24+ 3×4 Hotel Room Designs (Luxury, Minimalist, Floor Mattress, Etc.)

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3x4 hotel room design

The 3×4 hotel room design is an accommodation choice for many people. The size of the room is suitable for those traveling alone, with a partner, or as a husband and wife.

In an increasingly advanced era, 3×4 hotel room design options are increasingly being found, such as: elegant, simple and clean designs, and even unique designs are often offered by various accommodations throughout the country.

3x4 hotel room design

We will provide various ideas, 3×4 hotel room designs with all their different characteristics.

3×4 Hotel Room Design for Husband and Wife

The following is an example of a 3×4 hotel room design that is very suitable for a married couple:

  • Figure 1
3x4 hotel room design for husband and wife

The room for a married couple above emphasizes comfort as the main weapon. The warm brown color makes anyone who spends the night in it feel like the warmth of a campfire.

  • Figure 2
warm 3x4 hotel room design for husband and wife

The 3×4 hotel room design above has characteristics of calming elegance. Not only that, a modern and elegant impression also radiates from it.

It is very suitable for married couples to enjoy moments together, unwind and maybe do a little formal activity.

  • Figure 3
aesthetic 3x4 hotel room design for husband and wife

The interior looks like it has the comfort of your own home. Choosing a soft gray color, makes it the main magnetic vortex.

Darker color intonations on blankets, pillows, chairs, flower vases, even painting frames can strengthen the relationship of anyone who spends the night in them.

Hotel Room Design 3×4 Ensuite Bathroom

The following are several examples of 3×4 hotel room designs with private bathrooms that can be used as references:

  • Figure 4
3x4 hotel room design with private bathroom

The 3×4 bathroom hotel room design carries a simple theme. A sink, a sitting closet, a mirror, and various other furniture.

A few touches of lively colors such as yellow (curtains, towels, flower vases) and black and white patterned floors will liven up the atmosphere inside!

  • Figure 5
3x4 bathroom hotel room design in white

The minimalist interior option can be seen in the design above. The white color dominates the entire room. A sitting closet, sink and bathtub are the main furniture.

The brown wooden floor enlivens the room and strengthens the modern minimalist impression.

  • Figure 6
natural 3x4 bathroom hotel room design

Natural designs are a good choice. Just change the choice of furniture material to wood, such as: wooden table, wooden framed mirror. And choose floor tiles with a stone pattern.

The brown colored and wood patterned walls of the en suite bathroom create a very calming impression of being at one with nature. See also: wooden house designs.

Simple and Cheap 3×4 Hotel Room Design

For those of you who are looking for simple 3×4 hotel room design ideas on a cheap budget, you can see the following example:

  • Figure 7
simple 3x4 hotel room design

Cheap room design? Of course, I can! As in the example above, with only a bed, a cupboard and a table, you can design a hotel room that is livable.

Add sweet touches such as wall hangings and wallpaper to add extra points to the room. Don’t forget, choose colors that can liven up the atmosphere!

  • Figure 8
simple and cheap 3x4 hotel room design

The image above emphasizes the impression of simplicity but is still beautiful. The choice of a low bed with a white carpet makes the occupants feel at home.

Don’t forget, add a TV for entertainment. Here, the choice of color for the blanket, which is actually quite simple, actually adds additional points to the room design above.

  • Figure 9
simple 3x4 single bed hotel room design

Designing a simple and cheap room? This design is one solution. Features various “home” options such as a single bed on the floor (of course covered with carpet), a wardrobe, and a small lamp table.

Various patterns and pictures can be carved on the bedroom walls as decoration. The design above chooses gray as the main theme, of course there are many other color choices that you can try.

Minimalist 3×4 Hotel Room Design

A minimalist 3×4 hotel room design could be an option for those of you who don’t like colorful patterns like the following example:

  • Figure 10
minimalist 3x4 hotel room design

A minimalist design will seem exclusive if every line forming the room is emphasized like the example above. Choosing different colors in several parts of the room makes it more elegant.

The designer chose a single bed that looks as if it is integrated with the wardrobe above it. LED neon lights can also be seen decorating the roofs of the mattresses. How beautiful, right?

  • Figure 11
minimalist 3x4 hotel room design with two beds

A room looks wider and wider with a minimalist design. The designer put two single beds instead of one large mattress. White dominates the walls and mattress.

Something different can be seen in the unique wooden decoration that covers the wall at the head of the bed, connecting to the ceiling of the room. Collaborate to create a calming atmosphere.

  • Figure 12
minimalist wooden 3x4 hotel room design

Dare to innovate is the most important point in the world of design. The room above is a real example that can be studied. The room is dominated by dark wood material which covers the entire room.

Long neon LED lights can be seen decorating the space on both sides of the wall, and what’s more interesting, there is not a single piece of furniture apart from a mattress in this room. However, strangely enough, it all looks so stunning, doesn’t it?

Aesthetic 3×4 Hotel Room Design

The 3×4 hotel room design can also look aesthetic with the choice of colors, furniture and interior as in the following example:

  • Figure 13
aesthetic soft 3x4 hotel room design

Loved by today’s young audience (especially women), aesthetic bedroom designs can be an option. The example of an aesthetic room above emphasizes a soft, lilting atmosphere.

