Simple But Attractive Home Interior

simple but attractive home interior
simple but attractive home interior

"Economy" design: 25 ideas on how to create comfort in the house for little money

simple but attractive home interior - Lack of money for a designer is not a reason to live in an apartment with a boring interior. We will teach you how to turn your home into a cozy and stylish nest without parting with all your savings.

You cannot forbid living beautifully even for those who cannot hire a professional interior designer. After all, a cozy home doesn't have to be chic and expensive. The main thing is a sense of style and an understanding of what you can save on.

So, what is not worth overpaying for, if money is already scarce? We've put together 25 ideas for budget space makeover. See, dream, plan and act.


It is foolish to save money for elite solid wood furniture if you understand that you will not financially be able to arrange the entire interior to match a luxurious headset. An even dumber solution is to throw away old furniture simply because it looks out of fashion.

Betting on simple design

Abundant decor significantly increases the cost of furniture. And, to be honest, it does not always make the object more beautiful. Therefore, choose simpler options. They are both cheaper and more versatile.

simple but attractive home interior

DIY redesign

Does furniture seem boring without decor? Remaining a headset "from the last century"? Just work on the design of the facades. There are many options. And if you dare to experiment with new pieces of furniture, then trying to update an old chest of drawers or wardrobe will definitely not get any worse. Here are a few ideas for your piggy bank:

  • use wood stain to highlight the beauty of the wood;
  • repaint furniture to create bright accents in the interior;
  • spray paint spray onto the furniture surface through stencils (for example, lace fabric);
  • use the decoupage technique;
  • glue the styrofoam molding;
  • cover the furniture with self-adhesive film.

simple but attractive home interior

Upholstery change

Buying a new sofa, armchair, or even chairs is by no means a cheap pleasure. But what if the furniture is functioning well and just looks a little shabby? The answer is obvious - it requires a constriction. You can even do it yourself: you will need new upholstery fabric, cotton tape, staples, furniture stapler, screwdriver, knife and scissors. Just cut out the right piece of fabric (slightly larger than the back or seat you are planning to upgrade) and secure it underneath with a stapler. But if you are not confident in your abilities, this work can be ordered from specialists.

simple but attractive home interior

"Spraying" for glass

From old age the glass becomes dull and inconspicuous. However, they can be restored with paint with a frozen glass effect. Use a fine-pored sponge for application. You can also glue the masking tape strips onto the glass fronts and paint only the gaps. Striped glass looks unusual. In this case, the transparent parts against the background of the painted ones will no longer seem dull.

simple but attractive home interior

Free space

Before buying any new piece of furniture, think about it: maybe you should, on the contrary, get rid of unnecessary items, and not clutter up the space even more? A cluttered room will never be cozy. Therefore, if there is no special need for an additional table, and you want to buy a chair-bed only in case you have friends to spend the night, give up this idea. Friends can be placed on an air mattress, and a table can always be brought from the kitchen if necessary.

simple but attractive home interior

Furniture 2 in 1

A large amount of furniture and space clutters up, and makes you part with a decent amount of money. But why not choose multifunctional models? For example, a bed with storage or a mirror that converts into an ironing board?

simple but attractive home interior

We change accessories

Another option for transforming old furniture is to replace the fittings. New handles can save even a seemingly hopeless dresser or kitchen set.

simple but attractive home interior

Stylish cheap finish

Expensive wallpapers, frescoes, bas-reliefs ... I don't want to buy all this and put my teeth on the shelf for the next couple of months. But there are also more budget-friendly ways to give your apartment a decent and even trendy look.

"The right wallpaper"

Have you made a choice in favor of wallpaper? Okay, but go for the abstract or shallow pattern so you can glue with minimal fit. After all, the selection of stripes according to the pattern always turns into a large amount of cut material. And every "extra" piece is your money.

By the way, don't try to search for the cheapest wallpaper. For example, paper ones are not the best option for a nursery, kitchen and corridor, where they get dirty quickly. In contrast, wallpaper with a foam vinyl surface is excellent for cleaning, even if your child decides to paint them with felt-tip pens.

simple but attractive home interior

Painting the ceiling

Stretch ceilings are not the most budget solution. Plasterboard will cost a little less. But if you really save to the fullest, it is better to order the painting of the ceiling surface altogether.

simple but attractive home interior

Parquet-effect linoleum

Parquet is beautiful and expensive. And linoleum, imitating parquet, is much cheaper, but no less beautiful. By the way, sometimes the "parquet" pattern of roll materials looks even more interesting.

