15 pictures of studio type house designs

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studio type house design

studio type house design – Housing prices are increasing, making prospective couples, especially young ones, choose to live in apartments with small studio types. Many people now call it a studio type house. This type of residence turns out to be very multifunctional.

Studio type apartments have several areas with an area ranging from 20 square meters to 30 square meters.

Like, the room area, living room, and kitchen in one room without a partition.

Because there is only one room, the occupants are more flexible in arranging the furniture in the house.

The open space concept usually separates the kitchen space and other areas only with a cupboard or bar table.

The reason is, so that the airy atmosphere in this tiny room is still felt.

This studio type house is the most widely sold and sought after residential type on the market.

Strengths and Disadvantages of Studio Type Houses

studio type house design

A. Advantages

  1. Save maintenance costs.
  2. Simple and practical.
  3. The room is easy to arrange.
  4. Easy to clean.

B. Weaknesses

  1. The room feels more cramped.
  2. Feels more boring.
  3. Difficult to receive guests.
  4. It’s hard to have a pet.

7 Studio Type House Designs that are Suitable for Young Couples

After knowing the pluses and minuses of this studio type house design, let’s find out some interesting designs as follows:

1. Rustic Style Studio Type House

studio type house design

The inspiration for the first studio apartment was a rustic theme.

The first design, this studio type house is indeed suitable for a room that is not spacious.

The neutral and rustic colors make your home comfortable to live in.

You can choose an apartment with large windows so that the room doesn’t seem crowded.

studio type house design

Make every room in this studio-type house always fun.

2. Apply Scandinavian Style

studio type house design

The next right style studio type house is Scandinavian.

Scandinavia is the right move to change the appearance of an apartment so it is beautiful, spacious, and multi-functional.

Simply present a wall with a dominant white paint color and the use of a typical compact furniture model.

Also give lamp decorations with warm color tones to add a cozy and romantic impression.

studio type house design

With the right lighting, your studio-type house will feel clean and comfortable to live in.

3. Studio Type Apartment with Bohemian Style

studio type house design

As a reference, don’t be afraid to mix and match bright colors in the room.

Like a studio type house with this bohemian style concept.

Even though it’s small, don’t make the studio apartment layout boring.

studio type house design

Decorate each room with some green ornamental plants so that the atmosphere is more lively, fresh, and beautiful.

4. Minimalist Partition for Studio Apartment Design

studio type house design

Get around the tiny apartment room with a wooden frame glass sliding partition.

studio type house design

For reasons of convenience, the concept of wood on the partition gives the impression of a modern minimalist home decor.

5. Monochrome Type with Mezzanine Theme

studio type house design

Another unique studio apartment design is the mezzanine.

This type is very suitable for young couples who support practical values ​​at home.

You and your partner can still have a spacious kitchen by building a mezzanine or additional room.

This additional room is usually between the floor and the ceiling.

studio type house design

You can also use the mezzanine as a bedroom.

6. All-White Studio House

studio type house design

This studio apartment inspiration has walls decorated in all white and furniture themed in pastel colors.

Avoid bulky selections that can take up a lot of space.

studio type house design

Choose soft colors such as pastel blue, pastel green, or pastel pink to make your home feel attractive and comfortable.

7. Exposed Cement Wall for Industrial Style

studio type house design

The next studio apartment layout can apply an industrial style.

Give the house a studio type with exposed cement walls and steel pipes.

Also choose an apartment with a high roof to give a broad impression.

studio type house design

Industrial style makes you don’t have to bother painting or installing ceramics anymore because exposed walls and floors can already highlight a unique industrial feel.

What are the 7 design inspirations for the studio house type above? Hope this article can help you..


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