7 Best Bedroom Colors For Couples

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best bedroom colors for couples

Best bedroom paint colors to create a romantic atmosphere – The romantic atmosphere in the room to be enjoyed with a partner is now easier to achieve, for example by applying the right bedroom paint color. Like what?

Who is a couple who doesn’t dream of a romantic atmosphere to always be felt in their room?

The conditions created are expected to increase passion as well as strengthen the closeness between the two.

It turns out, to bring this romantic atmosphere in the room, there is no need for a complicated process and expensive costs, you know!

Simply by applying the right bedroom paint color, this can be realized easily.

Curious how?

As a guide, you can imitate the application of several bedroom paint colors as below.

best bedroom colors for couples

Dark blue

best bedroom colors for couples

Blue is indeed synonymous with masculine colors, so it is often found in men’s rooms.

Well, now there’s nothing wrong if you apply blue as the main color for the room together with your partner.

The cold nuance presented by the color blue can make you and your partner more passionate, so that the romantic atmosphere becomes more pronounced.

The right color combination for this color is white.


best bedroom colors for couples

This color is starting to be popular because it gives the impression of being cheerful, but still soft.

Behind the soft and cheerful impression, it turns out that the color of Tosca is able to bring a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, it can even increase your passion with your partner.

No need to apply the color Tosca in every corner of the bedroom, just select a few parts, such as the walls or the bed.

Next, combine this turquoise color with white to create a softer impression.


best bedroom colors for couples

Most people might think of this color as a widow’s color, however, this color can give a calming impression.

There’s nothing wrong with designing the main bedroom at home using purple.

Don’t be afraid to sound tacky! With the right combination, the purple color will look very attractive.

Especially if you add some dim lights in every corner. Guaranteed, a romantic atmosphere will be created in your bedroom.


best bedroom colors for couples

This color is indeed classified as very bright, so it is quite rarely used as the dominant color in the bedroom.

Often this orange color is applied to a child’s bedroom which gives a cheerful impression.

This color that has a cheerful impression is perfect for those of you who want to bring a romantic feel, but still cheerful when with a partner.

One thing to consider when choosing an orange color is the lighting. Use two lighting, namely a bright and quite dim.


best bedroom colors for couples

This color is able to give a classic and simple impression to your bedroom.

Neutral colors are often the choice for most people. You also apply it in the room?

As a result, a classic romantic impression will be created if this color is applied.

When applying brown, you can combine it with other neutral color choices, such as black or white.

Not only that, it will be more interesting if you also combine it with wooden furniture.


best bedroom colors for couples

The pink bedroom paint color is usually preferred by women because this color is associated as a feminine color.

However, actually the use of pink for a bedroom with a partner is also not a problem, really.

The main key for optimal results is not to wear a pink color that is too flashy.

Just use a soft pink gradation so that the men also feel at home and comfortable living in it.

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best bedroom colors for couples

Who says black for bedroom paint colors can only give a gloomy and stuffy impression?

If the application is right, you usually get a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom using black.

Of course you have to be observant in playing the composition and the right percentage of black combined with adequate lighting.

Exactly like the picture above!

Hopefully the article best bedroom colors for couples is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home.

best bedroom colors for couples


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