10 Pictures of Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs

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small bedroom cupboard design ideas

Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs – It is not easy to choose a wardrobe design that is suitable for a narrow room. This is because you have to choose a wardrobe with the right design so that it doesn’t look like it fills the room.

Narrow rooms are often an obstacle when we choose furniture such as beds and cabinets to be placed in it.

When choosing a wardrobe design, you should try to adjust the size of the wardrobe to the size of the bedroom. Even better if you measure the area of ​​​​the room where the wardrobe will be placed.

You are also better off adjusting the wardrobe design with the bedroom theme so that later the appearance of the room can be in harmony. The choice of bright colors is also highly recommended to give the impression of a spacious room.

Small Bedroom Cupboard Design Ideas Pictures

Do you always feel confused in choosing a wardrobe design because you have a narrow room? Check out the various wardrobe designs below!

1. Modern Classic Style Wardrobe Design

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

The first wardrobe design is a modern classic style.

This type is the most sought after and used for various types of bedroom themes. Starting from Scandinavian, rustic, and modern minimalist, to classic.

The hallmark of this wardrobe design is the presence of cupboard legs that taper down.

Modern classic style wardrobe material made of wood. The wood will be painted white on the body, while the frame and legs are left in natural wood color.

2. Natural Wardrobe Design

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

In addition to modern classic style wardrobe designs, there are natural wardrobe designs that are also widely used because this design actually looks classic too.

The hallmark of a natural wardrobe design is that it is made of wood and only coated with varnish so that it looks natural. The wood fibers can be seen so that it creates a warm impression in the room.

The natural wardrobe design is perfect for Scandinavian, rustic, and boho-themed bedrooms.

3. Wardrobe Design with Sliding Doors

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

One way to get around a closet that will be placed in a narrow room is to choose one that uses a sliding door. By using a sliding door, the space for movement can be wider.

Choose a bright wardrobe color like white so that it looks wider.

Plus, white will match all types of bedroom themes so you don’t have to worry about the harmony between wardrobe designs and bedroom designs.

4. Minimalist Planting Wardrobe Design

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

Having a minimalist planting wardrobe can make the room look wider.

This is because the planting cupboard will adjust the depth to the walls of the room so that its appearance will make the wardrobe look not like a wardrobe.

Unfortunately, for this design, you have to break into the wall or remodel a little space for the planting cupboard. If the room feels cramped, then outsmart by using this type of sliding door.

5. Cabinet Design with Glass

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

Cabinets that have glass doors will make the room look wider.

You can put a cupboard with glass doors in a narrow room, so the reflection on the glass will make the room look wider.

To get around a narrow room, the choice of glass wardrobe designs with sliding doors will be the right choice for you to choose.

Modern Minimalist Small Bedroom Cupboard Design

There is another modern minimalist-themed wardrobe design that is suitable for your minimalist room, namely:

6. Closed Minimalist Closet Design

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

This wardrobe design is widely chosen for the minimalist room concept.

The hallmark of this wardrobe design is that there are not many indentations in the wardrobe.

It can be said that the design is similar to the locker design because there is only a round knob as a cupboard opener.

The appearance of a simple wardrobe will make the bedroom space more spacious.

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7. Cabinet Design with Open Shelves

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

For the next wardrobe design, this is an open-shelf concept. With an open closet or without a door, the cupboard will not make the room feel cramped so it is suitable to be placed in a narrow room.

In addition, the wardrobe design with open shelves will make it easier for you to choose the clothes that will be used later.

8. Wardrobe Design with Half Open.

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

If you don’t like an open wardrobe or without a door, you can use a half-open type.

Usually, there will be a cupboard with an open shelf and a closed hanger or vice versa.

By choosing a half-open, then you can more freely organize and organize clothes in the closet.

9. Open Wardrobe Design with Hangers

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

The next wardrobe design is still with an open wardrobe concept, but this time the place for hangers will be wider than the wardrobe rack.

The choice of a hanger space that is wider than this shelf is intended so that you can hang clothes that you use every day without needing to rub them again and also put clothes that cannot be folded, such as clothes made of slippery materials such as chiffon or silk.

10. Masculine Wardrobe Design

small bedroom cupboard design ideas

This last wardrobe design is a masculine style combined with a natural theme. So the cabinets used are made of wood and iron.

The combination of brown wood with black iron will make the wardrobe look more masculine.

In addition to combining two materials, this design also combines two wardrobe concepts, namely open and closed concepts.

Those are some small bedroom cupboard designs that you can try to apply. Hope you can find a suitable wardrobe design!


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