment with zoning. Rough Finish – Don’t waste precious centimeters leveling and sanding surfaces.

You don’t have to think about how to hide pipes and radiators in a small apartment. And the furniture is simple and functional at the same time.

small apartment design ideas

Small high-tech apartment

If you want something more modern and creative, pay attention to hi-tech. This is a white and gray scale, an abundance of light, chrome details, gloss and glass.

Reflective surfaces always create the illusion of space. Lightweight plastic and metal structures are often more compact than massive wooden cabinets and shelving.

And also ultra-modern technology fits perfectly into high-tech, which is often knocked out of classic and romantic interiors.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

ReadProvence style apartment

Small apartment in classic style

Full classics with various elements of antiquity, baroque, rococo and national styles will not fit into a small apartment. But this does not mean that you cannot borrow its elements.

Classic interiors are a thoughtful composition with central elements and symmetrical arrangement. Simple straight lines and clear geometry are highly functional.

The decoration is dominated by natural materials. The feeling of luxury is conveyed by exotic types of wood, natural stone, expensive textiles.

small apartment design ideas

Layout and zoning

It is better to approach the arrangement of a small apartment in a comprehensive manner. If you plan all the rooms at once, it is much easier to think over the location of furniture, appliances and other details.

Initially, decide on the layout: is it possible to demolish or rearrange the partitions, move the kitchen or bathroom, combine the balcony with the room. And only after that start working with each room separately.

Hallway design in a small apartment

In a small hallway, take care of light and mirrored surfaces first. This will make it more comfortable and convenient. Avoid open hooks, sharp parts or other items that could injure you.

If possible, take out the closet in the hallway. For example, a compartment with a wall-to-wall mirrored door. Of course, it will take up space, but you will not have to attach it to the living room.

small apartment design ideas
small apartment design ideas

Bathroom design in a small apartment

If the bathroom is very small, consider installing a shower instead of a bath. Modern models are very multitasking and interesting.

Try to fit a washing machine into the bathroom. To save space, there are now models that are immediately combined with the sink.

If there is room left, set up a small, narrow pencil case for cosmetic and household supplies.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

Kitchen design in a small apartment

When setting up a small kitchen, build everything you can into the headset. Look out for the small, separate refrigerators and freezers.

Think in advance if you need a dishwasher, oven, microwave. If you live alone, the stove can be replaced with a small two-burner hob.

small apartment design ideas

It is easy to convert a window sill for a dining table, or use folding and folding structures. And don’t forget about the extractor hood! In a small apartment, good ventilation and extractor hood are especially important.

small apartment design ideas

Bedroom design in a small apartment

If the bedroom is very small, unload it as much as possible. Don’t skimp on the bed! Let it take up more space, but it will be comfortable. A good sleep is the key to health and good mood.

But choose models with built-in drawers instead of legs. Then you can safely abandon the chests of drawers and do only with bedside tables.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

Design of a nursery in a small apartment

In a children’s room, three main areas are needed: sleeping, working and playing.

To save usable space, pay attention to transforming furniture. There are interesting combined systems in which a bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves or even a sports corner are combined into one module.

Then the remaining space can be safely used for games, creativity and active leisure.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

Materials and finishes

To decorate a small apartment, it is best to take materials that are in harmony with each other. This gives the space a kind of unity. Due to the excessive eclecticism, small rooms look too heavy and overloaded.


Focus on functionality. If you want to save money, the easiest way is to put the same type of coverage throughout the apartment. For example, laminate flooring.

Laminate and linoleum are two of the safest options. The main thing is to choose the right class of wear resistance. And consider the humidity of the kitchen.

But it is better to put tiles in the bathroom. An interesting decorative technique is the use of the same tiles on the floor and on part of the walls. So the bathroom looks bigger.

small apartment design ideas


It is important to save space in a small apartment. Therefore, complex plasterboard structures and volumetric panels are often not an option.

But the usual painting will do the job. Moreover, it is simple, practical and budgetary. And it also allows you to experiment with shades as much as possible and easily repaint the surface if you get bored.

small apartment design ideas

For an accent wall, you can use wallpaper or even wallpaper.

To decorate your kitchen work area, experiment with different sized tiles. You can even lay out fancy small mosaics. It is not very expensive for a small area, but it will be an independent decorative element.

small apartment design ideas


To save space, avoid too bulky structures. But this is not a reason to abandon stretch and plasterboard ceilings. In the simplest version, they “eat up” a little height, but communications and lamps are hidden in them.

If the ceiling in the apartment is even, just paint it with paint. For example, matching the walls is another standard technique for visually expanding the space.

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

Color palette for a small apartment

It is believed that in small rooms it is imperative to use white. So they are lighter, lighter and more airy. This is true, but not a single white color, otherwise, instead of a small cozy apartment, you can get a sterile hospital ward.

Bright hues

Light shades in all their variety are suitable for the design of a small apartment. Instead of snow-white, pay attention to cream tones, ivory, light gray.

Want more colors? Then the whole pastel palette is for you. Or the aged bleached colors that fit so gracefully into Provence or Scandinavian style.

small apartment design ideas

Dark tones

An overabundance of dark colors will make a small apartment even smaller and heavier visually. Stylish black interiors need square meters.

But no one canceled the contrasting elements. Dark furniture, decor, textiles look fresh and creative if not overused.

small apartment design ideas

Dark vertical stripes against a light background visually raise the ceiling. One wall with geometric patterns expands the room.

A sofa with a dark frame and light upholstery is a timeless classic. And the black technique has always been at the peak of popularity.

small apartment design ideas

Bright accents

Small apartment designs are often built around accents. Bright colorful splashes against a neutral background immediately add mood, atmosphere and personality to the room.

Orange fronts in the kitchen awaken the appetite. Blue textiles in the bedroom contribute to relaxation. Green flowerpots in the living room invigorate. And yellow tiles in the bathroom make it lighter and brighter.

small apartment design ideas

Arrangement of furniture

The choice of furniture for a small apartment is a separate task. We offer several basic options:

  • If there is an opportunity to equip a small pantry – use it. With a competent internal filling, it will be possible to hide equipment, clothes, dishes, equipment, linen and other things that usually take up several overall cabinets. Unlike a closet, the pantry does not have to fit into the interior;
  • Pay attention to the built-in modular designs. The modern trend is multifunctional storage systems built directly into the interior partitions. Their installation is more expensive and more difficult, but it saves a lot of space;
small apartment design ideas

  • Place furniture along the walls. This is convenient if you need a lot of free space. For example, for playing sports or active games with children;
  • Use the island layout. This is a good option for a kitchen or living room. Each zone has its own purpose.
small apartment design ideas

Correct lighting

The right light is the key to comfort in a small apartment. For the sake of saving space, give up overall chandeliers and volumetric decorative floor lamps or table lamps.

Use spotlights on the ceiling. It visually expands the room. And on the lower level – lighting of niches, cabinets and mirrors.

small apartment design ideas

Choose small, compact shades that fit as closely as possible to the surface.

Another trick is swivel lights. These sconces can be turned to the ceiling for comfortable diffused light or lowered to the table to illuminate the workplace.

small apartment design ideas

Small apartment – photos of real interiors

In fact, there are a lot of design ideas for a small apartment. We recommend that you consider as many options as possible in order to choose the perfect one for yourself. And for this, see our selection of photos and get inspired!

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas

small apartment design ideas
small apartment design ideas

Hopefully the article small apartment design ideas is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream apartment!

small apartment design ideas


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