Best Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

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best minimalist living room design ideas

Best Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas – The concept of Minimalism draws into our minds one single simple style that we all consider the most correct, however, there are a number of other ways to reflect the minimalist lifestyle. You’ll find that there are many options for decorating your living room to turn it into a cozy nook for your family or a place to hang out with friends.

When designing a minimalist living room, think about the essence of your style. After all, your living room should reflect your true self! Let your friends know that you’ve done a really good job with the space at home, and not just got rid of the clutter and created a room you’re proud of.

There are various decorative objects in the world that, when placed in the right place, can create positive emotions in your minimalist living room. Eliminating clutter in a living space doesn’t mean you can’t make a room a statement. We will tell in our article how you can live in a minimalist style while maintaining the individuality of the living room.

1. Cozy minimalist living rooms in apartments

best minimalist living room design ideas

If you’ve ever read apartment listings on internet bulletin boards, you may have seen someone describe your potential apartment as “comfortable.” For those who are looking for an apartment for the first time, they can mean “cute” or “comfortable.” In reality, a cozy apartment is a small apartment in which you will feel like you are living in a closet.

best minimalist living room design ideas

A minimalist interior in a small living room opens up the space and helps combat the claustrophobic feeling you might have. The rule of the game is the sofa against the wall. Choosing a sectional or upholstered sofa to place against the longest wall in the living room will create a linear look that can be copied to the adjacent side of the room.

Placing a flat-screen TV on a rectangular stand will create a mirrored linear look and complete the openness of the room. You may be wondering: “What, then, is the living room different from the corridor?”. Well, while there’s not much you can do in a small living room, it doesn’t hurt to add a small coffee table with an accent element that will really make the room “cozy”.

2. Scandinavian minimalist living rooms

best minimalist living room design ideas

Scandinavian house design is the epitome of minimalist interior design these days. It reflects you guessed it, Scandinavian styles. Northern European style consists of simple and elegant designs with optimal functionality.

best minimalist living room design ideas

The design is in high demand with the use of dark colors and wood furniture contrasted with black, white, and bright accessories in your minimalist living room. The Scandinavian style emphasizes open and airy space while using natural light whenever possible. Wood furniture makes a minimalist space warm and inviting, while also infusing the room with a sense of nature through the use of natural light.

Contrast is considered a priority. Together with square or rectangular sofas and armchairs in the living room, you can use round lamps and a coffee table for geometric overtones. Colors can be neutral, catchy, light, or dark. Scandinavian design elements pair perfectly with modern styles such as boho and neutral decor, which are discussed below.

3. Living rooms in the style of boho-minimalism

best minimalist living room design ideas

Bohemian lifestyle. Perhaps this is the simplest living room in the style of minimalism. It has plenty of natural light and plenty of plants to complement the decor of the room. In such a living room, plants should be a priority.

best minimalist living room design ideas

When arranging furniture, it is not necessary to adhere to symmetry. The focus should be on enhancing natural light and providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Also, make sure the chairs or floor cushions form a circle, encouraging your guests to interact.

Now about the main attraction – plants. Along with furniture arrangement and bold carpet patterns, plants bring the living room together. They create interest in the room. If one plant is near the window, place another on the coffee table and another at the entrance to the living room. In this way, you will surprise guests from the doorway as soon as they enter the boho-style living room.

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4. Modern minimalist living rooms

best minimalist living room design ideas

Those of you who prefer the modern design in the living room, we haven’t forgotten about you. This arrangement may be pricey, but it is definitely worth the opportunity to showcase the luxury of your leather sofa or suede sectional chair.

The modern living room design composition includes furniture based on elegant and stylish geometric shapes and often has an open and spacious layout. Patterns are usually not the main design element of such a minimalist living room. However, you can use bold, dark, or light colors to weave your elegant living room together.

best minimalist living room design ideas

While a modern living room may feature sleek and rectangular coffee tables and a TV stand, there is no shortage of comfort. Place a chair in one corner, and let the sectional and seating area form a circle around the other sides of the room.

In order for a modern living room not to seem repulsive, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Provide free space between the sofa and the wall,
  • Place the chair at an angle so that it hides the corner of the room,
  • Use another sofa as a room divider if there is a dining area nearby.

The list of items will create more space and give your modern living room character.

5. Neutral minimalist living rooms

best minimalist living room design ideas

In order for your living room to acquire character, it is not necessary to decorate it with patterns and bright colors. A neutral, minimalist living room can bring a sense of brightness and airiness to the space. When decorating a living room in neutral tones, the contrast of different shades is of primary importance.

best minimalist living room design ideas

To use furniture in neutral tones (beige, tan, cinnamon, pine, etc.), you should take care of the wall paint color in advance, which will contrast with the shades of interior items. If the walls are cream, choose a beige sofa with textured upholstery and use a different contrasting shade in the color palette for the rug.

Accessories in the room should always match the color scheme. To do this, white or black floating shelves will provide additional storage space for books or plants that you would like to see in the room, but did not want to become the main attraction. If you’re trying to spruce up a sofa, try using pillows in different color hues in the same color palette as your sofa. Neutral tones allow for creativity to either highlight items in the living room or blend in with them as needed.

6. Decor for living rooms in the style of minimalism

best minimalist living room design ideas

Decorative elements are sure to draw attention to your minimalist living room. They are usually placed in the center of the room so that no one can lose sight of them. Carpets, tables, lamps, and asymmetrical statues are all options for the perfect statement piece for your room.

best minimalist living room design ideas

If you hang a large round pendant light in the center of your living room, it will grab all the attention and make your guests take a look at the surrounding furniture as well. Although the lamp can be spectacular, the furniture should be more compact and textured, emphasizing the interest of the pendant lamp.

Another way to make a statement is to decorate a minimalist living room with neutral-colored furniture by adding a single colorful painting or rug on the wall. Undoubtedly, the idea will grab the attention of your guests and you will definitely get a compliment or two!

best minimalist living room design ideas


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