14 Best Ideas for Home Shelves and Shelving

best ideas for home shelves and shelving

Shelving has a special role in home design. However, both professional designers and amateurs seem to often underestimate her.

First, (and most often) we use them to store everyday items that do not fit in a closet or sideboard. It can be anything from pepper shakers to books. Secondly, we arrange an exhibition of small jewelry on a shelf located in a secluded corner.

But hanging and decorating the next set of shelving, we easily forget that they themselves are a kind of home decor. Whether the shelves are functional or purely decorative, their selection has a major impact on the overall design of the home.

Check out the most versatile shelving ideas that will look great in any home.

Best Ideas for Home Shelves and Shelving

1. Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Decorating a bathroom can sometimes feel like an endless battle. So if you’re interested in shelving ideas, the best place to start is with bathroom shelves.

Built-in shelves are a great alternative to a full-size cabinet. Just a couple of shelves provide ample storage space for towels and other linens without cluttering up an already small bathroom.

Hang an open shelf above the toilet so you can see pretty items, and store your toiletries elsewhere. It’s also a way to keep toilet paper handy in the guest bathroom.

2. Boho Style Shelf Ideas

Boho Style Shelf Ideas

Bohemian design, or boho, has become so popular that it is infiltrating almost every modern decor trend. The boho design brilliantly brings intrigue to the empty space of the walls.

Geometric hanging shelves are one of the trends that came from the boho style. Finding round, square, triangular shelves is not difficult. But you can choose a shelf in the shape of a crescent, an oval, or a honeycomb. In any case, it will be both a wall decoration and a storage method.

There are enough interesting solutions on the handmade market, which are also works of art. You can find shelves made of slats or with interesting backs. Many carpenters enjoy creating their own designs.

3. Ideas for Combining Shelving and Cabinets

Ideas for Combining Shelving and Cabinets

Combining shelving with cabinets is an easy, space-saving way to increase your home’s storage space. There are many places, from a wine cellar to an entertainment center, where more than just one type of storage is required.

You can place new shelves next to your permanent cabinets or purchase furniture that combines both. If you’re a fan of antiques, look for a cupboard or safe that matches the style of the house.

A matching cabinet is a wonderful addition to shelving in your favorite kitchen or garage. Since there is never too much or even enough space in these rooms, adding a few cabinets to the shelves can greatly improve the organization of the space.

4. Solid Shelving Ideas

Solid Shelving Ideas

You can create your own homemade shelving system with a built-in imitation from a set of floating shelves, painted. Or install several matching bookcases side by side. Place cabinets under your built-in shelves to increase storage space and complete the look.

It is possible to achieve solid wall-to-wall shelving without resorting to built-in. Properly fixed, you can install wall shelves along the entire length of the room.

5. Hanging Shelf Ideas

Hanging Shelf Ideas

If your requests are more decorative than functional, consider hanging shelves. Just be sure to take into account weight restrictions when choosing items that you will arrange.

Hanging shelves look great in a home with the 1970s, bohemian, or Scandinavian decor. These whimsical shelves are perfect for a toddler’s nursery and are sure to be completely out of reach for little hands!

Although the concept of hanging shelves is quite simple, the type of rope and wood used makes a big difference to the final look. For a rustic approach to the style, thick rope and recycled wood plank will do the trick. A macrame rope will add a sophisticated look to your shelf.

6. Ideas for Kitchen Shelves

Ideas for Kitchen Shelves

If your existing cabinets are not enough for you, an affordable way to add the necessary storage space is kitchen shelving. Some designers are ditching cabinetry altogether in favor of open shelves.

There are a lot of kitchen shelving ideas to draw inspiration from, so choose the ones that match your décor. If you have a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, natural wood shelves will do. If the kitchen is modern, shiny metal or glass shelving will fit into its space better.

Kitchen shelves aren’t just for large items. Install a shelf under your cabinets for your favorite spices and kitchen utensils.

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7. Ideas On the Shelves in the Living Room

Ideas On the Shelves in the Living Room

The living room is the only room where it is allowed and even encouraged to take up floor space with large sets of shelves. Or you can combine floating shelves with skirting boards to mimic a built-in bookcase.

