8 Tips for Decorating a Different Bedroom Theme

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different bedroom themes

different bedroom themes – Do some of these simple life hacks to make your bedroom look different!

Not only does it have to be comfortable, you definitely want a bedroom that describes your personality.

Therefore, surely the decorations you want in your room are those that can express your true self.

Because the form of a person’s expression usually changes, it never hurts for you to change your room decor every time you feel bored.

But, redecorating the room is complicated, right?

Eits, who said?

Change Your Bedroom Theme So Different, With This Life Hack

Well, Gmboel wants to give tips on some easy things you can do for your bedroom theme to make it look different.

Relax, besides being simple, these various things don’t take your time and energy to do it, it’s not complicated. Let’s see!

1. Install the Wall Sticker

different bedroom themes

Unlike installing wallpaper, installing a wall sticker or wall sticker does not require a big effort.

The price of wall stickers is also much cheaper and there are more choices of motifs that you can apply to decorate your room.

Don’t forget before installing the wall sticker, you should first clean the surface of the walls of your room.

2. Installing the Chandelier on the Wall

different bedroom themes

Installing a chandelier or tumblr lamp on the wall of the room is an easy way for you to change the decor of the room to make it look different.

In addition to being a decoration, you can use a chandelier as a night light so that you sleep more soundly.

You can set yourself where the lights will hang, according to your own wishes.

You can also set the color of the lights yourself according to the theme of your room so that it still looks matching. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

3. Turn Unused Sweaters Into Pillowcases

different bedroom themes

Just by changing the pillowcase in the room, you can make your room look very different.

Don’t believe it? Try combining different colors on the pillowcase with your bed sheet.

Try a contrasting but still matching color, such as red with white or vice versa.

A different want? Try this life hack: you can use a knit sweater that is already tight to make a different pillowcase.

4. Turn Tree Twigs So Ornamental Hangers

different bedroom themes

Have you ever cleaned the yard or was walking, and then you found a fallen tree branch?

Well, you can make a variety of tree branches for your new room decoration. Besides being easy to make, it’s free too.

You can make key chains or jewelry in a rustic style in your room using twigs like this. See other articles: bedroom ideas aesthetic.

5. Make a Mattress Canopy from Twigs/Small Tree Trunks

different bedroom themes

If you find a slightly larger branch, or a small tree trunk, another decorative life hack you can make is a canopy.

Not a big canopy in front of the house, you can install this small canopy on the mattress for different decorations.

How to install it, just tie 4 for twigs or tree trunks that are long enough between the legs of the mattress in a standing position.

The position also does not have to be upright, adjust to the shape of the twig and your own wishes.

In addition, you can combine it with a chandelier to get Tumblr-style decorations, as well as a cute sleeping lamp.

6. Turn Drink Cans into Cactus Pots

different bedroom themes

There is nothing wrong with making plants as room decorations.

In addition to making the room look fresher, this decoration is also very easy for you to do. If you are too lazy to take care of plants, you can choose ornamental cactus plants that are very easy to care for.

You just need to provide a small pot and a little soil, you can also plant ornamental cacti and store them in various areas of the room you want.

If you want to look different, you can replace the pot with a used drink can. just cut off a little of the top.

If you don’t want to bother, all you have to do is leave the cans displayed with the drink brand in order to get the impression of pop culture-style decorations. See other articles: how to soundproof your room.

7. Make Decorations from Used Bottles with Grains

different bedroom themes

The various types of grains that you usually find in supermarkets can not only be used as ingredients for cooking or eaten, but you can also use them as interesting decorations.

You can simply use a transparent glass bottle used for drinks such as juice or milk.

Then, choose a variety of seeds with different colors such as green bean seeds, brown rice, white rice, sunflower seeds, soybean seeds and others.

Enter one by one and form a pattern until the bottle is full to make it look attractive. You can store this bottle next to your window or nightlight.

8. Polaroid Photos for Room Decoration

different bedroom themes

If you have a photo of a moment with friends on a smartphone camera, try printing it like a polaroid camera photo. All the photos you can make are part of the room decoration.

You can hang it with ropes and clothespins on the walls of the room, if you don’t want to damage the walls and photos with glue or tape. See other articles: shelf decoration ideas.

Those are some easy things you can do to change the look of your bedroom to be different.

Which one do you want to try first?


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