Incredible Of Two Tone Living Room Walls Ideas

151 View – The color of house paint is one of the important aspects in conceptualizing the beauty of the house, especially in the living room, the first room that guests see. The following is a reference for living room paint colors that can be cool and feel spacious. It is especially with two tone living room walls.

Example of Two Tone Living Room Walls

two tone living room walls pictures

The color of the paint really must be considered so that the concept of the house can be realized neatly so that it can reflect your character as the owner of the house. A more lively impression of the room can also be created by the paint colors used.

A room can look more assertive, wide, affect the mood of the occupants, to cool the house. Well, here are some paint color inspirations in the living room just for you. Please take a look below for two-tone living room walls ideas.

Salted Egg Blue and White Color

two tone living room walls pictures

The color combination of 2 paint colors for this living room is so soothing. The salted egg blue walls combined with white trim for the interior give a soft and calming impression.

Navy Blue and Gold Brown

two tone living room walls pictures

You can create a classy and elegant impression by presenting navy blue and gold brown colors on living room furniture such as table or chair accents. The house will also look more modern minimalist. With these two-tone living room walls, your living room will be good.

Pastel Yellow and Cayenne Red

two tone living room walls pictures

Combine soft pastel yellows with cayenne red to make your home look warm and full of energy.

Combination of 2 Turquoise Colors

two tone living room walls pictures

Apply these two-tone living room walls for an open concept living room. For example, light blue and pastel green. These two colors are suitable for residents who want to be more exploratory in decorating the living room. Like, adding various wall decorations and installing patterned curtains.

Sweet Pastel Colors of Pink and Navy Blue

two tone living room walls pictures

The next good living room paint color when combined is pink and navy blue. These two colors can sweeten the look of the living room. To balance the color combination, you can use textured gray house curtains to mediate between these two colors.

Play with Patterns with Gray Drops

two tone living room walls pictures

Want a back-to-the-basics concept? The combination two tone living room walls of this gray color can be an interesting 2-color living room paint color. Painted with a unique application technique such as forming a pattern of vertical or horizontal stripes. The horizontal line pattern will make the living room seem wider.

Pastel Red and White Colors

two tone living room walls pictures

If you want to produce 2 color living room walls with a soft impression, you can combine pastel red and white.

Black and Milky White Color

two tone living room walls pictures

Who here is crazy about monochrome? black and white milk does have high contrast. However, both have low levels of sharpness and brightness. The combination of these two-tone living room walls is often used to create a simple elegant impression in your living room design.

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Green and Gray Colors

two tone living room walls pictures

To produce a simple 2-color living room paint color combination, you can also choose a combination of green, and gray. The combination of these two colors can be considered very soft and soothing to the eyes. Of course, this will be very appropriate to apply if you want guests to feel more comfortable staying in the house for a long time.

There are two-tone living room walls ideas that you can try for your house. Hope this can be your inspiration.


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