Use the shelves in your living room to make room for a coffee table, mantel or entertainment center. This room is the perfect place to display family photos, professional awards, and souvenirs that would otherwise be hidden in a closet.

As for the entertainment center, a large wall shelf under the TV is a great place for your DVD, game system, and other devices.

8. Ideas for Metal Shelves

Ideas for Metal Shelves

Metal is not only good for shelves in cabinets. Recently, metal shelving has found its way into modern home design. Look in magazines, and on social networks, and you will find countless examples of shelving made from tubes or wire.

In metal decoration, the success of the final design depends entirely on the correct choice of finish. Today, the colors of precious metals are super fashionable – silver and gold. For a more masculine or industrial style, choose matte black or cast iron finishes.

Metal shelving is popular for its sheer functionality. With a variety of freestanding and wall-mounted systems, you can choose and combine a variety of wire shelves, containers, and hangers to meet your organization’s needs.

9. Ideas for Modern Shelving

Ideas for Modern Shelving

Modern architecture tends to create clean, geometric lines throughout the space. Few design pieces match this quite like a set of floating shelves.

Try using wide shelves instead of traditional railings or partitions. This will add storage space and bring in one of the most famous traits of modern design: sleek lines. In addition, it effectively divides the space.

Even if the shelves themselves are fairly ordinary, the layout in which you arrange them is quite another matter. Putting shelves of different lengths and thicknesses on the same wall is a great way to make the space look multi-dimensional.

Exposed hanging mounts are another great design element to consider when shopping for a new shelf. You can also install lighting in front of the shelving for an unusual twist on art decor.

10. Wall Shelf Ideas

Ideas for Modern Shelving

What was once a fashion trend is now commonplace in all styles of home decor. Wall shelves take up less space than their freestanding counterparts. It’s also a great way to break up exposed sections of a wall.

Wall shelving comes in all styles. Floating shelves with concealed fixing look like part of the wall. Or you can choose the option with a decorative fixture, in harmony with the rest of the decor of the room.

An ordinary wall shelf can support several light objects without overloading. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and securely mount it on a rack, you can safely use it as a versatile storage space.

11. Ideas for Open Shelves

Ideas for Open Shelves

Open shelves are a great alternative to traditional cabinets for almost every room.

For example, in the kitchen, they come in handy to keep items that are usually hidden from view, like china plates or dried foods, in plain sight. Or keepsakes in the living room or family room.

Large open shelving works well in a workshop or garage. Since garage shelving should always be easily accessible (and no matter how neat they look), an open option is an ideal solution.

12. Ideas for Simple Shelves

Ideas for Simple Shelves

You should pay tribute to simple shelves. They not only make the objects placed on them stand out but also coordinate with all types of home decor.

There are, of course, some styles that they suit more than others. With simplified options, modern perfectly matches. Simple shelves with metal fittings are suitable for the industrial direction (both in rural and urban versions).

If you’re going to include simplified shelves in your room design, think carefully about what you’ll be keeping on them. Their disadvantage is that they are easily overwhelmed with unnecessary or inconsistent items. To avoid this, be prepared to spend time cleaning your shelves regularly.

13. Ideas for Small Shelves

Ideas for Small Shelves

Wondering how to decorate an empty section of the wall? Or is there too much stuff piled up on your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity? The solution may be one of the ideas for small shelves.

Lots of floating shelves can be hung everywhere and are available in different sizes. To make some things visible, a durable and compact option is a corner one. A great place for a piece of art, a flower pot, and other small objects.

A ladder shelf is another compact design that can serve as a place for books or just for everyday items. There are ladder shelves, standing alone, leaning against the wall, or hanging on the wall, these take up even less space.

14. Ideas for Wooden Shelves

Ideas for Wooden Shelves

Whatever the room, natural wood shelves will never go out of style. When choosing a set of standing or hanging wooden shelves for your home, experiment with decorative edges, cuts, and shapes.

Remember that there are many more varieties of wood than regular wood. Knobby pine and other similar species will add interesting texture to the most boring piece. For a modern or bohemian look, choose a bamboo shelf.

If your shelves are very simple, you can get creative with the way you hang them. The arrangement of bookshelves in a ladder is a funny trend left over from the fashion of the middle of the last century. You can use metal fasteners or supports to contrast with natural wood.