TOP 5 Most Popular Architectural Styles of Country Houses

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most popular architectural styles

The architecture of country houses is much more diverse than multi-apartment high-rises. First of all, your country house is your personal choice. Nobody here dictates or imposes their architectural preferences. Thus, in the suburban market, one can trace the evolution of demand for architectural styles.

most popular architectural styles

Evolution of demand in the suburban real estate market

A bit of history

For example, in the 1990s, a castle-cottage could be found almost everywhere. As soon as a person had money, he began to build on his hundred square meters a huge house in the Romanesque style of red brick with towers and often vaulted windows. It was assumed that such a structure would emphasize the status of the owner, as well as decorate the entire district. However, this was not always appropriate.

Later, villages with houses in the Rococo or Baroque style appeared, however, such preferences can in no way be called massive, usually it is the choice of buyers with high demands, that is, piece goods. And the majority still value rationality, comfort, environmental friendliness, safety, and most importantly – a reasonable combination of price and quality. That is why, as noted by Konstantin Blinov, Development Director of the Moscow Representative Office (SDOK) of NLK Domostroenie, consumer preferences depend on the purpose of the house. If a house is being built for permanent residence, this is one choice, but if for a temporary one, like a summer cottage, it is a different story.

most popular architectural styles

The design of houses for temporary residence is also carried out in various styles.

Technologies and styles of home decoration today

Currently, modular houses are mainly chosen for seasonal living. First, they build quickly. Secondly, the owners always have the opportunity to add one or two more blocks later, as needed, and thus expand their house.

For permanent residence, houses made of laminated veneer lumber are often chosen. This material provides tremendous opportunities for the embodiment of any architectural preference.

most popular architectural styles

A house made of laminated veneer lumber of heat treatment looks gorgeous

Now let’s consider what stylistic directions in the architecture of country houses are popular in today’s real estate market.

A never-ending classic

Classics always attract. Balzac said that architecture is an expression of mores. So, the classic style in architecture is a manifestation of good taste that has stood the test of time. Fashion is changeable, but there is always something that is constant and good. A country house in a classic style is simple forms and clear lines of construction. Of course, there are also elements of decoration, such as stucco molding, columns, arches, pilasters, pediments, balconies, platbands, but all this should be harmoniously combined and be devoid of pretentiousness. Such a house should speak of solidity and dignity, refer to the best examples of manor architecture. That is why the classics will always be popular.

A similar house in the style of a country estate, designed by the architect Oleg Karlson, is presented at the Low-Rise Country exhibition as a showroom of the ABS-Stroy company. Many such houses are also offered by NLK Domostroenie.

most popular architectural styles

The house, built by the company “ABS-Stroy” according to the project of the architect Oleg Karlson


The idea of ​​being close to nature is gaining more and more popularity. It should be noted that calls for such a lifestyle have been heard for a long time. It is believed that the ecological movement originated in the 70s of the last century, but even Rousseau argued that the measure of humanity’s perfection can only be its closeness to nature. If we evaluate us today precisely from this position, then we are still very far from perfection, but it is never too late to start the path to the best.

most popular architectural styles

House made of rounded logs from the company “Lescon”

If we talk about eco-houses on the suburban market, then these are, first of all, environmentally friendly materials – wood and stone. Moreover, all processing is reduced to showing the beauty of nature. There is no pretentiousness and ornaments here, the forms should be extremely simple, the lines are somewhat curved, because you cannot find straight, clear outlines in nature, and all this should be buried in greenery.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is close to environmentally friendly, as it is also characterized by a love of nature and natural materials. But the popularity of just such an architecture makes it possible to distinguish it separately. Such houses are also characterized by the utmost functionality. There is no flashiness and bright details, but everything is thought out for a comfortable life: a lot of light and open space. Such houses are not overloaded with furniture, there is only what is really necessary for life, and there is simply no place for vanity and passions.

most popular architectural styles

House “Copenhagen” from the construction company MalerHouse. Skeleton technology

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High tech

Innovation confidently enters our lives, regardless of whether we want it or not. You can have different attitudes towards both modern technologies and the results of technical progress, but one cannot close our eyes to their all-encompassing influence. Architecture also did not stand aside. Konstantin Blinov notes that this style now has quite a lot of fans and that it attracts houses with a free interior layout. In addition, hi-tech is distinguished by the use of the most modern materials that can significantly increase the functionality of the house.

Outwardly, such houses have clear outlines and no frills, in many respects they are close to the style of minimalism.

most popular architectural styles

House from GOOD WOOD made of laminated veneer lumber


Also one of the most fashionable architectural trends today. Captivates with extreme brevity and functionality. Clear and straight forms, simple and understandable composition, the cult of open space, the absence of any decor are the main distinguishing features of these houses.

most popular architectural styles

House of the company “Lesdrevprom” from wood concrete blocks

Conclusion – development trends

So, these are the five most sought-after architectural styles in the suburban market, but they are not the only ones. Today’s housing construction allows you to make any dreams come true – from French Gothic and Empire style, to chalets and any ethnicity. Konstantin Blinov is convinced that the appearance of Russian villages and villages will gradually change: “After all, a village is not only a place of residence for agricultural workers, but also a place of recreation and seasonal residence for urban families. I would like to hope that the architectural landscape will not be destroyed as a result of the change in the function of the village, but will receive a new organic impulse ”.


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