Coffee Table Decoration Ideas With These 7 Things

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coffee table decoration ideas

coffee table decoration ideas – Coffee table is one piece of furniture that can be chosen to complement the living room. Its presence is often used as a focal point to make the room look more attractive. So, don’t leave the table empty without decorations.

In this review, Gmboel will discuss what objects are suitable to be placed on this small table. The addition of elements that are not excessive is guaranteed to make the center table of the living room look stunning.

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coffee table decoration ideas


coffee table decoration ideas

Candles are one of the objects that are suitable for use in various settings and decorations. You can place candles on the coffee table in various forms, for example placing them in containers with different heights. You can also combine various types and shapes of candles in one table.

For neater storage, place decorative candles in a wooden or aluminum tray. The appearance that will be obtained, warm and elegant.

Fresh Flowers

coffee table decoration ideas

It’s quite rare to find people who don’t like decorations from fresh flowers, especially women. You can make a thick flower with a feminine feel to decorate your coffee table at home. Before placing it, don’t forget to put the flowers you want into a beautiful vase! In addition to looking attractive, the room will smell good and look fresh. See other articles: small coffee shop design.

Little Statue

coffee table decoration ideas

You can place a statue in the form of a statue in every corner of the house, including on the coffee table. Choose the size of the statue that is not too big so as not to interfere with the beauty of the table. You can combine this small statue with other decorative elements such as cacti, flowers, or others.


coffee table decoration ideas

Not only filled with flowers or plants, you can also display a vase as it is. There are quite a few choices of decorative vases that look attractive. For example, eye-catching colors or have a unique shape and surface. See other articles: bedroom ideas with study table.

Glass Ornament

coffee table decoration ideas

Decorate the coffee table at home with glass ornaments for a clean and open look. Take advantage of transparent glass ornaments to highlight the table. Although not much, the decorations in the form of lights, candy containers, and others are enough to enliven the area.

Stack of books

coffee table decoration ideas

Storing books or magazines on a small table in the middle of this room is commonplace. Instead of just piling it up, it’s better to arrange them neatly according to their size. After that, give a decorative accent at the very top of the pile. Very easy isn’t it? See other articles: modern bookshelf ideas.

Eclectic Feel

coffee table decoration ideas

Hmmm… still confused about what decorations you want for your coffee table? Just combine everything you want and create a charming eclectic decor. For example, you can choose small vases, candles with tiny containers, then place them side by side with books and others.

How? Hopefully the decoration ideas that we have presented above can be useful for you all.


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