10 Steps for a Low Budget Room Makeover

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low budget room makeover

Low budget room decor – The bedroom is a place that reflects a person’s personality. Whether it’s a dorm bedroom or a bedroom at home, you must design it as you wish.

Usually a bedroom that has been occupied for years looks worn and messy. Starting from peeling room walls to outdated room decorations.

Conditions ‘messy’ that are left of course make it uncomfortable. Thinking of upgrading your bedroom to make it look eye catchy again? Of course, but discouraged because it would be expensive.

Indeed, redecorating a bedroom costs a lot of money. You have to buy paint until you replace a new wardrobe. It could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Low Budget Room Decor Tips

The fact is that you can upgrade your bedroom without spending money. You can use old or used items that are already at home. Yes, without spending money, you will get a nice room and still have character.

Curious? Check out the steps below!

1. Define a theme

low budget room makeover

Before upgrading the bedroom, you must have determined the theme that will be applied to the ‘new room’. You are free to choose what theme you want, from minimalist, rustic, to shabby chic designs.

You can do research in advance about the decorations that will be poured into the room design. However, you can also combine two decorating themes at once such as shabby chic and minimalism, or minimalist vintage.

2. Choose the required items

low budget room makeover

The second stage you have to do during a room makeover is sorting the items in the room. Rooms tend to look very full because of stuff piled up. In fact, you actually don’t need these items.

When you redecorate a room, choose the items that are still needed. Store old, unused items in big boxes and put them in the warehouse.

The items you store should be in accordance with the theme of the room decoration that you will apply. Don’t be afraid to accept gifts from friends or relatives as long as they match your big theme. See other articles: modern english interior design.

3. Change the color of the walls

low budget room makeover

Changing the color of the walls can greatly change the overall look of a room. You can change the appearance of the walls by painting or pasting wallpaper.

Choose a paint color that matches the bedroom decor. You can also use leftover paint that you have at home. To save costs and speed up the work, you can invite friends to help paint the room.

4. Rearrange the furniture

low budget room makeover

After the walls are shiny, it’s time to redecorate your room to make it more stylish!

Look for references from the internet such as Pinterest for the appearance of the room you want. If you want to combine it with several themes, it’s also not a problem.

Rearrange the furniture to your liking. Think carefully so that the layout is better than before. Don’t just take it apart or just slide it around, because what’s there will end up being a mess.  See other articles: provence apartment.

5. Install a candle or lamp

low budget room makeover

To make the room more stylish and attractive, you can install candles or decorative lights. Not only can it be used as a lighting tool, decorative lights also make the room more aesthetic.

Read girls bedroom lights.

You can use Tumblr-style decorative lights or DIY your own decorative lights. The addition of decorative lights and candles in the room will make the room’s atmosphere more cozy and romantic.

6. Lay the carpet

low budget room makeover

The next step to upgrade the room to be more attractive is to add carpet. You can choose from various types of carpets on the market, or borrow the ones you already have at home. Just adjust it again with the decoration theme of your choice.

In addition to making the room warmer, the carpet also makes the room look more stylish. If you want to add a rustic or shabby chic theme, you can choose a fur rug in neutral colors. See other articles: girls bedrooms design.

7. Adding a contemporary hanging wardrobe

low budget room makeover

One trick to easily upgrade a room is to add a modern hanging wardrobe. You can display your favorite collection of clothes on a hanging rack in one corner of the room.

In addition to making it easier for you to choose clothes, hanging shelves also make the room look more aesthetic. You can DIY your own hanging rack from used materials such as wooden sticks or paralon.

8. Display decorations

low budget room makeover

The next step for a more stylish bedroom makeover is to display decorations on a table or wall. This way, your bedroom will look much more attractive.

In decorating your own room, you are free to be creative. You can display a collection of books that can be placed according to the color of the cover or based on the height of the book.

In addition, you can also display a collection of photos. Just adopt Pinterest-style photo decorations in your room. All you need is hemp rope and some hangers to put some fun photos on. Besides being stylish, your room is also full of memories! See other articles: bedroom geometric wall paint.

9. Create a cozy corner in the room

low budget room makeover

For those of you who like to relax in your room, making a cozy corner is the right decision. By utilizing an empty corner of the room, you can turn it into a corner of ‘your world’.

It only takes a small table or a few pillows to bring a dead corner of the room to life!

10. Add a personal touch

low budget room makeover

The final step for a low budget bedroom makeover is to add a personal touch.

If you have piles of paintings or mountain knitting, don’t hesitate to display them on the walls of your room. Think of your room as an art gallery!

When redecorating a room, you must pay attention to the theme that will be applied. In addition to giving a personal touch to the room, decorations also make the room more fresh.

Ready for a bedroom makeover?


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