simple but attractive home interior

We refuse to align the walls

The perfectly flat surface of the walls opens up immense scope for design. But alignment is expensive. Therefore, instead of draining the entire repair budget for surface preparation and fixing the slightest irregularities and roughness, it is better to choose materials that are tolerant of such flaws. It can be plaster, applied with careless strokes and subsequently painted, you can create an exclusive embossed pattern. And even dense vinyl wallpaper with an abstract pattern can visually make the walls smoother.

simple but attractive home interior

Wall stickers

Boring or old wallpaper, empty wall space - all of these problems can be easily dealt with by vinyl stickers. They are inexpensive and easy to use. And even if you don't like the result too much, the sticker is easy to remove without ruining the walls.

simple but attractive home interior

No wall decoration

Can't find a really cheap wall decoration option? So, maybe it's worth giving up this idea altogether! Clean up part of the walls down to the brickwork, and you can be proud to use a trendy decorating technique.

simple but attractive home interior

And a few more secrets for budget design

Interior design is not only about walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Details play an important role in the design.

Hide everything in boxes

Decorative boxes and baskets are a great way to hide an abundance of small items and eliminate the feeling of clutter. At the same time, the boxes themselves can serve as an excellent interior accent.

simple but attractive home interior

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Add light

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an apartment with large windows. And even if the windows are in perfect order, they do not always face the east or south side. In a word, the eternal twilight in the house is a problem that can and should be solved. One chandelier in the center of the ceiling is good, but add some more wall sconces to it and it gets even better!

simple but attractive home interior

Fairy lights

Do you think that garlands are exclusively a New Year's decoration? No matter how it is! With their help, you can solve the problem of lack of light in an original way. Hang them over doorways, windows, mirrors, and cabinets.

simple but attractive home interior

Bright pillows

Textiles work wonders. And if you haven't planned to change carpets and curtains yet, you can always add a dozen bright decorative pillows to the interior.

simple but attractive home interior

A bowl of fruit

It is not true that food should only be found in the kitchen or dining area. A stylish fruit bowl will perfectly fit into the design of the living room and will decorate the room.

simple but attractive home interior


The screen gives the room an element of mystery and mystery. But from a purely practical point of view, it is possible to hide behind it something that you do not want to look at, but it does not raise your hand to throw it away. Also, the screen is suitable for dividing a room into zones. And it is just convenient to hang on it the clothes that you plan to wear tomorrow.

simple but attractive home interior

Talking about a hobby

Many people face the problem of empty walls. So why not use this space to talk about your hobbies? Hang open shelves and place your collection of seashells, decorative plates, figurines, knives, etc. on them.

simple but attractive home interior

Posters and posters

Not everyone is ready to spend money on paintings. In addition, such things are usually bought once and for a lifetime, because they cost a lot. Decorating the walls with framed posters is another matter. If you get tired of the selected pictures, you can always change them to new ones without big expenses. 

simple but attractive home interior


Flowers will bring freshness and vivid colors to the house, fill the apartment with a subtle aroma. They can be placed in a vase, but it is better to choose vintage watering cans or jugs to make the composition look even more colorful.

Looking for even more home makeover ideas? We are always happy to share interesting ideas!

simple but attractive home interior

Interior styles that love frugality and economy

No matter how you try to save money, you are unlikely to succeed if you are planning to decorate a house in a classic style. But there are interior trends that are not so demanding on the size of your wallet.


The basis of the style is all natural. It is this that fills the atmosphere of the house with tranquility in tune with the rural way of life. Here you can safely rely on wood, fabrics and floral prints. At the same time, the furniture or headsets left over from the grandmother from the thrift stores will fit into the interior as well as possible. Well, do not forget about the existence of techniques that help turn old furniture into antique.

simple but attractive home interior


The chalet style is a crude simplicity, a complete absence of pretentiousness and complex delights. In such a house, you can learn to enjoy simple things. After all, the space will remind of the modest, but at the same time, romantic life of the shepherds. This style allows not to decorate the ceiling specially. And open beams will only add additional charm to the atmosphere. Wood, leather, fur - these three themes come to the fore in the chalet. And this also makes the stylistic solution especially relevant for country houses. The only thing you really have to spend money on when choosing this style is a fireplace.

simple but attractive home interior


To some extent, minimalism can even be called a synonym for the word economy. Order and neatness in everything, nothing superfluous in the space of the room. The color palette is restrained, although designers often rely on the play of contrasts.

simple but attractive home interior


In design, the word "economy" has long lost its negative connotation. So feel free to be frugal. With the right approach, a budget interior can look much more lively and interesting than the one on which you spent a fortune.