15 Pictures of Mint Green Interior Design

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mint green interior design

Mint green interior design – Psychologically, a house with green wall paint can relax and create a good mood for its residents.

Not only that, the green paint color that is synonymous with nature makes the atmosphere of the house always feel fresh.

One of the best types of green that you can choose for a room at home is mint green.

Mint Green Interior Design Pictures

In addition to giving a fresh impression, the mint green color also looks soft. Suitable to be combined with a minimalist and modern interior design.

Well, Gmboel has various interior design inspirations with mint green house paint that you can try.

1. It is suitable for a minimalist bedroom

mint green interior design

The mint green color has a fresh and cool impression which makes it very suitable as a choice of paint color for bedroom walls.

Mint green color on the walls of the room, the most suitable to be combined with white in various interiors and room furniture.

A little gray accent can also provide a different touch that makes the room less boring.

2. Natural accents in the room with a touch of ornamental plants

mint green interior design

Natural accents in rooms with mint green wall colors can be strengthened by adding ornamental plants to the decor.

In addition to giving a more shady impression, various ornamental plants can be a refreshing decoration for your room.

mint green interior design

There are many choices of ornamental plants that you can choose from, such as cacti, succulents, or other potted plants.

You can also strengthen the natural and rustic impression in this mint green room with a choice of wood or plywood floors. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

3. Give a sweet touch in the living room

mint green interior design

The fresh mint green color can give a sweet touch to the wall paint color in the living room.

If your living room decor has a classic theme, then this mint green color will definitely give a different and contemporary impression.

4. Gives a cozy impression in a minimalist living room

mint green interior design

The choices of interior design and furniture that you can choose for this mint green wall paint color are very diverse and varied.

In addition to giving a new impression on a classic design, this color also gives the same effect for a living room with a minimalist interior.

mint green interior design

When combined with a causal or minimalist design, the mint green color can give a cozy and comfortable impression.

Although simple, surely you will feel at home for a long time in a room with colors and interior concepts like this. See other articles: paint colors for hallways and stairs.

5. More relaxed in the bathroom

mint green interior design

In addition to cleaning yourself, bath time can also be a medium for relaxation.

The fresh and natural feel of the mint green paint color can give the bathroom a cool and relaxing impression.

6. The bathroom design becomes more modern

mint green interior design

Even though it looks natural, the mint green color in the bathroom will actually add a modern impression.

This color can be combined with various bathroom furniture with a modern and futuristic touch.

mint green interior design

You can play with a unique mirror or sink to combine with the mint green color. Get a more modern impression on your bathroom interior design. See other articles: bathroom colors pictures.

7. Classic dining room

mint green interior design

The atmosphere of eating and gathering with family will be more fun and cheerful with this wall paint color.

You can combine classic interior design in the dining room, to get a homey atmosphere.

8. Wooden furniture to strengthen the homey impression

mint green interior design

In addition to the classic design, in the modern and minimalist design dining room, mint green wall paint can give a homey impression.

One way to strengthen the homey impression using a mint green color is through the selection of furniture types and materials.

mint green interior design

Types and materials of wood furniture can be chosen to get this homey impression. You can add various wooden furniture to tables, chairs, or plate cabinets at home.

9. Just a hint of mint green for a strong touch

mint green interior design

You can choose furniture with a dominance of other colors for the kitchen, without the need to focus too much on the mint green color.

FYI, with just a little touch, this color can already give a strong impression on the interior of the house.

10. Mint green for the dominant kitchen color

mint green interior design

This color is also not annoying if used as a whole and dominates the entire contents of the room.

Like in the kitchen, for example, you can give this color not only to the walls, but also the entire furniture.

Those are 10 home interior design inspirations with mint green walls. Starting from the bedroom to the kitchen, you can copy all the interior design inspirations as a reference.

Come on, try the mint green color on wall paint and furniture at home for a new and fresher impression!


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