15 Beautiful and Sweet Pink Bedroom Designs

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Pink Bedroom Design Ideas – The color pink is indeed a favorite of many people, especially women. Pink is a romantic color, soft, comfortable, and warm. No wonder why many people want to make a beautiful and sweet pink room design.

The pink color itself has a variety of shades, and of course, it will be very suitable when combined with various other colors. You can mix and match furniture and paint in your pink room.

15 Images of Pink Bedroom Design Ideas

Instead of getting curious, let’s look at 15 beautiful and sweet pink room designs for your reference:

Caribbean-style pink room

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Want to make your room like a beach atmosphere in the Caribbean? Of course, I can! Use pastel pink bedroom paint and a combination of white and pink furniture.

To add freshness to your room, add some ornamental plants in the corners of the room. You can also add a patterned rug to sweeten it.

Light pink room with mosaic wallpaper

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Mosaic is complicated? Just calm down. Now there are many choices of patterned wallpapers such as mosaics that you can use on your bedroom walls.

To create a beautiful pink room, choose a light pink mosaic wallpaper with matching furniture.

You can also combine it with white and add other pretty decorations like dolls.

Simple but classy pink room

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

A simple but classy design is certainly the dream of many people. You can use light pink on the walls and furniture in your room.

Also, add pillows with velvet material and also unique decorative lights. Small decorations can also sweeten.

Pink room with paper flower decoration

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Do you like something unique? Paper flower decorations will definitely be interesting. Use some paper flower decorations on the walls of your pink room.

You can also add your name engraving to the wall decor. Combine it with neutral-colored furniture such as white and cream.


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Royal princess room design

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Every woman must have dreamed of becoming a princess. This pink room design might be able to help you realize your wishes. Make the walls of your room pink with luxurious elements, coupled with charming mosquito nets.

You can also add attractive chandeliers or decorative lights to add to the impression of a royal princess room. Congratulations on being a princess in your house!

Room design with butterfly accents

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Butterflies are known as very beautiful animals. No wonder many people like to make butterfly theme decorations.

You can install pink butterfly decorations on the walls of your room. Use paint or wallpaper on the walls of the room with a neutral color. Surely your room will be maximally beautiful.

The room design is simple and gentle

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Want to show your soft side of room design? Try this one design. Although simple, this design will be very comfortable and soft.

Use a light pink color with a combination of white. Also, add photo frames and beautiful decorative lights to sweeten your room.

Beautiful design in the style of Barbie’s room

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Who used to love Barbie or maybe still like it today? Try this one-room design.

This design will take you into the world of Barbie and make you feel more beautiful like Barbie!

Fresh and warm with a mix of orange and pink

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Don’t be afraid to play with colors! The pink and orange colors that both stand out can actually bring freshness as well as warmth to your room. Wow, so cool isn’t it?

Pink aesthetic room design

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Today, many people who crave want to have an aesthetic room. You can also make an aesthetic pink room. 

Use a light pink wall paint and add a pretty Tumblr light. Also, add some polaroid photos attached to your Tumblr lights. Your room must be really aesthetic!

Charming design with floral wallpaper and birdcage-style chairlift

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Wallpaper with large floral motifs will make your room look crowded? Not really. You just need to be smart about it. Use wallpaper with large floral motifs on one side of the wall, while on the other side just use bright pink paint.

To beautify, use a hanging chair in the form of a unique bird cage. Surely your room will be very beautiful.

Cute design with wall shelf and hanging with unique cot

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

You can also create a beautiful pink room with a unique cot design. Also, add wall shelves or hanging shelves on the sides of your room to make the room look wider. The zigzag patterned wooden floor will also sweeten your room.

Minimalist and comfortable design

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Just from looking at the design, it feels comfortable. You can try this design in your room to make a comfortable, beautiful, and minimalist impression.

Make wall paint with a combination of 3 colors plus an aesthetic photo frame. Use a bed sheet or bed cover with a grid pattern to make it sweeter.

Farmhouse-style room design

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

This design applies a rustic atmosphere to your room. Use some wood accents for your furniture.

On the walls, use a combination of pink and white. Surely your pink room will be more attractive.

Beautiful rose-style design

pink bedroom design ideas pictures

Who likes roses? You can try this design. You can paint your room a light pink color by adding a rose-patterned wall sticker.

Also, use rose motifs on some existing pillows and photo frames. To sweeten it, also add carpets and other pink accessories.

Wow, it turns out that the pink room is really beautiful and sweet. Have you found design inspiration that suits your taste?


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