12 Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas

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farmhouse style living room design ideas

Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas – From the countryside to the suburbs, contemporary farmhouse decor has remained a perennial favorite for decades. Of course, other areas of interior design have joined it. But it doesn’t look like the modern country house style is going to disappear anytime soon.

Despite its versatility, modern farmhouse design has a reputation for being too feminine. This is partly true, but only a few trends in this direction are focused on delicate fabrics and a soft color palette, so the statement is far from accurate in describing the modern farmhouse aesthetic in general.

Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas

1. Fireplace in the living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

While the HVAC system is likely your primary mode of heating, nothing says “farmhouse” quite like a wood-burning fireplace. The fireplace should serve as the centerpiece of the living room – place furniture and decor around it. If you have a wall-mounted TV, a space above the fireplace would be a great place to place it.

If your home does not have its own fireplace, there is no need to call a local bricklayer. Instead, consider investing in a fake wood stove. The unit will fit perfectly into any modern farmhouse living room without the expense and permanence of a built-in fireplace.

2. Minimalist living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

In modern farmhouse design, minimalism is far from the last word. But how do you add the perfect amount of rustic feel to a minimalist space? It’s all about texture.

Cast iron and wood finishes are a great way to add a rustic touch to light fixtures and furniture. Landscaping, sculptures, and other décor will help tie the space together, but tackiness must be avoided. Keep wall hangers and other decorative items simple and functional at the same time.

3. Neutral living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

A neutral color palette will help bridge the gap between elegant modernism and cozy farmhouse space. Paired with white walls and large, light-colored windows, neutral colors add a modern touch that keeps your decor from looking too trendy.

Of course, neutral hues in a modern living room don’t mean just browns and tans. Rich, dark colors look great as pillows, ottomans, or accent furniture – think navy blue, hot orange, or forest green. See other articles: 9 Rustic Farmhouse Style Home Decoration Tips.

4. Living room in brown tones

farmhouse style living room design ideas

There are a few colors in the natural world that we see more often than others, and one of them is brown. Whether it’s wood or leather, these shades are very warm and inviting, yet fit perfectly into modern interiors.

To prevent your living room from appearing faded, choose dark, rich tones rather than muted hues. Avoid using too much brown without breaking it up with a contrasting color (white works very well).

Using brown accents made from organic materials rather than fabric or paint will also bring a lot of interesting texture to your living space.

5. Living room in black

farmhouse style living room design ideas

There is no better way to add clean lines to your living room idea than contrasting colors. In the case of a modern farmhouse design, black is the way to go.

Painting a matte black accent wall can add appeal to an all-white room. If you want to add even more depth, attach wooden boards to the accent wall before painting. If you decide to leave the walls completely white, then black furniture and lamps will help to achieve contrast.

Using black in modern farmhouse décor is also a great way to incorporate large appliances such as televisions into the interior. If there are other black elements in your room, your flat screen TV will be less conspicuous.

6. Living room in gray tones

farmhouse style living room design ideas

To bring out the modern side of your living room, try using a gray color palette. Even when paired with traditional farmhouse décor, its hues give the whole space an original touch.

When choosing a more popular color palette, look to other areas of the living room to bring in the charm of farmhouse design. For example, vaulted ceilings and wooden beams go hand in hand with the rustic aesthetic.

A repurposed barn door or wood-paneled wall will add the perfect amount of farmhouse flair to the space. Cast iron fixtures will also keep your décor from getting lost in a more modern color scheme. In general, no detail is too small. See other articles: Amazing Farmhouse Living Room Paint Colors.

7. Modular sofa in the living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

The modular sofa is a relatively recent invention, which is why you are unlikely to find this piece of furniture in most country houses. Designed for friends and family to gather and relax, modular sofas often take up more space in a room than any other piece of living room furniture.

To fit a modular sofa into a modern farmhouse setting, focus on the overall shape and fabric. Choose neutral colors that match the overall color scheme of your room. Textured fabrics like suede, leather and canvas are always great choices. Pillows and bedspreads in a rustic style will be the finishing touch.

8. Living room with leather furniture

farmhouse style living room design ideas

Countless people shy away from farmhouse decor for fear of entering shabby chic territory. But there’s a lot more to this style of interior design than matting and lace. For example, leather is a classic textile that has a lot to do with the aesthetics of a farmhouse.

Adding a leather sofa, armchair, or other piece of furniture to your living room can completely transform a space. For a really rustic feel, opt for warm browns instead of creams or blacks. If you want to get really creative with the use of leather in your rustic living room, check out black and white cowhide accent pillows.

Remember, high quality faux leather can be as luxurious and durable as real leather.

9. Living room in the style of an old farmhouse

farmhouse style living room design ideas

Since farmhouse decor is largely based on 1900s rural life, it’s no surprise that antiques play a major role in this trend. While many people prefer to purchase replica pieces to decorate their homes, finding and using real antiques is the best way to add authenticity to your living room design.

Old barn doors are one of the most used items in modern farmhouse design. Other interesting vintage decor items include old chandeliers, wooden shutters and candlesticks.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using recreated vintage items as decoration. But if finding the right décor is just as much fun as the finished product, then hunting for the real thing is definitely worth it. See other articles: Living room interior design – features and ideas.

10. Rustic living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

The combination of modern and farmhouse aesthetics can wash away some of the latter’s austerity. But recycling natural materials into furniture, fixtures, or plain old decor is an easy way to bring a little more rustic charm to your family room.

You can use live wood for shelving, a coffee table, or a fireplace. River stone will become a popular alternative to traditional brick and can completely change the look and feel of your fireplace.

Wall mounted taxidermy (unless you’re a hunter, many antique dealers sell antiques like this) are great wall decor. Complement these pieces with antique hunting or farming memorabilia to complete the look.

11. Living room in white

farmhouse style living room design ideas

If you look at modern and farmhouse design trends separately, you will notice that both use white in the design. At the end of the day, white is a versatile color that pairs with just about everything while still making a space feel more open.

White walls can be found in almost every modern farmhouse style living room. White paneling and distressed furniture are two ways to use this simple color palette to add texture to a living room.

If all-white is not to your liking, try painting the walls the same color, leaving the doors, window frames, and trim solid white. This subtle contrast will add depth and draw attention to architectural details such as architraves or exposed beams.

12. Small living room

farmhouse style living room design ideas

When decorating a small space, there should be no room for error (no pun intended). To maximize the visual space of a room, stick to neutral furniture and white walls. If you want to give the space more dimension, consider creating an accent wall with wood paneling or a contrasting paint color.

Complete the look of a farmhouse with throws, wall hangers and ceiling lights. Consider using natural textures such as sun-bleached wood, antlers (real or fake), and fur (again, fake is fine). By focusing on decorating the upper part of the room, you can bring a lot of charm without burdening your limited area.

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