12 Christmas House Decorations Inside

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christmas house decorations inside

Christmas House Decorations Inside – Christmas is coming soon! What kind of Christmas decorations do you usually have in your house or apartment?

Indeed, Christmas decorations generally use the classic colors of green and red. However, Christmas does not have to be a combination of the two colors.

christmas house decorations inside

To make Christmas decorations more different and interesting, you can also choose other colors that are rarely used in Christmas traditions. The key is to mix and match colors.

Christmas house decorations inside with anti-mainstream colors

For those of you who want to have a different home from the previous Christmas, you can use anti-mainstream colors. Come on, take a look at the article from Gmboel specifically for those of you who celebrate Christmas.  

1. Green and brown Christmas decorations

christmas house decorations inside

Natural colors from nature can always be combined with various decorations, including for Christmas decorations. Adding brown and green to Christmas decorations will give it a rustic feel.

Don’t want to leave the typical Christmas colors? No problem. You can add white or silver to the Christmas tree.

To make it more fun, stack Christmas gifts under the tree. Don’t forget to wrap the gift in brown or green wrapping paper.

2. Aesthetic White Christmas

christmas house decorations inside

White may not be a favorite color for decorating a room, but white is perfect for Christmas decorations. Remember the song “White Christmas”, right?

White Christmas decorations will give the impression of being clean and holy, while looking simple and elegant. In order not to be monotonous, you can choose white furniture with various textures and materials.

If you have this, you must be very careful when serving cakes or food, yes. Don’t let your white decorations get food stains.

3. Gorgeous Gold Christmas

christmas house decorations inside

Want to give a touch of luxury to your Christmas decorations, but don’t want to use red? Then the gold color is the right choice.

Gold is a timeless color that matches well with other colors such as green, beige, or white. By adding gold, it is guaranteed that your Christmas will not be like it used to be.

4. Rustic Christmas in brown and white

christmas house decorations inside

Rustic decor is one of the favorite decorating themes this year. Brown, white, and beige are the most widely used elements in rustic Christmas decorations.

Want to be more anti-mainstream? You can replace a traditional Christmas tree with a pile of trunks arranged into a tree. Add Christmas ornaments such as white and silver lights, and beige knitted balls to make the rustic feel even more visible.

You can also add silver ornaments.

5. Blue and green for a simple room

christmas house decorations inside

Blue and green can be a suitable color combination for Christmas decorations this year. The selection of the right ornaments and colors will present a fresh and beautiful appearance.

Blue and green Christmas decorations are perfect for complementing a minimalist or nautical room design. Feeling too lively? Combine it with white or beige to make it softer and neutral.

6. Show luxury with blue and silver

christmas house decorations inside

Save the red Christmas decorations first! Instead you can use cool colors like blue, navy, or turquoise on Christmas decorations. Not only does it look cool, but also looks luxurious.

To make it more eye catchy, combine blue with silver. Don’t forget to add decorative lights as a finishing touch.

7. Pink and green for anti-mainstream Christmas decorations

christmas house decorations inside

Pink for Christmas decorations? Is it suitable? Of course it fits!

Pink is the right choice for Christmas decorations for those of you who have little sisters or daughters. To make it not boring, you can combine it with green, white, or even purple!

Want more fun? Invite your sister, child, or nephew to decorate the Christmas tree together. Don’t forget to add gifts to make it more interesting.

8. Blue and white for a peaceful Christmas

christmas house decorations inside

To make Christmas decorations look different, use different types of blue on the Christmas tree. Starting from blue, navy, turquoise, to teal. If you can use many blues, why only choose one?

You can also replace the Christmas tree with a white tree like the picture above. The collection of gifts underneath should also be wrapped in blue wrapping paper, yes.

This blue and white Christmas decoration is perfect for those of you who want to give a cool atmosphere like in the movie “Frozen”.

9. More luxurious with silver and gold

christmas house decorations inside

The combination of silver and gold may not be the two favorite colors for Christmas decorations. If the two are combined, it looks redundant, doesn’t it?

It turns out that the combination of silver and gold in Christmas decorations gives the impression of luxury and elegance. To make it look balanced, you can choose various textures, types of ornaments, and colors.

Make your Christmas decorations glowing with a combination of silver and gold!

10. Cheerful colors

christmas house decorations inside

Colorful for Christmas? Why not?

Colorful decorations represent joy and happiness. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with including various elements of color in Christmas decorations.

You can combine bright colors like orange and yellow with cool colors like blue. However, you also have to pay attention to the size of the ornaments used. Just make sure the ornaments are the same size, okay?

If you want to give a point statement, you can follow the example in the picture above.  

11. Black and white at Christmas

christmas house decorations inside

Many think that using black on Christmas decorations will make the atmosphere so gloomy. But it is not!

For those of you fans of monochrome themes, you will definitely like this Christmas decoration. The combination of black, white, and other colors such as silver and gold, creates a new look for Christmas decorations.

Not only does it look different, but it also gives the impression of luxury and coolness. So I can’t wait to take a selfie in front of the black Christmas tree.

12. Purple can also be the right choice

christmas house decorations inside

Usually purple is only used as a wedding party decoration. Now, you can also use purple for Christmas.

Purple gives a luxurious and warm feel to the decor. You can combine various derivatives of purple to make the Christmas decorations more interesting.

To give a cool impression, you can also add a touch of blue to the decor. Don’t forget to add a candle to make the room warmer!

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Turns out, festive Christmas decorations don’t have to be red and green, right? You can also use other colors. Choose your favorite for Christmas decorations this year!

Happy creative for unusual Christmas decorations, yes!


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