8 Tips for Low Budget Bedroom Decoration

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low budget bedroom decoration

No need to buy expensive Tumblr-style stuff.

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be comfortable and pleasing to the eye? We can easily get inspiration for unique and aesthetic bedroom decorations.

However, not a few people are discouraged because of the high budget estimate for decorating. Shhh… No need to be afraid of dry pockets, because Gmboel has tips for decorating a low budget room!

Low Budget Bedroom Decorating  Ideas Tips

Decorating a room doesn’t always have to be expensive. With makeshift items plus creativity, you can also turn your room into an aesthetic and cozy one!

To inspire you, let’s take a look at the 8 low budget bedroom decorating tips below!

1. Get creative with masking tape

low budget bedroom decoration

Bored with the color of the walls of the room but limited funds? This method is really suitable for decorating low budget rooms.

The atmosphere of your room will change with colorful tape that is patterned according to your creativity. Although simple, these tips can make your room look aesthetic with a minimalist style.

2. Take advantage of colorful sticky notes

low budget bedroom decoration

For students, do you have sticky notes? Well, you can use it as a low budget room decoration.

Just stick colorful sticky notes on the blank side of the wall and shape them into attractive patterns. This way, the atmosphere of your room will look more fun and exciting. See other articles: two color bedroom walls.

3. Take advantage of pashmina or beautiful cloth

low budget bedroom decoration

For women, there must be a collection of beautiful fabrics or pashmina. Instead of rarely being used, it’s better to just make magic on the walls of the room.

Choose a color or fabric motif that matches the theme of your room and then hang it on one wall spot. This low budget bedroom decoration will make your room feel more cozy!

4. Photo collage

low budget bedroom decoration

Instead of portraits of moments of togetherness with friends and family stored on the cellphone, print them out and make them as room decorations!

Print and arrange your favorite photos as attractive as possible. Not only does it make your room more ‘alive’, this low budget room decoration can also be a mood booster! See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

5. Install the map

low budget bedroom decoration

Tired of plain walls but don’t like complicated decorations? Installing a map on the wall of the room can be a unique low budget room decoration option!

Print a map image or buy a ready-made one, then paste it on the right wall spot. For those of you who like traveling, you can mark all the cities and countries you’ve visited with a pin. Interesting right?

6. Garnish + container of ice cream sticks

low budget bedroom decoration

With your creativity, ice cream sticks can be useful for decorating low budget rooms. Ice cream sticks can be created as a room decoration as well as a container.

Stack the ice cream sticks to make a rectangular or pentagon shaped container. You can also decorate it with ribbons, beads, embossed ink, or other creations.

Not only as a cute display, this ice cream stick creation can also be used as a stationery container or a small trash can. Multifunctional right? See other articles: bedroom ideas for women.

7. Ornamental plants

low budget bedroom decoration

Well, if these low budget room decorating tips are really hot! Tiny ornamental plants such as cacti or succulents can change the feel of the bedroom into a minimalist and comfortable Scandinavian style.

Not only easy to care for, this ornamental plant is cheap. For fun, decorate the pot or use colorful airgel as a planting medium to make it more attractive.

8. Decorative lights

low budget bedroom decoration

This last low-budget room decoration must be familiar. Besides being easy to find, the price is also very affordable.

Install decorative lights on the walls or roof of your room by forming a pattern.

Choose a decorative light color that makes your eyes comfortable. Not only does it make the room look aesthetically pleasing, this decorative lamp is also really good for a light sleeper. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

Those are 8 tips for decorating a low budget bedroom, easy and cheap, right? Hopefully these tips can inspire you, happy decorating!


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