Narrow field? Try 10 Minimalist Storey House Designs Equipped with a Cool and Aesthetic Rooftop

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10 Minimalist Storey House Designs Equipped with a Cool and Aesthetic Rooftop

Do you have land that is not too large or narrow? Don’t worry because there is thelatest minimalist house design solution for 2024 which is everyone’s dream. What’s the design like?

10 Minimalist Storey House Designs Equipped with a Cool and Aesthetic Rooftop

With land prices increasing and the availability of empty land increasingly limited, this minimalist multi-storey house design might be the best option for those of you who are planning to build a contemporary residence. Apart from not requiring a large area of ​​land, this house design looks simple and aesthetic.


In fact, this multi-storey house with a minimalist design is often referred to as a dream house . This house model is most popular with small families, generally young couples.


If you are looking for inspiration for your dream home, then this minimalist multi-storey house design could be your reference in planning your dream home with your partner. Come on, take a look!


1. Minimalist multi-storey house with unique balcony

minimalist multi-storey house with unique balcony

Balconies in multi-storey houses do not always have to be the same shape as the guardrail. Balcony designs with unique accents such as concrete, wood or carvings will make a simple house look cooler. There are also houses built with balconies that are deliberately designed to be open without barriers. Apart from that, a balcony can also be built on the side of the house, you know.


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2. Rectangular House Design

rectangular house design

Is your land not wide and spacious? Does not matter. Even though the land area is limited, you can still have enough space with this residential design. A multi-storey house with a minimalist and elongated design gives a unique impression when viewed from the side. This residential model is suitable for those of you who live alone, or just the two of you with your partner.


3. Minimalist design with unique shape

minimalist design with unique shape

If you are a person who has unique and creative tastes, then this design is suitable for you. A multi-storey house design with a minimalist impression doesn’t always have to look symmetrical. Sloping, angular roof designs or asymmetrical house shapes also give an unusual and attractive impression to the residence.


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4. House Design with Wide Glass Windows

house design with wide glass windows

A minimalist house with wide glass windows can provide good lighting and air circulation for the house. Apart from that, your home can also save on electricity bills. Are you interested in building a house with this minimalist design?


5. House Design with Rooftop

house design with rooftop

You can use the space on the roof of the house as a place to relax and unwind. Add some potted plants and vines, a table, and chairs to complete it. Imagine the pleasure of relaxing on the rooftop after a tiring day.


Apart from relaxing, it’s fun to have a party and eat together with your loved ones while enjoying the view from the top of the house.


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6. Scandinavian style multi-storey house

scandinavian style multi-storey house

This level house model is guaranteed to be very aesthetic. The concept of a minimalist Scandinavian style multi-storey house is very popular.


Carrying elegant simplicity, this simple design residence with a European concept is able to steal the attention of people passing by through the natural nuances it presents. Scandinavian design itself emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, then developed in the 1950s in five Nordic countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.


7. Minimalist multi-storey house with a dominant white color

minimalist multi-storey house with a dominant white color

The white color can definitely make the house brighter and brighter. The house looks clean and beautiful with this neutral color. So that it doesn’t seem boring, you can add wood, concrete and plant accents to make the house feel more alive.


8. Minimalist, industrial style multi-storey house

minimalist, industrial style multi-storey house

Buildings with this industrial concept are increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia. Not only in cafes and hangout places, the cozy and warm vibe displayed in industrial style buildings is a favorite of the millennial generation. A house with the design above definitely looks simple, modern and cool.


9. Flat Roof Cube House Design

flat roof cube house design

It looks comfortable and neat even though it is simple. The minimalist, cube-shaped multi-storey house design with a flat roof gives this impression. This design seems suitable for those of you who want to have a small house. So that the outside appearance of the house is not too simple, concrete accents, windows and house colors can be created according to taste. Guaranteed, your house will look cool!


10. Minimalist multi-storey house with a natural impression

minimalist multi-storey house with a natural impression

This design is no less beautiful than the others. To give a natural impression, natural stone and wood can be used combined together.


The house will look warm and comfortable. Especially when paired with a small yard covered with green grass. Wow, your home will definitely look beautiful and make you feel at home.


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These are several minimalist multi-storey house designs that can be an inspiration and reference for considering your dream home in the future. Each design has its own uniqueness plus an attractive appearance. So, of the designs above, which one is your favorite? 

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