5 Typical Japanese House Concepts

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japanese house concept

japanese house concept – The concept of a house with a traditional Japanese style has a very calming design and appearance. This can be seen from the minimalist nuances that are highlighted, the neatness that is always maintained, and also other simple things that they maintain.

Are you interested in having a residence with the same nuance as the concept of the house? Can be! You don’t need to change the overall design of your house like a traditional Japanese house, just borrow the 5 things below.

Japanese House Concept

1. Earth Color Scheme

japanese house concept

The concept of a traditional Japanese house is closely related to soft earth colors such as beige, light green, and others. You can apply these colors to your modern home.

Not only on the walls of the house, you can also pour these colors on furniture such as chairs, cabinets, and others. Also combine several matching colors for a more dynamic home look.

2. Fill it with Plants

japanese house concept

You may be used to placing various indoor plants in your home. It turns out that this is included in one of the characteristics of the concept of a traditional Japanese house. This is also what makes a house with this style feel more natural and fresh.

The benefit of placing lots of plants in the house is to purify the air. Not only that, plants can create a very pleasant feeling of tranquility. Their vibrant colors are the perfect match for the interior japanese of the room with a calm feel.

3. Minimalist Dinnerware

japanese house concept

If you usually use iron or stainless steel cooking or eating utensils, try pairing them with some wooden utensils. This makes a distinct impression on your dining area, minimalist and simple.

Not only will the dining atmosphere be different, you will also have a myriad of very interesting food photos to upload to social media.

4. Wood Details

japanese house concept

Wood is a very common material used in traditional Japanese house concepts. Not only ordinary furniture, even bathtubs are often made from this natural material. Using wood as the main furniture material in the house will make each room look natural as well as sophisticated.

5. Neat House Concept

japanese house concept

If you have implemented the four things above, don’t forget to keep the corners of your house always tidy and free from clutter. This is what makes the room feel always comfortable like the houses in Sakura Country there.

Isn’t it very easy and interesting to have a Japanese-style house concept in the modern era like today? Hopefully the design inspiration that we provide can be useful for you all.


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