Place furniture with charming shapes, such as: wooden buffets and woven rattan chairs. The choice of soft colors adds to the aesthetics of this room.

  • Figure 14
aesthetic brown 3x4 hotel room design

The room above looks aesthetic even though it looks simple, right? Yes, slightly changing the monotonous building structure with a square or rectangle, the room will look unique and charming.

A window can be seen hanging down at an angle above, a table for placing personal items, and a checkered shelf covering the wall at the head of the bed filled with various decorations.

  • Figure 15
aesthetic 3x4 hotel room design

Don’t be afraid to put ornamental plants. That’s what makes this design different from the others. The spatial designer’s courage to place various types of ornamental plants as a magnetic vortex.

Starting from hanging plants and small pots, plus decorative lights hanging on the walls, you can already imagine how beautiful the room will be when lit up at night.

Retro 3×4 Hotel Room Design

Nowadays there are lots of hotels with a retro concept, of course millennials like unique hotel designs that are definitely instagrammable like the following:

  • Figure 16
retro 3x4 hotel room design

Bored with monotonous designs, a retro 3×4 hotel room design could be a solution. The design above uses several pieces of furniture with unique shapes, such as the main lamp.

A reed hanger was attached to the wall above the head of the bed, the carpet with a triangular wave pattern had a strong ethnic feel. With a dark black stained floor, it brings a contrasting but soft impression.

  • Figure 17
unique retro 3x4 hotel room design

It wouldn’t be retro if there weren’t pop art decorations hanging on the walls! You can clearly see that various pop arts emerge from this design. The same interior can also be applied to hotel rooms.

Decorate the walls with various pop art from leading celebrities of the era, in various shapes and different colors. A hanger with various papers written with motivational words also hangs in connection with the main light.

  • Figure 18
contemporary retro 3x4 hotel room design

Want to play with color? No need to worry! Use the examples above to put new ideas in our minds. With two pastel colors that are opposites: slate teal green and peach pearl.

Plus carpets with distinctive motifs, floors and several pieces of furniture decorated with light brown wood, combine to make the room truly stunning. Anyone will definitely feel at home living in it!

Industrial 3×4 Hotel Room Design

For those of you who are bored with general themes such as minimalism, luxury, you can also design a 3×4 hotel room with an industrial theme like the following:

  • Figure 19
industrial 3x4 hotel room design

Industrial room design is one of the themes that is popular overseas. In general, coloring will be dominated by various types of gray. However, in the image above, the dark red brick wall takes center stage.

With blankets, sofas and pillows emitting different types of gray ranging from dark to light. Several display paintings, iron canopies that stood from each corner of the bed became a place for decorative lights to wrap around their bodies.

  • Figure 20
vintage industrial 3x4 hotel room design

It is clearly visible in this design, some of the walls of the room are left in their original form (only bricks), decorated with thin white paint as a decoration.

An iron bed with a mattress, a neat stack of books, and some wall hangings can be installed to complete the room. The room looks very lively and is suitable for young people to occupy.

  • Figure 21
gray industrial 3x4 hotel room design

The walls are decorated in light gray with streaks of brighter colors, you can also see a bicycle and ornamental plants lined up as decoration. A black mosquito net is installed beautifully, hanging down next to the window.

Plus the wooden coaster bed makes this design feel special. The blanket and pillows are dressed in a darker gray to add rhythm to the room.

Forest Themed 3×4 Hotel Room Design

The last one is a forest-themed 3×4 hotel room design which is not wrong to implement and will definitely give a special impression to guests who stay.

  • Figure 22
forest themed 3x4 hotel room design

Unfortunately, forest-themed room designs are still not found in our beloved country. With a beautiful forest painting on one side of the wall it will make anyone hold their breath in awe. A natural and calm impression radiates strongly in this design.

Next, various knick-knacks that smell of nature can be added to support the theme itself. And what is no less important, choosing natural colors is also mandatory for this theme, such as: green, brown, blue, etc.

  • Figure 23
3x4 forest hotel room design

We don’t always have to paint the walls with mountain paintings, we can also use decorative vines as the main decoration as above. Combined with the white walls as the main color, it gives the impression that we are in the wild!

A small sofa is placed next to the bed, a colorful carpet beautifies the atmosphere of the room. It would be extraordinarily pleasant if aroma therapy candles were lit to welcome the arrival of the guests.

  • Figure 24
natural theme 3x4 hotel room design

Dreaming of being lost in the forest and finding a house to take shelter in? Sounds fun, right? It turns out that this idea can be translated into a stunning interior design for the main bedroom, as in the example above.

Vines grew to decorate the entrance, two trees stood quietly on each side. A window that shows the beauty of the forest, an old wooden door, and a single bed to rest? Who doesn’t want to feel all this?

  • Figure 25
3x4 hotel room design with nature theme

Simple forest room, is there one? Of course there is! All we need is a bed with a canopy in the form of tree branches that rise high above.

However, we have to order the bed privately, considering that it is unlikely that we will be able to get it in commercial sales places. But the results, no need to ask!

So those are some examples of 3×4 hotel room designs with various themes that are ready to beautify the hotel room so that guests who stay overnight can feel at home. Hope it is useful.


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