Inspirational! 10 Recommendations for American House Designs that are Timeless, Still Modern and Up to Date

modern american house designs

Do you like foreign-style houses that are classic in style but look modern and contemporary? Well, there are American house designs that you can emulate to make a foreign-style house that still looks cool, you know.

Each country has its own unique home design and architecture as a place to live. American house designs are often considered to have high modernization value. Apart from that, the simple design actually has its own charm.

Simple designs are usually timeless and are universal and neutral. Therefore, American-style house designs are suitable for application over a long period of time. So, are you interested in building a timeless house like this American style house?

1. American Style House with Neo Classical Design

american style house with neo classical design
american style house with neo classical design. (photo: pinterest)

This first design is suitable for those of you who like large and magnificent houses. Neo classic design could be an option.

Neo-classical houses are characterized by high and wide terraces, large pediments, and symmetrical facades. This American house style is closely related to the colonial revival because if you look back at the past, American architectural designs dominated classical forms.

Getting to know neo-classics emerged as a desire to feel the “purity” of ancient Roman and Greek art again. With a clearer and ideal perception, LeDoux discusses the architectural concept of buildings which must be able to communicate their function to those who see them.

2. Classic American Style House Design

classic american style house design
classic american style house design. (photo: pinterest)

Building a dream home is one of the achievements that everyone wants to have. To have a comfortable residence is a dream. Moreover, having a house with the model and design that we want. There are many design options to choose from, one of which is the American house design. This American style house is usually found in the Georgia and Savannah areas.

You can also use American style designs as inspiration for your dream home design. The general characteristics of a classic American house are red brick walls, a symmetrical facade design, lots of windows, and a gable roof.

3. Queen Anne Model American Style House

american queen anne style house
american queen anne style house. (photo: pinterest)

This Queen Anne style house is an asymmetrical house shape, has a striped and intersecting roof. The shape of the building is like a tower with niche-shaped windows and contains patterned shingle material.

The Queen Anne style became popular during the Civil War. This style of house was the first home product in the American industrial era. Even though it is old, the classic design will attract attention because of its elegance. With advances in technology, Queen Anne style homes emerged with new and bright paint colors.

4. Craftsman American House style house design

craftsman american house style house design
craftsman american house style house design. (photo: pinterest)

The next American style house you can follow is the Craftsman style, a follower of the arts and crafts movement in England in the 19th century. In particular, a craftsman from California named Greene rejects machine-made products and emphasizes the use of natural, hand-crafted materials, hence the name Crafsman.

This house style uses handicrafts such as brick, stone and wood. Houses in this style have two or one level. The prominent characteristic is that it has a low roof and has doors and windows that are installed horizontally. There is also a more vernacular version of the style, namely the bungalow style or often also called Craftsman Bungalow.

5. Modern farm style house design

modern ranch style house design
modern ranch style house design. (photo: pinterest)

Ranch-style homes usually have a simple floor plan, have a garage and a minimalist living room. This style has been around since 1932 and is still being built today. In the 1950-1960s, this style was so popular that many people used this style when building their dream home.

To create a modern ranch design, the house can be built using a saw-shaped roof that slopes on one side only. Combine it with dark colored stone walls to create a more modern impression in the farmhouse.

Having an American-style house is very pleasant. The house will look more unique and different from other houses around you.

6. Cape Cod Model American Style House Design

american cape cod style house design
american cape cod style house design. (photo: pinterest)

Cape Cod is one of the historic houses in America which is characterized by one story and an attic roof. It has a steep roof model, has a chimney, and has a simple front door.

Symmetrical window placement on both sides of the front door. It is said to be historic because this Cape Cod house is part of the colonial revival style that was popular in the 1920-1940s. Initially houses in this style were made of shingles, but in the 20th century, these houses had clapboard walls, sometimes also made of brick.

Tips for choosing a good brick are that it has an even red color, no surface cracks, has a uniform size, and has low water absorption.

7. Tudor Revival Style House Design

tudor revival style house design
tudor revival style house design. (photo: pinterest)

The roof design of this Tudor Revival style house is slightly steep and made of striped wood. This style house has a double window design in a row and walls made of stone or wood. This Tudor Revival concept harkens back to the time of the English Tudors who came to America at the end of the 19th century.

8. Desain American Style Mediterranean House

desain american style mediterranean house
desain american style mediterranean house. (foto: pinterest)

This Mediterranean architectural style is like the Spanish colonial revival known as the Spanish farmhouse. Developed in Southern California during the 1920s and 1930s. This Mediterranean-style house features a red tile roof, arches at the entrance, terrace and windows and a stucco exterior.

The typical Mediterranean feature is the U shape around the yard. This Mediterranean style concept is Spanish style rooms which can be seen directly opening onto the courtyard so that the air ventilation is very good and fresh.

9. Shingle Model House Design

shingle model house design
shingle model house design. (photo: pinterest)

The Shingle style is the most popular style along the coast in the Northeast. Shingle houses are usually masterpieces of great architects. Large free-form houses are built on the rocks and hills of the coast.

The design of this house style is that it has outer walls and a wooden shingle roof, the shape of the house is asymmetrical, has a large veranda, and has typical American style windows that are lined up and in large numbers.

10. Desain American Contemporary House

desain american contemporary house
desain american contemporary house. (photo: gmboel)

The next American house design is a contemporary style, which describes a modern house style built in simple shapes and geometric lines.

Contemporary style homes reflect post-war experimentation and dynamism where many modern ideas were integrated into the American aesthetic. This contemporary home features lots of glass, an open floor plan, and inventive design.

So, after this reference, are you interested in having a contemporary American home design? Hopefully this time can provide inspiration for those of you who want to design a timeless home design!