Russian Interior Design Style Pictures

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russian interior design style – Russian is an ambiguous concept when it comes to a person or an interior. But in both cases, one can confidently speak about the originality and special Russian spirit.

Russian Interior Design Style Pictures

The concept of Russian style in the interior

It is customary to distinguish three areas of the Russian style in the interior:

  • Village hut
  • Smart tower
  • A la rus.
russian interior design style

The first two directions are appropriate in the interior of a country house. Such an interior certainly includes a Russian stove, benches and chests, wooden floors, ceilings and walls. Therefore, we wrote a separate article about this.

russian interior design style

But the style “a la rus” is suitable for an apartment. The name itself suggests that a beautiful legend is being created in the interior without observing historical accuracy. Our story will go about this direction.

Features of the interior “a la rus”

The basis of this style is the memory of the past. It is reflected in patterns on wallpaper, textiles and furniture. Lace tablecloths and napkins on the tables, old photographs and little things lovingly kept by the owners are appropriate here.

Wall decoration

russian interior design style

The walls are decorated with wood imitation with the help of decorative boards and painting is often added that passes to the ceiling. 

Floor decoration

The main finishing material is still wood: pine, birch, alder, oak. 


russian interior design style

There are no problems with accessories. On the walls you can hang black and white photographs of grandparents or a painting by a Russian artist. Don’t forget the brass candlesticks and fringed floor lamps.

russian interior design style

Here is such a chest as if created for an interior in the style of “a la rus”. After all, before Peter I, they did not use wardrobes in Russia, things were kept in chests. But since you cannot do without a closet in an apartment, you should give preference to massive and carved options, as in the photo above. Read also: minimalist kitchen designs.

russian interior design style

A colorful table decoration is a samovar and a collection of nesting dolls, especially if it has been kept in the family for a long time.

russian interior design style

The style “a la rus” is one of the few in which the icons fit harmoniously. And this is another nod to history, because before the revolution, no house could do without them.

Living room in the style of “a la rus”

russian interior design style

The heart of a Russian-style apartment is a living room and a dining room, which are often combined. And it is no coincidence that the family gathers here. According to the old tradition – over tea. Therefore, the table and the soft light of the chandelier play an important role.

The room adjusts for relaxation and tranquility, so a comfortable armchair or sofa asks here. Natural motives are also repeated in the upholstery of furniture and cushions.

russian interior design style

Let’s not forget about the grand piano – an indispensable element of the living room in noble pre-revolutionary houses. 

Bedroom in the style “a la rus”

russian interior design style

The bedroom is a place to relax, so it is usually in bright colors. Pyramids of pillows on the bed and a carpet on the wall are appropriate here. A side door leads into a ladies’ boudoir or a small office with an antique bureau.

russian interior design style

Add bedspreads with national patterns and even an ordinary bedroom will take on a “a la rus” shade. The interior will turn out to be very intimate and homely.

Bathroom in the style of “a la rus”

A copper bathtub, an old washbasin and an abundance of wood will allow you to briefly travel to another era.

But even in a modern bath, the Russian style is created with the help of natural and ethnic patterns. 

A la rus style kitchen

russian interior design style

The interior in the style “a la rus” is created by the details. Carvings on furniture, properly selected textiles and little things like painted plates or wrought-iron lamps give the right atmosphere in the kitchen.

A detail that creates a mood can be a tile with floral ornaments.

Russian style in the interior of the apartment

russian interior design style

It is an eco-friendly and welcoming style with meticulous attention to detail.

Details that create the style “a la rus”:

  • floral and national ornament on textiles and walls;
  • a large amount of wood in the design of the floor, walls and ceiling;
  • mostly carved wooden furniture;
  • chests;
  • embroidery and lace;
  • icons;
  • memorable, antiques.

When creating an interior in the Russian style, it is very important to carefully work out the details and not turn the apartment into a painted box. Designers who love this style will definitely create a noble and restrained interior in the style of “a la rus”. Read also: minimalist house design.

Hopefully the article russian interior design style is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

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