17 Pictures of Walk In Closet Design Ideas

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walk in closet design ideas pictures

Walk-in closet design ideas – The walk-in closet is a modern solution for storing your favorite clothes and accessories. You don’t need to have many closets and store various fashion items separately. All is enough in one large wardrobe, the walk-in closet design can also beautify the room.

Cool again, you can get ready in this closet. So that when you get out of there, your appearance is immediately cool.

Because it’s not something that people often have, you might find it difficult to design a walk-in closet. This time we provide a lot of inspiration for you!

Walk-In Closet Designs Ideas Pictures

How do you make a neat walk in the closet? We have a collection of walk-in closet design ideas for you that you can customize as you wish!

1. Make shoes as accessories

walk in closet design ideas pictures

If you are a shoe lover and have a large collection of shoes, you can place a shoe rack in the middle of the walk-in closet.

Make your shoe collection a decoration and the main focus of your walk-in closet design.

2. Add a dressing table

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Instead of bothering to take clothes from the walk-in closet, then moving to dress up in your room, why not put a dressing table there? You can save time on dressing up and your closet will be more useful than just storing clothes. See other articlestwo-color combination for bedroom walls.

3. Find a windowed place

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Walk-in closets are generally narrow and are placed in the corner of the room so that it feels dark and narrow. Try making a walk-in closet in a windowed area for better lighting.

Natural light will make the room feel spacious and clothes free from mold and bacteria.

4. Build a walk-in closet at the back of the room

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Even though your room is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a walk-in closet. Just make a shelf and cabinet to be a divider for the corner of the room. Then build a walk-in closet and a dressing table there. No need to install the door, just let it be a bulkhead.

5. Nautical design

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Remember the nautical style home decor that Gmboel discussed? Yes, you can decorate the walk-in closet using this ‘holiday’ style.

Choose a beige woven rug, then paint the entire furniture white and install wood panels on the ceiling. Don’t forget to add a rattan basket for storage. See other articlesnautical-themed bedroom furniture.

6. Walk in the closet from glass

walk in closet design ideas pictures

You can also give the glass as a divider between the bed and the walk-in closet. Besides being easy to work with, the glass will make your closet look attractive, modern, and unique.

However, you must keep the closet tidy, because all your things will be visible from the outside.

7. Cedarwood

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Cedarwood or known as cedarwood in Indonesian is a wood that comes from Lebanon. This wood is slightly reddish in color so it is beautiful to look at. Another bonus: it eliminates unpleasant odors, such as musty clothes or shoe odors, and is termite repellent!

8. Traditional walk-in closet

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Want to have an old-fashioned atmosphere in your walk-in closet? choose furniture and cabinets that have classic and bulky models. Also, try to color everything with dark brown paint.

Since this room will look blurry and dark, add some light yellowish lights and windows. Don’t forget to install the window seat sofa under the window. See other articlesliving room decorating ideas with black leather furniture.

9. Create an island in the closet

walk in closet design ideas pictures

If you use the term retail store, an island is a kiosk that is just a cabinet table. Like shops in well-known department stores, islands can also be used in your walk-in closet.

You can install a cabinet island in the middle of the walk-in closet. In addition to filling the void of the room, the island serves for accessory storage. You can store, tie, watch, belt, or jewelry at the top of the island. Then use the glass as a cover to make it look like a shop window.

10. Put the sofa in the middle of the room

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Install a sofa or loveseats in the middle of your walk-in closet. Your friends can sit in the middle while you are picking out clothes. You can also lie down and enjoy solitude surrounded by your favorite things. Fun, right?

Try choosing a sofa with a different color from the other furniture colors in the room. This will give a nice touch of contrast.

11. Add chandeliers

walk in closet design ideas pictures

To give a touch of luxury to the walk-in closet, add a chandelier in the middle of the room. You can install it on the island or sofa.

Choose a chandelier model and the right size for the room so it doesn’t feel ‘heavy on top’.

If your closet is brightly colored, choose a chandelier with lots of crystal ornaments. If your closet is dark, choose a chandelier material that is also dark in color with a beautiful and unique pattern so that it stands out. See other articlesbedroom chandelier ideas.

12. All White

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Given that walk-in closets are usually dark and cramped, why not just choose white for all your equipment and accessories? The white color will make the room feel lighter and more spacious.

Choose white cabinets, drawers, shelves, sofas, and hangers. You can also add metallic accents to give it a different touch.

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Not only for women’s closets, but white is also suitable for men’s closets. Hang all your clothes there according to color or gradation to make them look more beautiful and neat.

13. Dark and gender-neutral

walk in closet design ideas pictures

If you choose a walk-in closet that looks professional and gender-neutral, please choose a dark color with a minimalist style.

Choose shelves and cabinets made of wood and dark brown. Choose white hardware, flooring, and accessories for a contrasting color. Paint the walls in dark gray and light gray. Add a light brown rug to give it a warm feel.

14. Scandinavian style

walk in closet design ideas pictures

You can include a simple but beautiful Scandinavian interior design. The result is a walk-in closet that looks neat, minimalist, but still beautiful.

Choose cabinets, shelves, and walls made of beige wood. Increase the area for hanging clothes and keep the drawers slim and uniform. Shelves can also be made neat and aligned for the entire room. See other articlesScandinavia house plans.

15. Give lots of mirrors

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Different from other walk-in closets that are always open, you can install mirrors on all cabinet doors and closet drawers.

Your closet will look spacious and neat because all the clothes are not visible. Besides that, you can look in the mirror easily!

16. Combining male and female closets

walk in closet design ideas pictures

If you have to share a walk-in closet with a partner or relative of the opposite sex, you have to make the closet look neat and separate.

You can make a walk-in closet in the corner of the room so that the right and left sides have the same length. Choose one side for women and one for men.

Want to keep it genderless? Choose white for the cabinet, then black for the accessories, such as a sofa placed in the middle of the room. Carpets with a combination of black and white can also beautify them.

17. Use unique colors and patterns

walk in closet design ideas pictures

Not interested in a walk-in closet that only has neutral color shades, why not just play with color?

Indeed, sometimes the play of color will make the walk-in closet feel crowded, especially if your clothes are colorful. The trick is to choose white cabinets and shelves. Make sure the wardrobe for hanging clothes also has white doors.

Form colorful patterns on the ceiling and floor of the closet. Use colorful boxes or baskets to add a touch of color to the room. In addition, choose chairs that match the colorful patterns so that they don’t seem tacky and messy.

There are many walk-in closet design ideas that can be adapted to the shape of the room to personal taste. You are free to experiment to make it beautiful and comfortable in any style.

Don’t be surprised, okay, if you actually like to stay here instead of in your room, hehe.

So, what kind of walk-in closet do you want to make?

walk-in closet design ideas

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