Best Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas Pictures

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rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Best Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas – Ideas for a rustic bedroom are characterized by a certain unassuming comfort. A simple and modest approach that makes the interior and furniture both comfortable and affordable. Their slightly shabby appearance gives the room the very lived-in look in which one wants to settle.

Create a custom design for your break room using our rustic bedroom ideas. Try to reproduce an atmosphere that intertwines your personal taste and style with a rustic flavor. The result is a comfortable space that is both simple and habitable.

Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas Pictures

1. Ideas From Reclaimed Wood

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Reclaimed wood is one of the most common rustic styles. The material is previously used as wood or lumber, usually taken from the frame or floor of an old house or barn. Craftsmen often take rough, aged pieces and turn them into something beautiful.

Since reclaimed lumber is recyclable, the idea is a great way to have beautiful wood in your home while being kind to the environment. The method also prevents perfectly usable wood from ending up in landfills, limiting the need for deforestation.

There are several types of reclaimed wood, and the quality you choose depends on your purpose. Keep in mind that the boards will be uneven, contain random nails and fasteners, and have visual defects and saw marks. Also, pick wood that hasn’t been bugged and make sure it’s structurally intact.

2. Ideas For a Country Or Farmhouse Style Bedroom

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Give your bedroom a rustic touch with wicker baskets and wooden furniture. Stick to natural colors found in nature. They contribute to the proper DIY decoration from what people could find locally and tools used on the farm.

Simulate a rustic feel in your bedroom with fresh white linens and wicker baskets. Or use an antique water pitcher as a vase for native flowering plants. Think about how to refuse cans: they are already tired and overplayed. Instead, you can find vintage jugs, serving bowls, and other less whimsical china that can be used for fresh flowers and houseplants.

Ditch reclaimed wood furniture and opt for a metal bed frame instead. It should have a headboard and a footboard. The classic option is white, but if you want to give it a modern look, try repainting it in black or another color.

3. Ideas for a Modern Rustic Bedroom

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

When looking at modern rustic bedroom ideas, look out for the lack of aged or worn furniture. The modern approach includes simplistic and ordinary household items. Take country and farmhouse elements and give them a sophisticated look.

Use wood beams in the ceiling, provided they are smooth and well-finished, with sharp corners. They can even be painted and varnished for a slight sheen. The wooden furniture you choose must be of good quality (no recycled wood or aging must be used). Choose items with minimal detail and intricate carvings.

Stick to neutral colors. They blend with current interior design trends and help create the unassuming and slightly homey rustic feel you’re after.

4. Simple Rustic Bedroom Ideas

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Look for ways to repurpose pieces of furniture. You can take a stool from a farmhouse and turn it into a side table. Or take an old table for a sewing machine and convert it into a small dressing room. A long bench that once stood at the end of a long dining table can now stand at the foot of your bed.

When choosing rustic décor and furniture, don’t go overboard and try to choose well-worn or aged items. If all the items you choose are too old and worn, then you will end up with a bedroom that looks overly stylized and shabby. If you’re planning on getting a rustic style bed, then try to opt for a less rustic chest of drawers.

5. Boho Style Bedroom Ideas

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Give your rustic bedroom a touch of personality by adding a bohemian touch. Use your collection of items from your travels around the world as bedroom decorations. You can use rustic furniture because he and Boho involve the use of handmade items.

Instead of buying aged and bleached modern furniture, look for something a little more authentic. Items made from aged wood or roughly crafted are ideal.

Use decorative handmade items for a rustic atmosphere that can also be attributed to Boho. These can be wicker wall hangers, baskets, lampshades, or rugs. Don’t be afraid to use color: it’s the part of bohemian décor that can spice up your bedroom. Look for fabrics with bold patterns and bright colors. If you find vintage or antique fabrics, even better.

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6. Ideas For a Luxurious Bedroom

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Luxury is not the word you usually hear when talking about rustic bedroom decorating ideas. However, you can give your rustic interior a luxurious feel. The trick is to carefully combine rustic and elegant design elements in a way that looks natural and not too stylish.

Start with the room itself. Use raw wood beams and richly colored parquet flooring. If your bedroom has a fireplace, a stone accent wall is a perfect solution.

