13 Carpet Living Room Design Ideas

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carpet living room ideas

Carpet Living Room Ideas – Confused about decorating your home so it doesn’t look boring? Don’t worry, in this article gmboel.com will provide some inspiration for the latest and contemporary living room carpet designs ideas that can make your home look prettier and more comfortable.

carpet living room ideas

1. Stacking Carpets

carpet living room ideas

If you use a carpet floor as a base for the floor of the house, there’s nothing wrong with still using other decorative carpets on it to add an elegant and beautiful impression to the living room. 

2. Choose the same carpet color as the feel of the room

carpet living room ideas

When you choose the carpet used to decorate the living room, try to get a carpet that matches the room.

For example, most of the living room has a dominant white color, be it furniture, sofas and other accessories, then the color of the carpet you choose also matches the feel of the room.

3. Add Floor Pillows to the Carpet

carpet living room ideas

You can also add pillows on the floor to sweeten the room and can also function as sitting pillows when chatting in the living room. Adjust the color of the cushions to match the color of the carpet you have chosen.

4. The impression of a minimalist room

carpet living room ideas

To give the impression of a minimalist room, try to choose the same wall color as your carpet color. Also choose colors that are not flashy, but calm and clean colors like gray or white.

5. Don’t forget about color contrast

carpet living room ideas

If you previously tried a minimalist style, don’t forget to provide different color contrasts in other parts of the room.

For example, you can choose striking colors of furniture or accessories, such as yellow or green. This will give your room a different feel but still elegant and cozy.

6. Use a rug with a small pattern

carpet living room ideas

Think of your living room rug like a blank canvas and your furniture like the paint you put on it.

And while your canvas shouldn’t be covered in objects before the paint has been added, it’s fine to try playing with adding a little pattern. Try on a rug with a small pattern and see for yourself.

7. Carpet with neutral colors

carpet living room ideas

Sometimes you are confused about choosing the right carpet color for the living room, because the furniture and accessories have different colors from each other.

Then the right choice for you is to choose a neutral color in the living room rug design to make it look neater and more comfortable. 

8. Geometry textured carpet

carpet living room ideas

Create a unique space that will set your living room apart with a geometric textured rug. Textured triangles, circles and squares can give your floor its own personality.

9. Dotted Pattern Carpet

carpet living room ideas

For a fun, grounded pattern, use dots on your rug. They will give a touch of personality to an item that many people take for granted.

10. Rug with linear motifs

carpet living room ideas

A rug covered in long stripes is the perfect complement to a beautiful linear space. When paired with tall windows, a long sofa and a geometric coffee table, a linear motif rug pulls the whole look together.

11. Luxurious matching with velvet

carpet living room ideas

For a luxurious look, try pairing a plush rug with a hint of velvet, such as throw pillows or an ottoman. The richness of the rug will easily complement the luxury of velvet accents.

12. Try a vintage look

carpet living room ideas

Hardwood floors aren’t the only way to make your living room look older than it really is. For the same vintage feel, use a rug in a wash-out pattern for a subtle, centuries-old look.

13. Use blue, gold and cream

carpet living room ideas

Create the classiest living room by pairing a cream rug with navy and gold accents.

Together, this trio of colors creates a rich and visually pleasing look that will make your living room appear more luxurious and inviting. 

That’s the inspiration for the latest carpet living room ideas that you can follow.


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