7 Home Decorating Ideas With Beach Themes

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beach theme home decor ideas

beach theme home decor ideas – The beach is indeed a favorite place for many people, so everyone always likes to go to Bali, Lombok, and others.

This gives rise to the desire to live by the beach all the time.

But what if fate places us in a city without beaches or mountains?

Why not just change your home decor with a nautical style to feel like you’re on the beach?

What is Nautical Decoration?

beach theme home decor ideas

Nautical decorations are designs that remind us of the ocean and all things sea and coast related.

This design style can be applied anywhere, including homes and small spaces.

Colors that indicate nautical are generally blue, white, dark blue, and beige. These colors are often seen as a symbol of the sea, and navy uniforms.

Gmboel has collected various tips for you so that your house can look like houses on the beach.

Beach Theme Home Decor Ideas

1. Use Beach Color Wall Paint

beach theme home decor ideas

The first step is to change the paint color. Nautical design houses generally have colors that are inspired by the sea and the beach, namely various types of blue, white (more on bright white and off-white), and beige.

For exterior colors, you can try beige, white, or even baby pink and light gray. For the interior you can use white, off-white and a few touches of blue (especially navy blue).

For the floor, you can use white ceramic or light brown/beige wooden floors.

If it’s difficult to replace the floor, you can just buy a wooden plank motif carpet.

2. Make sure the room is windowed

beach theme home decor ideas

You need lots of natural sunlight for a nautical theme, so your house should have lots of windows.

Sunlight will make the impression of your house open and bright. In addition, the sunlight that enters and illuminates the white walls will make your home feel like it has been hit by the coastal sun. See other articles: nautical room decor ideas.

3. Use Wood Panels

beach theme home decor ideas

Wood panels (both vertical and horizontal) are easy to find in carpentry shops. Wood panels are usually used to make the body of a lifeboat or boat so it will immediately have a nautical effect.

You can use this wood panel as a layer of the walls of your house, so that your house looks like it is in the hull of a ship.

If you decorate a room at home with wood panels, it is recommended to paint the room white. Then you can decorate the house in dark blue here and there.

It is recommended to use this wood panel in a room or lounge because this panel will create a casual impression.

4. Use a Natural Color Sofa in the Living Room

beach theme home decor ideas

It is recommended to use white sofas in nautical style houses. A white sofa can be a blank canvas so you can explore with colors in other decorations.

You can use pillowcases, carpets, or put a sofa cover made of colorful fabrics.

If you don’t like white, you can use a white ivory, beige or very soft blue sofa. See other articles: nautical themed bedroom furniture.

5. Use rattan furniture

beach theme home decor ideas

To strengthen the impression that your house is like on the beach, you must have a variety of furniture that is waterproof but not plastic. Try using furniture from rattan, bamboo, or water hyacinth.

In addition, the texture of the furniture which is like a rope will immediately create the impression of the sea and the beach. You can use this material for chairs, coffee tables, swings, sofas and bed headboards.

If you are too lazy to replace your large furniture with it, you can buy a woven rattan or bamboo basket to be a place to store things in the room.

6. Wear Blue-White and Colorful Decorations and Furniture

beach theme home decor ideas

Actually, the most distinctive color of the nautical style is the pattern of stripes of navy blue and white. You can install carpets, blankets, pillowcases, sofa covers in this color or print blue and white stripes.

In addition to blue and white, you can also use other colors, especially green, red, orange, yellow and blue like the color of coral reefs.

In an all-white room, you can place colorful chairs and carpets (better for striped rugs). In addition, you can also use home decoration accessories such as statues, posters, books, frames and other colorful decorations. See other articles: two color bedroom walls.

7. Marine Theme Tableware and Ornaments

beach theme home decor ideas

In addition to the color game, you’re better off wearing marine-themed decorations and tableware.

If you have decorations in the form of fish, starfish, coral, shells and other marine animals and plants, you can use them as decorations at home. Try looking for food utensils that have a marine pattern or blue and beige colors.

You can also use large ropes, metal fishing hooks or anything in the form of anchors and surfboards for decoration. These elements will really make your home look like an ocean.

It’s also fun to change your home decor to a nautical themed one like on the beach. Let’s try to dismantle the warehouse or shop at the store to get items that match the tips above.

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