Natural Low Budget Simple House Design

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Are you looking for a natural low budget simple minimalist house design? You are on the right page. Check out the full review below!

natural low budget simple house design

Choosing a simple minimalist home theme is indeed suitable, especially for those of you who don’t have a lot of budgets to spend. Regardless of the size of your simple minimalist home, budget priorities still have to be prioritized.

Therefore, Gmboel wants to share simple minimalist home designs at affordable costs that look charming and still look elegant at all times.

Because having a simple minimalist home doesn’t always have to be expensive. Come on, let’s take a look at eight simple, natural low-budget minimalist house designs!

Natural Low Budget Simple House Design

Simple Minimalist House with Chic Living Room.

natural low budget simple house design

This first simple minimalist home inspiration provides inspiration for a comfortable and chic living room or family room without a lot of heavy furniture.

One way to keep referring to the simple minimalist home theme is to reduce the use of excessive furniture, but the room can still have an adequate function.

By choosing minimalist furniture, such as display racks, white sofas, and some decorative pillows as accessories, this simple minimalist house provides comfortable seating for two to three people.

natural low budget simple house design

Additional solutions also appear from the comfortable brightly colored carpet. There were also two other pieces of furniture in the form of a simple coffee table and a bulkhead shelf.

Thanks to the right decoration with a neat minimalist touch, this whole room presents a decent minimalist simple house design at a friendly price.

Minimize Furniture With Smart Solutions

natural low budget simple house design

Still, on the inspiration of a family room or living room for a simple minimalist house, this space arrangement will also not spend a lot of budget. By utilizing natural lighting, the lights in this room are enough to use one main light that is not too decorative.

The beauty of this simple minimalist house lies in the intelligence of the homeowner in minimizing the use of furniture that is generally mandatory in a family room.

Instead, you can see wall shelves as a place to put decorations, including additional tables that are attached to each window frame in this simple minimalist house.

natural low budget simple house design

The TV rack that usually comes with television sets has also been reduced to just a cute support leg.

If you choose this simple minimalist home design, then you will be able to have more budget to focus on choosing a quality sofa and a simple coffee table that is small in size.

A True Minimalist Bedroom Without Expensive

natural low budget simple house design

Being smart in choosing a quality mattress and a minimalist headboard will be a surefire way to cut the budget in the bedroom design of a simple minimalist house. Several types of mattresses that are pocket-friendly and quality are foam mattresses and spring beds.

Prioritize also on the choice of a platform that also looks light but sturdy like the inspiration in the image above. This minimal material platform can still function optimally and of high quality by placing the right mattress weight. In addition, a headboard that doubles as decoration for the entire room is also a cost-effective solution with a beautiful effect that attracts attention.

natural low budget simple house design

Simply by adding a few bedroom accessories such as wall hangings according to taste, you can already enjoy an elegant bedroom in your simple minimalist home. Don’t forget to also decorate empty walls with decorations, such as long-lasting classic colored hangings.

Attractive Classic Colors in a Simple Minimalist Home Dining Room

natural low budget simple house design

The main focus in a dining room in a simple minimalist home is a beautiful dining table and chairs. However, often this tableware will be quite costly and expensive. Gmboel-style saving tips are to play on different table and chair selections and don’t always have to be bought in pairs.

An example is choosing a medium-sized round dining table with a minimalist-style axle. Add dining chairs with a touch of retro colors such as dark blue and yellow for color contrast in the dining room that looks more alive. To sweeten the room in a simple minimalist house, provide a waterproof carpet that will be a cleaning solution in the dining room at all times.

Nice Bathroom in Your Simple Minimalist Home

natural low budget simple house design

Don’t forget to keep paying attention to the bathroom in your simple minimalist home. This bathroom design still carries a minimalist theme with a sweet low budget. Enough with the installation of a few mandatory requirements for a bathroom, then the cleaning event in a simple minimalist house will run more and more fun.

With a glass partition, you can get a perfectly partitioned shower area. Don’t forget, a sink with a firm structure and a dark-colored faucet will give an elegant impression in your simple minimalist home.

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Ideal Kitchen in the Corner of a Simple Minimalist House

natural low budget simple house design

Designing a kitchen in a simple minimalist home also doesn’t have to cost a lot. Take advantage of the corner of the room by taking two sides of the wall for all kitchen needs, including cooking to cleaning activities. To anticipate dirt, one part of the wall of this beautiful kitchen model uses black ceramic with a cute little checkered pattern.

natural low budget simple house design

In order to reduce costs, the upper cabinet is replaced with a hanging shelf that functions well to accommodate kitchen needs as well as a decoration that beautifies your simple minimalist home kitchen. The key to the kitchen in this simple minimalist house is to always maintain cleanliness and tidiness so that the house can look beautiful, clean, and beautiful at all times.

The rest of the room is for a simple, professional-style house

natural low budget simple house design

Want to have a special workspace in your simple minimalist home without having to spend a lot of money? Can be! You have to be observant in finding unused extra space and just add standard work necessities such as computer desks and chairs and computer equipment for complete work activities. In this inspiration, the wall partition leaves a space in the living room that coincides with the window.

Simply by installing a board that has been painted white, the owner of this simple minimalist home can already have an adequate workspace. By moving the dining chair, there is no need for additional costs to find chairs and work tables to be placed in a simple minimalist home. The result? This space looks spacious for the whole house but still has the impression of privacy for quiet work activities.

Extra Bedroom in a Simple Minimalist Home

natural low budget simple house design

For both a children’s bedroom and a guest bedroom, the bed in this simple minimalist house once again takes an effective low-budget theme. With a chandelier as an extra light as well as decoration, you can’t see many other accessories except a small table in this not-large room. However, the bedroom can still function optimally for a comfortable sleeping capacity of two people. Interesting right?

That’s a natural low-budget simple minimalist house design. Don’t forget to check out our other articles, and have fun designing your dream home!!


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