9 Pictures of Luxury Bedroom Designs

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luxury bedroom designs pictures

luxury bedroom designs pictures – The interior of the bedroom is always an interesting thing because it can directly affect the quality of the rest we have. In addition, the room is a very personal room so it has a variety of interior design preferences.

If you are looking for inspiration for luxurious and elegant bedroom design images, here will be discussed some room interior designs that can be interesting references. From classic luxury bedrooms to modern minimalism, let’s take a look at the pictures of this luxury bedroom one by one!

luxury bedroom designs pictures

1. Classic Luxury Bedroom Design

luxury bedroom designs pictures

This classic-style luxury bedroom design is suitable for those of you who want to live like royalty or royalty. This luxurious classic interior design can transport you to Victorian England.

Classic luxury bedroom sets like this will certainly make you spend a little deeper, different from the budget interior rooms in general. The uniqueness of this luxurious bedroom design lies in the furniture that is full of carvings and details.

As in the example of the luxury bedroom image above, you can see that the bed, mirror, chair, table, and wall lamp have very detailed carvings. 

Classic bedroom paint colors like this usually use gold, silver, white, red, and other elegant colors. Ready to sleep like a member of the royal family?

2. Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Well, if you prefer a minimalist concept, this minimalist luxury bedroom design option is more suitable to choose from. Although it is much simpler than the interior design of the previous classic-style luxury rooms, the design of this luxurious room is still elegant.

Minimalist luxury bedrooms like this are widely used in modern-style luxury homes that have recently been made by Indonesian interior designers. Minimalist bedrooms are in great demand because of their simple design but still has a high aesthetic.

3. Futuristic Luxury Bedroom Interior

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Another luxury bedroom interior design inspiration that can be an option is this futuristic bedroom. A unique bedroom with a futuristic style is suitable for those of you who are eccentric. 

With predominantly white bedroom paint and neon tones, this luxurious room feels like it came from the future! 

Not only the paint color of the bedroom, the bedroom set which contains a bed, table, chair and others has a unique design that is not natural to find in an ordinary room interior design. 

To get a luxurious bedroom like this, you will most likely have to order it specifically.

4. Shabby Chic Luxury Bedroom Set

luxury bedroom designs pictures

This luxurious bedroom design is in a shabby chic style and is perfect for those of you who like feminism and vintage nuances. This example of shabby chic decor can be a guide if you want to remodel a bedroom at home. 

The uniqueness of this bedroom design lies in the selection of calm and matching colors. As you can see in the picture of the luxury bedroom above, the selection of bed linen to the seat and mirror frame, all have the same color.

This shabby chic luxury bedroom set is similar to the classic style, but emphasizes the vintage or shabby side which means shabby. Another characteristic of this shabby chic style is the use of linen material that dominates, so it looks very soft and comfy.

5. Pictures of Luxurious and Spacious Bedrooms

luxury bedroom designs pictures

If you are looking for pictures of luxurious and spacious bedrooms for inspiration, this one can be an option. Indeed, lack of space or narrowness is a problem that must be dealt with carefully, but what about excess space?

If you wrongly arrange a spacious bedroom, it will be very unfortunate because the excess space is wasted. In fact, with the size of the bedroom, you can make the most of the existing space.

How to? Like the picture of this luxurious and spacious bedroom above, the interior design is made to resemble a studio type apartment. The bedroom is divided into two areas, namely the bed area and another area that contains a sofa and table.

You can also use the dividing wall in such a way, from making an aquascape to making a bookshelf or planting cupboard. In fact, if the room is sufficient, there’s nothing wrong with making a bedroom with a walk-in closet.

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6. Picture of Country Style Luxury Room

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Next, we will discuss the design of a luxury country-style bedroom. The interior design of this bedroom is so elegant by using furniture with natural color selection. 

Wood brown color, natural beige color, with a touch of white and black. Coupled with indoor ornamental plant decorations that make the atmosphere even more comfortable. With a room interior design like this, you will get a classic feel at once.

7. Elegant and Feminine Bedroom Interior

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Well, for those of you who like a feminine elegant feel, this bedroom interior must be considered. The use of wallpaper with a glossy finish will make the bedroom walls have more character.

Moreover, if the motif and color match the bed sheet. This feminine bedroom decorating tip is to use soft pastel colors. Thus, the feminine impression will be seen.

In addition, also use some shiny linen to make it look like an elegant and expensive silk fabric. Linen like this can be used on beds, tablecloths, to bedroom curtains.

8. Industrial Luxury Room Interior Design

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Want a more masculine room interior design? This industrial-style luxury bedroom image can be the right choice. Simply put, industrial interior design will make the room look like it hasn’t really been done.

In fact, the aesthetic value of this style lies in it. Cement walls without paint, high ceilings, and cement floors without tiles are one of the unique things of this design. In addition, materials such as iron and wood are also often used.

In the example of this luxury room image, for example, wood material is used with a very simple furniture design. In fact, at first glance the wood material does not look shaped at all and was taken directly from the warehouse.

However, the results are still stunning, right? This industrial interior design has recently been increasingly in demand, especially for use in commercial buildings such as cafes because it can save costs while the final result is still perfect. 

9. Modern Minimalist Room Interior

luxury bedroom designs pictures

Finally, this modern minimalist room design can be an option for those of you who like an elegant and modern feel. As in the design example above, the selection of black and brown colors with a minimalist interior design makes the room present a modern feel.

In contrast to classic styles, shabby chic, and other styles, modern minimalist bedroom designs tend to use furniture with firm lines. This modern minimalist bedroom decoration also utilizes the wall as a medium that can be created.

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That’s the inspiration for a luxurious and elegant bedroom design image in the style of gmboel.com. Hopefully this guide article can help you get the most comfortable bedroom.

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