Next, move on to furniture. A huge stately bed with a sense of luxury is perfect. It can be made of wood or metal. Look for something with an intricate headboard design that will serve as the focal point of the room.

Finally, highlight the room with both natural and luxurious touches. Fur has the ability to be both rustic and luxurious, use it as a large rug. You can hang a chandelier with crystals to make it sparkle and reflect light.

7. Ideas With a Stone Or Brick Wall

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

A rustic bedroom doesn’t have to be made entirely of wood. Other natural materials also work well. Try using stone or brick for an accent wall or natural elements in a room. If you have a bunk bed, you can build it into the room and make stone steps leading up to the top. Or you can make stone steps leading from the bedroom to the bathroom.

If you choose to use brick, use a reclaimed grade. Such bricks have a more worn-out appearance. They are less uniform in shape and size with rounded corners and will work well with reclaimed wood accents.

8. Ideas For a Bedroom In a Cottage Or Log House

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

The perfect rustic bedroom starts with the structure of your home. A cottage or log home is the best option for your rustic room. If you don’t live in a log home or cottage, you can fake the style by building a reclaimed wood accent wall. Imitation can give your bedroom that rustic charm you’re looking for.

Another alternative is to install exposed beams on the ceiling. To give your bedroom an authentic log cabin feels, use round, rather than well-finished, square battens. Beams can be launched directly along with the ceiling or directed upwards in the form of a vault. To complete the look, plan your lighting in advance. You don’t need the beams to block the light. Flush-mounted fixtures will make them almost invisible.

Another smart choice to create a cottage feel is paneled walls. Choose a lighter wood for a light and not the too heavy bedroom. By using wood for floors, walls, and ceilings, you will completely give preference to style. You can use boards of different widths for each of them to visually divide the space. As a rule, wider boards go to the floor, a little thinner to the walls, and the narrowest to the ceiling.

9. Decor Ideas

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Breathe nature into your decor. Discard overly intricate creations and designs, as well as anything that can be called elegant. The simplest and most common decor in a rustic style is skulls, animal heads, or horns. If you are a hunter or live in an area where hunting is common, the taxidermy will make some sense for your outfit.

However, if you are not a hunter and do not live in a hunting area, such items may seem silly or out of place. That means it’s time to find an alternative way to bring nature into your rustic bedroom decor.

If you live in a coastal area, why not hang a piece of driftwood on your wall? It’s beautiful and rustic. You can then hang personal photos on it to create a wall photo gallery. Or, if the tree is large enough, decorate it with lanterns for extra lighting.

If you need space to showcase your bedroom decor, you can install floating shelves. Use boards with raw “live” edges that fit into the rustic style.

10. Ideas For Industrial Design

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

Not every rustic design needs to be country or farmhouse style. Rustic style can also mean simplicity and artlessness. It’s great for giving your bedroom an industrial, rustic feel.

Mix together materials such as wood, metals, concrete, and stone. A classic element of industrial design is the open ceiling. Take advantage of this element by using exposed wood beams, which are then blended with other structural elements such as electrical wiring and the HVAC system. Try painting everything black except for the wood for a nice contrast.

Keep the wood in the bedroom design but add more metal. It can be metal parts from pipes on lamps, floating shelves, or furniture. The bed may have metal inserts at the head. The shade of your lamp can be made of perforated metal.

Instead of opting for all-wood furniture, try picking out pieces that incorporate wood and metal. Such as a wooden tabletop with metal legs or a wooden chest of drawers with metal brackets and fittings.

11. Ideas With an Unfinished Interior

rustic bedroom design ideas pictures

One of the biggest risks when decorating a rustic bedroom is ending up with a room that is too stylized and looks too perfect. Typically, this happens when you imitate Instagram and magazine photos.

Instead of creating a perfectly designed rustic room, stick to the “less is more” philosophy. Place the mattress on the reclaimed wood platform. Hang an old barn door above your bed for a visual headboard. Leave walls unfinished with worn brick, rough stone, or reclaimed wood paneling.

Instead of installing large fixtures, keep them simple and uncomplicated. Try using one cable hanging down with one bulb at the end. If you need more light, try using several light fixtures wrapped around a piece of wood. The idea is to use a minimal approach with carefully chosen elements.


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